Dec 10th, 2012 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:18 pm

Ladies and gentlemen, start the speculation. Samsung has dropped a short teaser for whatever it is they are planning on unveiling at CES from January 8th through 11th, but if you were hoping for any insight as to what that might be you’re out of luck.

The short video offers the promise that we will see “something new” at the yearly trade show encompassing all of the consumer electronics industry (with an increasing focus on mobile). If you have ever been to CES or followed our coverage of the event you will know there is no shortage of new things to be found, so the “innovation, ideas, wonder, technology,” etc. that we all await do not offer any specific hints.

It could be that Samsung is merely teasing all that they will offer at CES, from televisions to smartphones. Or they could be teasing a specific product, which most will immediately assume is the the Galaxy S4. Rumors have already pegged CES as the venue for the debut of new OLED technology that will enable full HD displays in future Samsung smartphones. This display has been linked to the GS4, so there is a chance we will see the phone at CES.

But Samsung typically has a small mobile showing at the Vegas show, saving the bigger announcements for February’s Mobile World Congress. Could that change this year? Or is Samsung’s video merely a red herring of sorts, leaving us frothing at the mouth over nothing specific at all?

[via SamsungTomorrow]

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