Samsung teases ‘something new’ for CES 2013



Ladies and gentlemen, start the speculation. Samsung has dropped a short teaser for whatever it is they are planning on unveiling at CES from January 8th through 11th, but if you were hoping for any insight as to what that might be you’re out of luck.

The short video offers the promise that we will see “something new” at the yearly trade show encompassing all of the consumer electronics industry (with an increasing focus on mobile). If you have ever been to CES or followed our coverage of the event you will know there is no shortage of new things to be found, so the “innovation, ideas, wonder, technology,” etc. that we all await do not offer any specific hints.

It could be that Samsung is merely teasing all that they will offer at CES, from televisions to smartphones. Or they could be teasing a specific product, which most will immediately assume is the the Galaxy S4. Rumors have already pegged CES as the venue for the debut of new OLED technology that will enable full HD displays in future Samsung smartphones. This display has been linked to the GS4, so there is a chance we will see the phone at CES.

But Samsung typically has a small mobile showing at the Vegas show, saving the bigger announcements for February’s Mobile World Congress. Could that change this year? Or is Samsung’s video merely a red herring of sorts, leaving us frothing at the mouth over nothing specific at all?

[via SamsungTomorrow]

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  1. Hopefully it won’t fall flat like the “next big thing” announcement Sprint & Kyocera made a couple of years ago.

    1. or actually more relative… the iphone and ipad mini releases.

      1. You can knock on Apple all you want, but at least they know how to make a keynote without screw ups. So far, every Google, Samsung and Motorola keynote I’ve seen, had flaws. Either the device was glitching, or the WIFI, etc.

        1. but how about releasing hardware without glitches and screw ups each year eh? Not saying that the Google alternatives are flawless but it has been well documented that the new IPhones have teething glitches and problems just weeks after use.

          1. Absolutely agree. I was not referring to Apple’s hardware and software though, I was referring to the presentation and marketing tactics. These are things Google, Sammy, and Moto can learn from.

          2. Apple Maps is still an unsolved issue.

        2. Just 1 thing… Apple Maps that is all and this is how Aussies are dealing with it http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2012/12/10/apple-maps-australia-error/1759991/

          1. Yes, iOS6 Maps suck, we all know :)
            But i was referring to the keynotes.
            For the record, All apple products are garbage. Somehow you guys think that since I am defending Apple’s Marketing skills, that I in fact like Apple products.

          2. I never insinuated such a thing, just merely stating fact within reason, reason being that apple isn’t perfect.

          3. Yes. Matter of fact, I’ll go as far as saying that the ONLY thing Apple has done right, is the Marketing. The products themselves are polished turds.

        3. So, you must have missed the WiFi issues Apple had at one of their events with Steve Jobs having to ask the crowds to unclog the wifi of the auditorium so he could properly demonstrate the iPhone 4?

          iBiased much?


          1. Apple had way less flaws during keynotes than everyone else. How come i can’t give Apple props for having a great marketing strategy? The products suck, but the presentation is superb. Why else do you think people buy so much iCrap? They get brainwashed by the keynotes.

          2. I’m not going to disagree with them being mostly brainwashed, but the simple fact that you basically ignored their flaws tends to show a bias towards them. Yes, they do put on big keynotes, but they also have issues just like Samsung, HTC, and any other maker out there. When Samsung or HTC has the issue, everyone’s response is “ZOMG, IT’S FLAWED” while when Apple has an issue, the response is “ZOMG, EVERYONE IN THE CROWD IS AT FAULT” – see how that works? Apple cannot be at fault for any wrong doing.

          3. Again you seem to think, that I think Apple is invincible. This is after I’ve said that all Apple products are crap.

  2. if they put thought into what the video shows, my guess would be something TV related. The way it ends the video is like the old CRT TV’s.

    1. yeah because my OG driod has the old CRT TV thing as a close screen. You are thinking too hard about it.

      1. Nope. Took no effort to see the only thing related to anything in the video was the old way TV’s powered off. But thanks for your concern.

      2. And Every Nexus has that now.

    2. But you have to remember that a lot of people like CRT animation on their phone. Maybe they thought it would be a cool way. I mean you’re watching it on a screen, so it would look like your screen turned off or something. LoL!!

      Ooo!! A new screen!! Remember when they were talking about having the entire phone morph with designs and stuff? Maybe they have that ready now.

  3. Google galaxy TV ;)

    1. I think me gusta

    2. I hate the galaxy name.. but I gotta say that would probably sell more than current models.

    3. we could only hope…

  4. Samsung (and Moto) last year showed they are done with introducing phones at trade shows. It is too early and doesn’t bring enough hype.

    My guess is displays, but you won’t see any new phones.

    1. Most likely, but I’ll still be holding out until the 11th before upgrading.

    2. I will be legitimately surprised to see the GS4 at CES.

  5. The Galaxy S4 isn’t new. The entire world knows it’s going to come out. What would be new is a different line-up, or a feature or hardware ON or IN the Galaxy S4 that’s new. =.3

    Ooo!! 124GB internal Memory, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, 2Ghz Video Processor. LoL!! Talk about wishful thinking. I might as well get a laptop. =.P

    And who would really want that in a phone? What would you do with all that? Take photos really fast? LoL!!

    1. You mean 128gb but of usable memory you’d prolly be right in it being 124gb’s and might as well get a laptop? why should those specs be reserved for that? Might as well live in the stone age where technology is non-existent with that type of thinking….

      Someone who appreciates technology and its advancements aka me I would want that. Remember it wasn’t too long ago when people had that same train of thought with cell phones in general. Why do I need a cell phone that has a mp3 player feature and a 3inch screen? “If anybody needs me they can page me and call me from a landline” fast forward today here you are rocking android asking why do I need that? Its not about need anymore its about want, get with the times “old man”.

      1. Well my main point for asking who would want that is because there is no need for that as of now. I was imagining they come out with that in a phone. Of course as phones become slowly more powerful apps will be made to accommodate.

        I’d love to have that. I know I’d never use all that power but I would still want it. LoL!!

        But I get what you’re saying. I like to have as few devices as possible. So a more powerful phone would mean me needing my laptop less.

  6. Those a**holes at Samsung, they always release just a little bit, but nothing more. It drives me insane.

  7. who cares really? Samsung and this the whole worlds waiting garbage is lame – the s3 just came out now buy something else that has specs you’ll never use now instead.

    1. The s3 came out a long time ago in tech time.. actually last summer its december now and by the time its released it’ll be next summer or spring at the earliest

  8. Possibilities:


    Google TV

    Windows Tablet

    Chrome OS Tablet

  9. What happened to the smart window they introduced last year?

    1. Probably.

  10. They’ve added CRT OFF animation when locking device on the stock ROMs. No new hardware or updates. Just that. The clue was the video.

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  12. I read somewhere that they were planning a logo change.

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