Samsung reportedly planning major brand overhaul for debut at CES 2013


A report has emerged that Samsung will take CES 2013 as an opportunity to introduce the world to a refocused brand, including a new corporate logo, official colors, and ads that shift attention towards the lifestyles of consumers rather than simply the products being sold. ChannelNews has information suggesting that the Korean electronics maker and world’s top smartphone manufacturer is working closely with Scott Bedbury, a brand consultant with the likes of Nike and Starbucks on his resume.

The goal is to expand the Samsung brand from perceptions as an Asian company to that of a global identity. Products will be more closely linked to the brand with a greater emphasis on design at the “strategic level,” as David Hill of the blog Design Matters puts it, a shift that began when the company named Creative Chief Choi Gee Sung CEO last year.

If Samsung is planning such an overhaul, CES is the perfect venue for an unveiling. The showcase of consumer electronics from around the globe takes place in Las Vegas in January of each year and is home to numerous high-end product announcements. A new-look Samsung would be sure to make headlines.


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  1. That wonky oval has to go!

  2. Samsung is doing quite well economically so I am curious as to why a dramatic change. I understand they may want to stay ahead of the curve but ‘if it ain’t broke’ … Seems like they might screw up a good thing with a dramatic shift.

    1. My opinion….creating a global image can only make you more money. There are plenty of people who don’t buy products in the U.S. If they are perceived as a foreign company that takes away from domestic jobs. For example, the recent loss to Apple…there were strong rumors that many of the jurors viewed the trial as the US (Apple) vs the foreign company (Samsung).

      Bottom line, more consumers are likely to trust, and subsequently buy from, an entity that is a global brand, than from a foreign manufacturer selling goods in their particular country.

      1. Remember, also, that this re-branding should tie Samsung’s mobile products closer to their other devices such as televisions, creating a brand experience much more akin to what Apple offers. Samsung wants to create that same sort of brand loyalty.

        1. Yup. Pretty smart business, in my opinion.

        2. Exactly. I hate to say it, but look at Apple.

        3. I would like to see them get away from anything that has a perception of copying Apple!

      2. Yet I wonder how many of the jurors drive a Honda, Toyota, BMW, etc. You know…causes that’s like totally different….

    2. they talked to the dude on house of lies

      1. OMFG….AWESOME :)

  3. The new logo will be an orange ;-) you see what I did there?

    1. No I don’t.

    2. Now I do…lol

      1. Lol good good

    3. Will i then be an s-sheep??

      1. No no the sheep term is already taken we will be s-goats :p

        1. I am fond of s-ram actually…

        2. Yeah, don’t want any lawsuits, after all. O_o

          1. Although apple might still sue under the premise that orange is still a fruit O_o

          2. and it does have round corners

    4. god I hope not. Watch Samsung plaster a pineapple or mandarin orange on their next appliances

  4. .

    Looking forward to it. Just remember to never treat your customers as cash cows (sheep) as AppFail does. That doesn’t mean you can’t sell to them, just don’t demean their intelligence the way AppFail constantly does with its simplistic for simpletons approach.


  5. Interesting usually in would say never change a running system, but in this case Samsung does the right thing. Selling a lifestyle is is what works well for companies in the 21st century. People demand more than just a good product, they want something that defines them. Now the tricky thing is that Samsung can create a new corporate personality that suits its broad consumer base. Currently Samsung products are in the hand of suck a vast demographic that of Samsung focuses too narrow it will alienate a valuable demographic from it’s products. However, if done right Samsung’s consumer loyalty will definitely get strengthened and the negative connotation of cresting cheap Asian products will eventually disappear.

  6. TBH their identity is fine, my only issue with Samsung are software updates. As of late it hasn’t been as bad as it use to, but if Samsung did as well as Asus does with their updates they’d easily be number 1 in my book. They already have killer top notch hardware, so if they fix that aspect they’d be damn near perfect.

    But if they really want to change their logo, my suggestion would be an asian pear with a bite taken out of it… /s

  7. The new design should have rounded edges and be a pineapple with a straw hanging from the side. And the slogan should be: Don’t let one bad Apple Spoil the whole damn bunch…

  8. First step into taking over the world

  9. One thing I noticed recently is that they are no longer the ‘value’ brand that they once used to be. When I bought my Samsung LCD TV 6 or 7 yrs ago they alongside LG were a small & up & coming brand that together worked their way to the top by offering quality goods at VERY cheap prices – TV’s £200 cheaper than other competitors like Sony, Toshiba, Sharp, JVC etc etc.

    Now they are offering much higher quality gear & not quite as cheap (naturally) & here in the UK Samsung now have an electrical item in every department covering all devices. (inc making STB’s for Sky TV/BSKYB, microwave ovens, Bread makers, Hoover’s, Washing machines….) Roll on the empire I have to admit that I have grown a loyalty to Samsung after owning several times over the years inc my first hoover 10yrs ago before they were a recognized brand like today.

    1. Samsung = Hoover??

      Yeah my Sammy flat screen is the best tv I’ve ever owned. :)

      1. In UK we tend to call vacuum cleaners ‘hoovers’

    2. samsung has always been a good brand , they older producs like 90s tvs where made to last decades

  10. As long as they keep making such beautiful devices I don’t care what their logo looks like.

    1. I hope their branding also includes “no more plasticky crap devices”

      1. i think they are lighter and more bumps resistant

    2. AMEN!!!!

    3. i must be in the minority because i find their devices to be meh at best.

  11. yeah, let’s spend stupid money.

    Top management really like rebranding useless stuff…

  12. Oh my gosh!! That is all.



    1. Lol. Nope, the wiz is going to be on all of their stuff now…washing machines, televisions, blenders… O.O

    2. I just hope they make it less cartoonish

  14. I hope they don’t change the typeface of Samsung. just remove the oval and you’re fine D:

  15. SAMSUNG: The Sony of the 21st Century. But, why fix something that’s not broken? You’re doing great right now Samsung, don’t make some stupid decision that can alienate consumers….

  16. My 1st Smartphone was a Samsung Omnia followed by the Galaxy S. But until they change the design of the Menu/Home/Back (same on Galaxy range) I don’t want to look at the same design for another 2 yr contract I want something to look & feel totally different. Get rid of the horrible egg shape & bring in some sexy straight lines.

  17. Should I get the Nexus 10 or get something else?

    1. I’m getting it…eventually. And besides, it’s a Nexus, freaking, ten inch tablet. Yes, you should get it!

    2. a good alternative is the galaxy note 10.1, i think stylus and multitasking is way more usefull, if u dont mind paying extra

  18. Here is my prediction after Samsung has “improved” its image. Theirs products, which remain at the same or lower quality will see a +50% price jump. Looks like it is going to be in my “Do Not Buy” brand list.

  19. Hopefully their new image includes stock android for those who want it. I mean, C’ mon dude. We pay for the devices.

  20. Should I buy the Nexus 10 or wait for newer re-branded Samsung tablets?

  21. I like this idea. The Lettering will probably stay the same or not, I think that’s the most important. But, yeah it should work out with however Samsung decides to do it. For me its just the name ‘samsung ‘ that works.

  22. Here is an audacious prediction. Samsung will change its name to Galaxy. This will help to shorten “Samsung Galaxy” that we see on every products from the company.

  23. S A P P L E FTW

  24. rather than just rebranding i would prefer to see more technical integration between devices. I would be willing to be a spokesperson for “House of samsung” if they implemented my ideas and let me have all the devices* for free.

    *TV, entertainment center, washing machines, refrigerator, phone, cameras, etc. etc., even the car (yes I know renault makes those.. but a Samsung car… come on that would be a conversation starter. link included for those who care)

  25. Let’s start by removing giant menu lists and tacky gradients from Touchwiz. And use icons that don’t try to be so “colorful” in a cartoonish sort of way. And please no more iOS style icons in the camera app. A Roboto font logo with a thin Holo style outline of an oval would really work.

  26. I think they should just stick with what they have. They’re going to try too hard to be trendy and just make an awkward image for themselves.

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