Jan 3rd, 2013

…and it came out 100% fine thanks to that case up above. It’s not often you get a chance to test out the claims of a protective case, but I had the unfortunate opportunity to find out that my choice — a generic metal bumper case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 — lives up to expectations.

Many people like to “go naked” and risk their phones’ protection in order to enjoy their natural good looks. I’m one of those people, but as clumsy as I am (Rob and the rest of the gang know all about it) I knew I had to protect this $750 investment at all times.

I hate full body cases, so I opted for a bumper instead. I knew it could absorb impact well due to its metal body, and the .25 centimeter-thick buffer on either side of the bumper and every corner of the device meant there was a high chance my device could survive first impact no matter which corner or side hit first.

Cases with shock buffering are nothing new, of course, but it’s the height at which I dropped it, and the surface it smacked against — face down on cold, hard concrete — that surprised me. I got the case for minor drops (no less than about 3 feet and no higher than about 5.9 feet) so when this 5.5 inch beast came tumbling out of my pocket, over a railing and hurdled face first into concrete I was all but certain I’d lost nearly a month’s worth of rent in just a few short seconds.

While I don’t mean for this to be a review of the case in question (you can buy it here if you’re interested anyway), my real message is for those who feel like desecrating their phones with cases is silly. Take it from someone who planned on treating this thing like a baby for at least the next year — the peace of mind and added protection certainly is worth the girth. The case didn’t fare well post-impact, but I’ll only need to shell out another $30 as opposed to $750, and it’s one repurchase that I won’t hesitate to make at all.

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