Jan 5th, 2013

It’s been less than a week since most developers received their OUYA Dev consoles (unboxing pics, unboxing video), but developers aren’t wasting any time in getting their games – and the games of others – up and running. The guys at GameFans put together 8 OUYA Gameplay Videos they found on OUYAboards.com. Our favorite three are below:

N64 Emulator on OUYA
Jump to 1:45 and check out the OUYA running Super Mario Bros 64 rather beautifully

Street Fighter 2 Turbo
The street fighter series is by far one of my favorites. Love the gameplay, love the characters, love the simplicity, love the music. Just love everything about it. And by the way, I would pummel you into earth with flash kicks and sonic booms as Guile. Just sayin’.

Sonic 4
This is Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2, running on OUYA. I was always more of a Nintendo guy back in the day, but I did love me some Sonic. This is a native Android App running on OUYA. I’m curious if old title makers will eventually license their games for use on OUYA and other consoles rather than simply letting the emulator market have free reign. They could make some nice coin to bring back the originals through legal emulator use.

Obviously I’m excited to see what the indie developers launch for OUYA and it will be equally exciting to see some OUYA exclusives, but these emulator vids launched within days of the dev console release have me getting antsy. March can’t come soon enough!

Which of the above videos floats your boat the most? What games are you most excited to see on OUYA?

[OUYAboards via GameFans]

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