[Update] Verizon Galaxy Note 2 bootloader unlock said to be achieved


Many were worried how things would pan out for the development scene of the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2. As you know, Verizon requests OEMs to keep bootloaders of its phones locked and encrypted for one reason or another. The community has grown to expect and accept that, so there’s no shocker there.

As a result, however, development tends to crawl along until someone can figure out a way to get the bootloader cracked. The Verizon Note 2 has already been rooted and a couple of ODIN-flashable ROMs have sprung up, but things like a custom recovery haven’t been achieved due to the locked bootloader, and developers will surely steer clear until deeper access has been achieved.

Well, it looks like the wait might soon be over as one developer has claimed to achieve a full bootloader unlock on his own personal Galaxy Note 2. The beneficiary is Adam Outler, an active and trusted developer around the scene (XDA, in particular).

He says he has already gotten Verizon’s bootloader unlocked on his own personal device, and will soon be sharing that method with the rest of us lowly non-developer types soon enough. Testing has to be done to make sure this won’t bork anyone’s device, and he likely wants to make sure that the method is as painless as possible for anyone looking to apply it.

Going a bit deeper, it seems Outler tricked the Galaxy Note 2 into thinking it was a Galaxy S3, and has been able to unlock its bootloader that way. The video above says he hasn’t found a way to flash a PIT file in this state, but an update on Google+ suggests he has gotten past that particular issue and has been able to revert the phone’s identity after applying the unlock.

This news should soothe the nerves of many as it’s possible we could have been waiting a long time for an unencrypted bootloader to leak from the development heavens. Thankfully Samsung’s bootloaders are known to be easier to crack than most other OEMs’ so it’s refreshing to know that someone has already started to prepare a method.

Following Adam Outler’s Google+ page is like the tech geek’s most awesome bedtime story. The developer has shared many steps of the process, from the roadblocks and pitfalls to the eventual satisfaction of finding his way around them.

The developer has found several exploits, and while some won’t be as “community friendly” as others it’s nice to know that there will be something for folks to sink their teeth into in due time. Be sure to add him to your Circle if you want to follow along, and subscribe to his YouTube channel for even more great visuals to behold as he turns his Verizon Galaxy Note 2 into “anything but stock.”

[Update]: we’ve learned that the exploits used might require a mod chip. As it stands, a vast majority of us would be unfit to apply said unlock method. Nevertheless, the bootloader has been unlocked and Adam Outler continues to dive deep into his device to dig out a method fit for all to enjoy. Stay tuned!

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. clowned.

  2. The only reason we accept Locked or encrypted bootloaders, is because we have no choice. other than Nexus, or someone being able to hack them.

  3. I have a question about the Note 2. Were the icons just stretched out? or was an extra row inserted?

    1. With a replacement launcher you can easily set the number of rows and columns to whatever you want. I am running 5×8 with icon labels removed on my GS3 and love it.

  4. While I think it is great that people unlock these, people should just not buy devices with locked bootloaders. If the device is available on one carrier locked and the other unlocked, just do not buy the locked one.

    1. easier said than done

      1. I think VZW locks a lot of bootloaders cause they have a lot of business customers. Like the US government. Lots of locked bootloaders = lots of devices to choose from.

        1. I don’t know anyone at my base using a government phone on Verizon’s network. They use Sprint here from what I can see.

          1. OK, part of the government. I know USGS uses Verizon, maybe DOI.

    2. Well if ur stuck with verizon (unmatched coverage)than you dont have a choice. Roms or no roms Galaxy Note 2 is the greatest thing to happen to cellphones since that fruit logo phone in 2007.

    3. I wish it were that simple, my man.

      1. It is that simple. Vote with your dollars, or suffer.

  5. “bork” hahaha I like that better than “brick”

  6. Say what you want about Sprint never had a problem unlocking any phone i bought from them Galaxy Note 2 sitting here unlocked ready to flash any rom out for it and no ads all over my phone like a NASCAR car

  7. Quentyn you mean “benefactor” (he who gives a gift) and not “beneficiary” (he who receives a gift)

    And that’s my grammar Nazi moment of the day over.

  8. Adam Outlander is f’n boss!

  9. Quentin, what do you mean in the 2nd sentence “for one reason or another”? It’s for one reason, and that’s because Verizon are dicks.

  10. hey can i do same process for Galaxy S3 ? Please update post for some new and stable update for Samsung Galaxy S3

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