LG moves 10 million L-series phones worldwide, calls achievement ‘modest’


LG has announced that its L-series of Android smartphones — including the Optimus L3, Optimus L5, Opitimus L7, and  Optimus L9 — has totaled a combined 10 million units sold globally. LG referred to the accomplishment as a “modest milestone.”

The range of smartphones was first introduced in February at Mobile World Congress 2012. L-series phones share in common a focus on stylish design at an affordable price, with each handset featuring an increasingly high-end set of hardware. While it is true that sales don’t quite match the likes of flagship phones like Samsung’s Galaxy series or Apple’s iPhone, with LG focused on bigger releases such as the Optimus G and Nexus 4 the number of low-cost L-series devices sold is still impressive.

Overall, LG hopes to ship over 35 million smartphones by the end of 2012. Considering the number already sold plus high demand for the Nexus 4, we’d imagine they should meet their goal easily.

[via LG]

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  1. Would be double that if they could get us N4’s any quicker! >.<

  2. In before the LG complaints! Phandroidians only know how to complain about whatever phone is at topic. Sammy, HTC, Moto, LG, WinMo, Apple, or ect ect.


  4. That’s a smart move to launch all those series around the same time. Yes, that goal should be met by now.

  5. I’m sure every single one of them have a light bleeding display. After the G2X I told myself I would never buy another LG phone… then Google just had to pair with LG for the Nexus. Just got my Nexus 4 friday and in absolutely shocking news the display bleeds light on the top edge! LG sucks.

    1. I think you just got a bad handset, you should talk to Google support and see if they’ll replace it, especially if its really noticeable. I just got mine on Friday and I have no light bleed.

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