N64, Sonic, Streetfighter get OUYA gameplay videos


It’s been less than a week since most developers received their OUYA Dev consoles (unboxing pics, unboxing video), but developers aren’t wasting any time in getting their games – and the games of others – up and running. The guys at GameFans put together 8 OUYA Gameplay Videos they found on Our favorite three are below:

N64 Emulator on OUYA
Jump to 1:45 and check out the OUYA running Super Mario Bros 64 rather beautifully

Street Fighter 2 Turbo
The street fighter series is by far one of my favorites. Love the gameplay, love the characters, love the simplicity, love the music. Just love everything about it. And by the way, I would pummel you into earth with flash kicks and sonic booms as Guile. Just sayin’.

Sonic 4
This is Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2, running on OUYA. I was always more of a Nintendo guy back in the day, but I did love me some Sonic. This is a native Android App running on OUYA. I’m curious if old title makers will eventually license their games for use on OUYA and other consoles rather than simply letting the emulator market have free reign. They could make some nice coin to bring back the originals through legal emulator use.

Obviously I’m excited to see what the indie developers launch for OUYA and it will be equally exciting to see some OUYA exclusives, but these emulator vids launched within days of the dev console release have me getting antsy. March can’t come soon enough!

Which of the above videos floats your boat the most? What games are you most excited to see on OUYA?

[OUYAboards via GameFans]

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  1. I hope someone ports the Ouya launcher to the ODROID-U2.

  2. sonic 4 on sega emulator? might want to edit that one

  3. Just a small correction. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 is a native app on Android that’s running in the third video. It’s not running on an emulator.

    1. Good call. Fixed. Thanks!

      1. CES ?

  4. I’ll buy this just to run the N64 emulator.

      1. That link is giving me a

        We’re sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server. error when I click it lol

    1. Yeah i’d love to play WrestleMania 2000 again. I could never get I it to work on my phone.

    2. I agree, although the first emulator to introduce up scaling, maybe even a form of tessellation, and anti-aliasing will win them all. These games look good, but could still be better.

    3. I actually own a physical N64 flash cart with an SD card that holds every game. Also 4 controllers. Emulators are great, but I’m hoping it gets some great exclusives.

    4. you could simply do that with a Wii, mine has snes/nes/n64 emulator on it and works perfect

  5. I’m with Cody. Give me an N64 emulator with a strong library of games and I’ll buy it just for that.

    1. It would have all the games.

    2. Google N64oid and Game hunter. Game hunter was removed from play like N64oid but you could download ANY N64, gameboy, etc, ROM straight from the app.

  6. someone needs to show goldeneye on the n64 emulator

  7. I forgot all about the emulators!!! lol… This might be a good buy. I have a Wii that I run old games on, but I dont know what emulators it can use.

  8. The emulators are exciting news for me. I was gonna hold off for a while, but ok… I’m in.

  9. Mario 64

    1. No wai :P

  10. Jroc74 – you might be able to play game cube games, but last time I checked there was no slot for 64 games. Or I’d have one.

  11. Thing I don’t get is why everyone is so excited to buy into a gaming system that turns back the clock on graphics more then 20 years.

    1. You’ll understand 20 years from now.

  12. Wouldn’t a Galaxy Phone with All Share accomplish the same thing?

    1. I was gonna say the same thing. I don’t understand how this is something worth posting. Pretty much any anroid device can do that.

    2. Stop making sense!
      -making sense!

    3. Yeah, that’s what i’ve been posting. I already play these games with my Note 2 / PS3 Wireless Controller / 40′ Screen. Just don’t want our fellow Android users to waste their money on this.

      1. How many controllers can you hook up to your Note 2? Isn’t it limited to just 1?

    4. Then go and buy one to be on your living room. Buy 4 controllers, buy/do the necessary hacks to support up to 4 players. If you can do all of that cheaper than the ouya, then mass produce it and sell it to us. Until then.. well be quiet.

  13. People are surprised and excited for this because of emulators? Really? This crap runs Android. Of course it has emulators. Many of them are on the Google Play Store already. And those that aren’t can easily be found with a quick web search.

    Ouya just makes it easier to display it on a TV, but even that’s debatable since you’ve got MHL cables and mini/micro HDMI cables. Ouya is such a joke. It’s literally just an Android device in a box. It does nothing more than a current Android phone or tablet can do.

    The only good thing I could see Ouya being beneficial for, is getting more mobile games to support controllers.

    1. That’s pretty much how I see it also.
      I just loaded that N64 emulator on my Tegra 3 tablet and it is every bit as beautiful there with the added advantage of being completely portable.
      The thing(s) that would make it a viable option (for me) would be the ability to sync games with your other Android devices and/or allowing multiplayer gaming with said other Android devices.

      1. Great, so find me a Tegra 3 tablet with an HDMI port for $100 :P

        1. My point all along has been that if you already have the hardware that can do this, then utilize it. You kinda missed that.
          By all means if you have a hundee burning a hole in your pocket and you want to choose this platform as your first Android device, or if the one you have isn’t up to the task then go for it!

          Otherwise use what you’ve got.

          1. “My point all along has been that if you already have the hardware that can do this, then utilize it.” Duh.. that was the whole point of Ouya.. someone missed the kick starter obviously. The idea of Ouya is to bring hardware that already exists, with software that already exists to create a console for the living room that can be both open and economical where devs can release games without the hassle and expenses of the current system. This is essentially an inexpensive tablet with no screen. The groundbreaking part is that it will bring the advantages of what I mentioned to the living room.

  14. Ummm you suck at playing Dhalsim…Just sayin o.O

  15. How about conquer bad fur day?

  16. Uhm, yeah, that old crap doesn’t excite me. I also bought into Chris’ hysteria about Sonic, and bought it when it was on sale. But I get freaking dizzy off that game and it bring absolutely no sense of enjoyment. OG PoP would be better. Forget OUYA, give me ASUS thumbTV.

  17. Everyone here is talking out of their asses. You guys must have not tried running games from your phone to 40-50 inch TVs, if you have you’d know they look like crap, and a lot of good games are in portrait. This can bring portrait games customized for landscape (Words with Friends, Draw Something, Pudding Monsters, Temple Run, etc), and games that are made or fixed for large displays so they don’t like crap like they currently do when using HDMI on your phone. This is gonna grow the Android platform and bring new things to the table.

  18. Nintendo’s too kind for their own good.. if only they’d smarten up and start suing the crap out of the App stores and websites selling & distributing their pirated / emulated games.

  19. Not to rain on the Ouya parade, but I don’t get why this is a big deal. I’ve had emulators running on my Wii/phone/iPad for years.

  20. I’ve used N64oid for years now. It runs way better than Mupen (for me). Only problem is it was taken down from Play so you’ll have to get it from the Slide me Market. My S3 runs Ocarina of time, Majors Mask, Mario 64, and others perfectly.

    1. Oh yeah, and my PS3 controller is much better than that clunky OUYA POS. lol

  21. Same old rehash crap that has been done to death. Again what’s the purpose of this?

  22. seeing this makes me want to play some Mario 64. loved that game

  23. Because you know my Transformer prime + HDMI + N64oid app + bluetooth gamepad isn’t good enough…I need that LED-ridden box.
    Pass…not saying the principle isn’t bad, but it’d be much cooler if they built on ideas like that Android OS on a stick thing, that you just plug into HDMI.
    Except with Bluetooth for peripherals.
    Imagine THAT, load up emulators for all your favorite consoles, and you have a million different console games on a console that fits into your back pocket. Just a thought.

  24. I’m hoping some big gaming companies jump on OUYA. That’s probably the only way I’d get one.

    1. There are some big names already like Square Enix for example. This may make them bring some exclusive rpgs to the ouya. They won’t need the billions it takes to make a a main stream game like Final Fantasy 13 for example. So far they have been using the portables to try out some new ideas like Final Fantasy Heroes of Light on DS for example and if this brings those ideas to the large screen even better. So far they have just been putting out ports and and the like hopefully this makes them rethink the types of games they make.

  25. I dont get why you guys keep posting saying you already have this on your phones. Okay sure I guess I could too. But im just an average joe and id rather just buy the 100$ console. Not link up my ps3 controller and tv, plus I dont even have a ps3 or a wii. The average person wants simplicity and thats what the ouya brings

  26. Doesn’t Sonic 4 have a market check? Did he install gapps?

  27. what a bag of crap.. no way in hell am i gonna pay for all the games i have purchased via the google play store again.. the controller looks crap, the device itself is whack.. feeling kinda sorry for those who have invested in this.

  28. Ain’t gonna lie, nostalgia nerdgasmed at the “SEGA” start up chorus.

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