Jan 3rd, 2013

Lag. It’s something we could all definitely live without. With all these new high-powered quad-core processors hitting the market, you may have noticed that no matter how powerful your device, there’s still a half second (or longer) of time spent waiting for an app to open. I figured this had more to do with slow memory than processing power, but apparently it could also be something else altogether. One dev from XDA went on a search to find out what caused Android lag and cure it forever.

What he found was that 90% of Android’s lag was caused by a “limited entropy pool” and cooked up a simple app to seemingly eliminate all lag found on a device when opening bigger, memory intensive applications like Facebook, Chrome, Maps, etc.. The app — which can be downloaded from either the original post on XDA or from Google Play — is compatible with all Android versions, and all Android devices.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to give the app a spin as I’m currently unrooted (gasp!), but this is as good a reason as any to find a nice toolkit. That is, if we aren’t looking at nothing more than placebo here. Let me know if you guys notice any speed increases.

Thanks, @JonathanMallett!

[via XDA | Google Play]

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