Live: Watch NVIDIA’s CES 2013 press conference


We’re live at CES 2013, but if you aren’t among the thousands making the journey to Las Vegas you’re still in luck. NVIDIA is hosting their 2013 press conference this very moment, and you can stream it live. Check it out below!

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  1. Major lag issues when running anything higher then 240p

    1. Australia, using 720+ video settings on Extel as the ISP, no issues smooth as butter (that was a Jelly Bean joke)

      1. I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with that ISP.

        1. Quite the opposite here. But yeah, it happens.

      2. Running better now after a while. Guess it took it a bit to buffer some of it or something. Running a 18mbps comcast connection in michigan.

  2. working pretty smooth for me. just tuned in now when whats his face is going on about HDR O_o

  3. Good job.

  4. hahahahahah nvidia just took a giant DUMP on Ouya

    1. Yeah they majorly one upped ouya here with the t4 and the machine in the controller

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