Samsung’s 4.99-inch 1080p HD AMOLED display could debut with Galaxy S4


According to a report out of Korea, Samsung could unveil their first full HD AMOLED display at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show taking place in January of next year. The 1080p display developed by the Korean electronics firm is said to measure in at 4.99 inches and could make its retail debut in the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Competitors have already beaten Samsung to market with handset featuring such high-resolution displays, but these devices have employed LCD technology as opposed to OLED technology. The Super AMOLED display has been a selling point for the Galaxy S lineup since it first debuted and has several advantages over the traditional LCD. AMOLED screens are thinner and require no backlight, and they also offer a wider contrast ratio capable of producing a more rich and vibrant color palette.

Samsung’s full HD display would come in with a pixel density of 441 ppi, which would rank among the highest on the market, easily surpassing Apple’s so-called Retina Display. It looks to be a main attraction at CES 2013 and, quite frankly, we can’t wait to get our eyes on it. Samsung’s AMOLED displays have failed to disappoint us in the past. Here’s hoping that the new screen avoids the curse of the PenTile Matrix.

Samsung should being mass production of the new AMOLED in Q1 of next year. There is no timetable on a release for the Galaxy S4, but if Samsung sticks to their typical schedule, early summer is a good bet.

[via SammyHub]

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    I just want a 4.3-4.5″ flagship phone.

    1. You’ve been watching a lot of porn…haven’t ya? :)

    2. qq don’t buy a big phone.

      1. To have the best internal hardware, we have little choice than to buy the overall large phones.
        Where’s the choice to have the best hardware in a smaller form factor?

        One thing I hate about Apple is their belief that they know what I want better than me, the fact that Android makers are believing the same thing is frustrating and insulting.

        1. Amen, Brother Nut!

          Personally, I think the ones complaining are probably vertically challenged with tiny little hands. I’m 6’4″ and have no problems with the S3.

          1. The people complaining are just buying the wrong phones. Im 5’5”, and also handle the s3 just fine

          2. Tall brothers and sisters join in with me on this most joyous of days!

            We no longer are subjected to teeny tiny phones and keyboards *cough*blackberry*cough* and have phones that actually fit our hands!

            No longer am I made fun of because I have to hold my phone like a fine bone china teacup! No longer do I lose reception because my hand smothers the phone!
            ’tis a glorious time for us of height! Rejoice!

          3. Here, here, MANBO!

          4. Not gonna lie I have small hands but I can operate my GS3 fine.

        2. I agree there should be choice. And while I think bigger is better, and love the larger screened handsets, the difference is Apple thinks they know what is right for you simply because it’s part of their collective ego, while Android oems are going off of what is selling well (in this case the S3 and Note 2) and market trends. My opinion, anyway. :)

        3. lol these phones might be getting bigger but the bezel is getting smaller so in reality they aren’t that big, just look at the note 2 which has a screen half a inch bigger then the one before it but keeping the dimensions close to the same

          1. But the bezel has a use. Not to the extent of tablets, but fingers and thumb slightly wrap around the edge of the phone on to the screen to varying degrees depending on the grip at any given time.
            The bezel on the HTC looks too small to me, I believe there will be problems when holding it where the screen will detect the touch.

            Your thinking has merits, but I believe those merits are being made a compromise now.

            What I don’t get with the shrinking of bezels and the dramatic increase in PPI is where’s the desktop equivalent where teeny tiny bezels have a true and valid use… multi-monitor set ups Been waiting on the ne LG screens announced last year, but still nothing!

    3. I agree. 4.3 – 4.5 is the sweet spot. 4.6 or 4.7 is OK in cases when the devices uses software buttons like the gnex, otherwise, I’d like more 4.3 in phones.

    4. I have a 4.3″ screen crappy Atrix which is still BIGGER THAN the iphone 5

    5. Hilarious. Last year people were saying 4.5 is too big, 4″ is the sweet spot.
      Its all perceptions. If any of you have large TVs at home think about when you go on vacation and your hotel room has a 20″ tv. When you return home, your TV seem gigantic for 2 days then its normal again. People thought 4.5″ screens were too big because their last phone was 3.5″ so they are used to it. How many people with a 4.5″ phone who have used it for more than 9 months think its too large. You don’t because you adapted to the screen size. 10″ tablets looks gigantic to me now that I use N7.

      1. The only difference is you don’t have to put your TV in your pocket or hold it in your hand.

    6. give me a phone that is the almost the same size as the sgs2 with minimal bezels, 4.3″ screen (easily done) and a s4 pro chip, 2gb ram, and the appropriate radios for hspa+ or LTE depending on carrier. this is easily done, and the perfect size for watching video and portability. however as consumers we believe bigger is better…

  2. samsung, take a cue from apple for once and produce a 3.5-4in phone with the same innards as the S3. i’d be a customer for life. even the GNEX is bordering on too big.

      1. but that has separate (less powerful) internal hardware than the S3, I think sc0rch3d meant identical performance and styling but with a smaller screen

        1. Can’t have your cake and eat it too :P lol

    1. Geez what do you use your phone for calling?!?!!?!? 3.5-4in is WAY too small. I still have my 4.3 inch evo and its way too small for web browsing and reading. I dont want to have to carry a man purse for a phone, e reader, and tablet… Ditch the skinny jeans and get a Note 2.

      1. ok grandpa….get some glasses if an iphone 4 screen is too small for you to read. and don’t forget to pull out that note 2 from your back pocket before you sit down. or are you one of those “cool” guys that carries his phone around in his hand all day? was that zack morris that just passed me? :)

        1. Just because you suffer from dwarfism, does not make him a Grandpa. I have 20/20 vision and yes, the iPhone4 is way too small for practical web browsing – unless you zoom way in and scroll through it a lot.

          I carry my OGTab (still rocks with ICS) around in my FRONT pocket for the larger screen – even with a S3.

      2. I thought Android was about choice? People want smaller yet powerful phones.

        1. With Qwerty keyboards!!

    2. The S3 Mini doesn’t exist to you? Or is the hardware different?

      1. when did the s3 mini come out on verizon? it didn’t….

        1. I did ask if the Mini didn’t exist to you. Seeing as its not on Verizon it obviously doesn’t exist to you. Are you done with your useless sarcasm? Yes, I think you are. Dismissed.

        2. obviously there aren’t enough demand on verizon for a s3 mini-esque phone.

    3. 4″ screen is too hard to browse. There is no way for some pages to be at 100% without itty bitty fonts. That means you end up doing the back and forth slalom skiing on web pages to read an article. btw, if there was a market demand for it I’m pretty sure samsung would make a s3 mini for it rather than a basic mini.

  3. Still not a fan of 1080p for a smartphone, but I hope that their next phone gets decent display calibration.

    1. Yes. The S3’s color reproduction is horrid. I wish the developer community would calibrate it properly for us. Cant be that hard for someone whos in the know.

      1. Need some pretty expensive equipment to calibrate displays, which the indie devs won’t really be able to afford.

        CM could, but they’d need the individual devs to send their phones to a central place for calibration etc…

        Manufacturers should be doing it.

        More important than 1080p IMO.

        1. Some people with some sense in a Samsung thread its kinda rare. up vote for you

        2. Samsung wont do it for the sake of battery life. Its been well pointed out the display looks good when it comes to specs on paper, but the dolor reproduction is horrible.

          Since I am not an expert on what equipment is needed to achieve this, all I can say is “I wish”. And Im quite sure the Dev community is better suited than expecting Samsung to do so. Not so sure why so much anger for a simple comment

  4. 5″+!!! :D

  5. Thank god for 5″ the S3 screen was too small for most users and that’s why I had to go for the Note 2. Now I might get the s4!

    1. too small for most users? not sure if trolling or just really stupid?

  6. 4.8″ to 4.9″ is nothing… the phone can have less bezel and still have the same size of the S3.

  7. First of all, I find 1080p on a phone display laughable, totally unneccessary.

    But dear Kevin Krause, you honestly expect a 1080p Display with less than 5″ to have a full RGB matrix? Please go and do some reading about the technical limitations of AMOLED. Even with PenTile (which I am willing bet my left nut on to be) it will be an enourmous achievement.

    1. who cares? If it helps sell a phone, then what does it matter to you? People get so butt hurt about technology in such a selfish way.

      1. I am far from being against technological advancements. But 1080p on such small displays is more marketing than usability. The percentage of people that could really tell the difference to 720p is so tiny and even those have to take a very close look.

    2. Echart, go back to that cave with your ape-man mentality and stay there so the rest of us can enjoy what we have while miserable cynical people like you stay miserable all your life.

      1. So the self-declared caveman requests me to go back into my cave? Funny! Oh, and before you call me names, I suggest you learn how to read names and grasp meanings of short postings, you got neither right.

  8. Oh gee, the Galaxy S4, that would happen to be my *neXt* smartphone!!! I currently have the Samsung Droid Charge, contract is up May of next year.

    1. My contract is already up just trying to hold off till CES

  9. I agree w/u guys that smartphones are getting wayyy toooo big!!! 4.3-4.5 is just fine!

    These companies should either do some consumer research, or offer different sizes.

    1. derp. they have done research. larger phone sell. period.

      1. Exactly.

  10. To those making comments like 1080p is too much for a smartphone,… it’s all about the advancement of technology,… and that is WHY we all come to websites like this, isn’t it? To read about 1080p displays, quad-core processors, and 64GB’s in smartphones!!!

    It’s all about the advancement & furthering of technology!

    1. But with a lot of people it is only about HAVING the latest, greatest, fastest, etc – even when something lesser will still exceed their needs.

      “Im severely far-sighted, but I HAVE TO HAVE 1080p, a quad core, and 64GB just to play Angry Birds, post on Facebook, and store my entire library of 26 MP3s!!!!”

      Sorry, but it’s impractical for most people. It’s no different than the Grandmother that want’s the fastest/best PC available because she wants to be able to email her grandkids and check the BINGO scores online.

      Plus, the “advancement of technology” results in even more battery drain.

      1. Battery is part of the advancement, and seriously get over it man lol. Not only that, everything including CPUs GPUs and Screens are getting much more effcient. If everyone thought like you, we would still be on horses and carriages.

      2. The reason behind this is it looks better. It’s like people buying Flat Screens instead of CRT TV’s. The technology becomes easier and cheaper to make, so they can give it out to everyone.

        Like I said with the Flat Screen TV’s. You don’t need all that. All it’s doing is wasting your energy. Stick with a CRT TV. You can pick a huge Flat Screen CRT TV for about $50, but I bet you’d go for a HD TV instead.

        Get what I’m saying? If you can get a better one, than why not get the better one? Especially if it’s the same price as the worst model.

        1. Actually, I do have a flat screen 32″ 1080p CRT in my bedroom.

          1. You do know the cost to make a 1080p CRT TV is godly high right? A manufacturer would make no money from that. -_-

            Not saying you can’t possibly have one, but you would have saved half your years paycheck if you bought a 1080p 32′ HD TV. Thus proving my point. The technology is easier and cheaper to make. Which is why it is made in the first place. LoL!!

            You’re starting to confuse me. All this confusion. That’s 60 damage right there.

          2. You’re making assumptions about the timeline though.

            Back when I bought the HD CRT TV (maybe around 2005?), LCDs were just starting to become the standard. But, with the exception of some very high end LCDs, I didnt think the price-comparable LCDs had nearly as good a picture as the CRT.

            It’s still a fantastic (Phillips) TV even though it’s quite small compared to our 60″ Samsung Plasma (see, yes…I even prefer Plasma over LCD)

            I could post you a picture of the CRT if you really dont believe me. I’ll even put a tablet on top of it with the Phandroid page displayed :)

          3. LoL!! I see… I understand your point now.

            The only bad I see from 1080p phone screens is battery life seeing as phones are coming with 2GB of RAM nowadays. Just completely blew our 2000 desktop away with its measly 512MB. LoL!!

            And soon there will be a phone with better picture quality than your TV. LoL!!

      3. One can also say we don’t need tablets to play angry birds, listen to music and go to facebook. We can use smartphones. But then we can say we don’t need smartphones if we’re mostly just going to make phone calls because its not practical to carry a large phone with a short battery life. My old b&w LG phone had email access and 5 day battery life. It would probably meet my needs whereas 1/2 the stuff I do on my GN is not needed but I do it anyway. Can say the same about my 50″ flat screen, my new car with 330horses and bluetooth audio,

    2. Exactly, As I’ve been saying, I won’t be surprised if there are 4k screens on our cell phones in a few years. Thats just the way it is. And trust me, the more pixels, the closer it gets to real life. My first computer was a 66Mhz for crying out loud.

      1. You and your speed demon 66Mhz! Why in my day, we had an Atari ST! We upgraded that hoss to 256kB of RAM, and boy did she purr! Or was that the floppy disk … I can’t decide…

    3. Maybe I am misunderstanding you, but this doesn’t make any sense to me. You are saying we should spend millions of dollars for the advancement of a technology just for the sake of advancing it, even if that technology has no practical purpose (talking in general here, not about these screens specifically)?

      The whole end goal of advancing a technology is to provide something more useful for people. If this is not happening they should stop.

      Now speaking specifically about the current DPI wars on screens, it is certainly up for debate, but I personally do feel like we the consumers are kind of just getting ripped off by it.

      I’m sure some people with really great eyes can appreciate the subtle differences between these high DPI screens, but for the rest of us, all we get out of it is greater cost, more CPU strain to push all those pixels, and less battery life.

      1. You don’t ONLY need to have good eyes to appreciate 1080p.

        The other big benefit of a 1080p display is that games and video can be output to the much more common 1080p TVs & LCDs at its native resolution, rather than having to be upscaled from 720p.

        My Galaxy S3’s 720p output looks a little crappy scale to 1080p when I’m gaming w/ HDMI output + PS3 sixaxis controller. My future GNote3’s 1080p display will fix that.

        1. That’s a good point.

          4.2 is introducing support for external displays rather than just mirroring though, so I would think this might help with that specific issue without having to increase the resolution on the phone.

          1. Oh? I hadn’t heard about that. Will have to check it out. Still… I have good eyes, so mewant1080peepee anyway. :)

      2. One could also argue, who determines what is practical and what is not? Hindsight is 20/20, and not all current “practical” items were considered as such when first imagined.

        It’s all subjective, so why not “advance for the sake of advancing”?

      3. Sometimes a technology is created without concrete practical purpose but something vague. To me thats ok because a lot of times things are invented and the way its used hasn’t been thought up yet. I think a good example would be kinect. Initially, people just whined endlessly about how useless that is for playing games. No amount of “it can be more than just games” but many assumed that its a waste of technology because they themselves couldn’t look pass it. Look at how much development goes on now with kinect that has nothing to do with games.

        So who knows what this display will lead to unless you try. That is part of innovation. As posters have suggested, this is important if you intend to use miracast to HD tvs. Willing to bet there will be more to it than that. On the go projection maybe, something much more far fetched like using your phone as a virtual machine to host windows 8 to go etc etc. Point is lets not dismiss it until its been explored.

        I remember the old 16 bit computer days when people argue “why do we need a computer with 16 million color paletes when our eyes can’t even tell the difference”

        1. I fully agree with this. Advancements in technology cause other advancements in technology. There is usually someone that will come up with a useful use for any new technology.

      4. I actually fully disagree. R&D is at it’s purest and best when it is advancing technology, yet all of the end result uses for it are not known in advance. Since these panels are cut from a larger substrate, if their development leads to widespread low-cost 4k displays & televisions then I am all for it!

        Also, just because many folks can’t make out the individual pixels doesn’t mean that they can’t tell the difference in display quality. I remember when that was said about CDs, and I can still easily discern the higher audio quality listening to an LP.

    4. It’s because 1080p is an unnecessary battery drain on a 5″ display. Granted, we don’t know anything about the display yet but if the same display was pumping out 720p it would be more efficient.

      1080p vs 720p is screenpeen flexing, and that’s it…for a 5″ screen anyway.

    5. Hopefully Samsung doesn’t use a meager 2000 mAh battery like HTC, though.

      1. Htc still sucks.on battery life.

      2. Hey leave HTC alone. You get a solid 18 minutes on that beautiful display before the battery is dead!

      3. To be fair they had a 2500 mAh battery on it before Verizon poked their nose into things demanding wireless charging.

    6. you’re partially right. if the higher rez comes at the cost of battery life, i’ll take a 720p screen over this any day. just look at the Note 2 – it has a 5.5″ screen with “only” 720p screen and still sells like hot cake. credit can also be given to the 3000+ mah battery. my only concern is amoled screens appear to use up more power when compared to similarly spec LCD screens.

    7. Yes, and I’m happy to see 1080p on these phones, though it does seem unnecessary, I am not unhappy with it. However I think we can safely say that 1080p is already well beyond the threshold of the human eye in a 5″ or smaller device, so let’s not jump to 4k or anything like that. I’m looking forward to super efficient SoC’s that get better and better while not needing to push more pixels or do anything extra, so battery life can improve, at least in theory.

    8. Well said.

  11. Am I the only one that doesn’t really see such a big difference in these screen resolutions? I mean, we are talking about a very small screen, with 720p and now 1080p resolutions. I still think my original HTC Incredible and the RAZR MAXX screens look great (I’m sure many disagree). To me, it seems more of a marketing tool. I agree with others saying the screen sizes are getting too big. My S3 is as big as I can see my phone ever being. And that is a little too big for my liking. 4.3-4.5 with a smaller bezel would be perfec, IMO. The smaller Galaxy S3 mini is perfect size, but the innards were dumbed down =(

    All these bigger, higher resolution screens do is burn through the battery quicker and make processor/ram work harder than they need to. 1080p on a 4-5″ screen is just ridiculous.

    1. No, you’re not the only one.

    2. Only a few “special” people can see the difference. The rest of us can’t really see any difference above the 300-320ppi range. Those that do only THINK they do.

      A side-by-side comparison of two unlabeled 4.5″ displays made by the same manufacture, using the same technology, with the only difference being 720p and 1080p…would prove this.

      On a 60″ TV?…oh hell yeah. Huge difference. On a 4.5″ display? Nope.

    3. The Retina argument is all about arc-minutes of space as viewed from a given distance. The argument has absolutely no relevance to the practice of taking your phone and bringing it closer to your face in order to see more detail. We haven’t done that much because there’s been no point – looking closer at your screen only makes it appear more blurry. Once we get past the “Retina” threshold, displays become much more engaging and dynamic. Being able to see something better by squinting or looking more closely is how the real world works – display technology will continue to get closer to replicating this.

  12. seriously, couldn’t they have made it .01 inch larger for an even 5″? :)

    1. Seriously, couldn’t they have made it .6 inch smaller for 4.3″?

      1. actually then it would be 4.39 :P

        But yeah, I do prefer smaller screens myself, but I’m just saying why 4.99?

        Maybe it is because if it is 5 inches it would be a phablet :P

        “Newest spec war: how close can you get to 5 inches without actually hitting it and making it a phablet? Next month: LG to announce 4.999 inch screen!”

        1. “Apple follows up with the 4.9999 inch screen and sues everyone who makes a screen with 4.x inches” ^_^

          1. Tim Cook:
            “we would not make one of those 4.999 or 5 inch phones. We don’t think they’re good products, and we would never make one. We made a 4.9999 inch phone which is completely different.”

          2. Oh that Tim Cook, what will he think of next? lol

  13. Why are they wearing masks in the picture?

    1. Because the screens they are holding are treated with a chemical that addicts whoever touches it to cool technology and beautiful Asian women, and the girls in the pic don’t want to be infected.

      Yes, that was the best I could come up with. °_°

      1. There’s women behind those masks?

        1. Maybe THAT’S why they’re wearing the masks. xD

  14. 1080p display just seems so stupid in a phone. I also don’t understand all the hate over Pentile, my S3 legitimately looks better when put next to my Infinity. And before anyone starts screaming at me, I actually wish the S3 had the super IPS screen, since it’s better in the direct sunlight and wish the Infinity had the Amoled.

    1. People should realize though. This device is lyk 5″. This seems kinda practical. And this definitely would be practical for tablets.

  15. Sucks to own a GSIII II NOTE & NOTE II now does it?This is the announcement Ive been waiting for. So long everyone ill be the only one with a FULL HD AMOLED.

    1. LOL. And all the rest of us will have a life……

  16. Lol, here comes the Galaxy S4 rumors already

  17. How about 5000mAh battery and 32gb as the lowest storage available to start the 2013? 720p is good enough. let’s focus where it really matters kthx.

    1. Good. Another person grounded in reality! Let’s just hope the 5000mah battery ends up weighing only 10% more than the current 2500’s :)

      1. ahh. you underestimate technology. remember how huge computers are before? remember floppy discs? i doubt 5000mah battery is far off. i believe it’s already in the works.

        1. Battery technology isn’t advancing as fast as cellphones.

          1. Battery technology is barely moving… we are still using the same types of Li polymer batteries for almost 20 years now. Any improvements are either not cost effective, or not feasible for mobile phones.

            Perhaps alternative charging options, like a case that creates a small charge by moving? (taking queues from watches that self wind.)
            That and making SoC’s and screens more efficient, as IMO, the battery will not likely change much in the future.

        2. A 5000mah battery isn’t far off. Heck they could make a 50000 mah battery if they wanted to. This issue is that despite what a lot of the misguided people here think, the battery technology has not kept pace with the rest of mobile technology. And, battery technology (in the mobile sense) basically means increasing capacity without increasing size.

          I used to have a Motorola Ultra Classic and I personally dont really want to go back to “brick phones” just to have a reasonable battery life to support a 4K 4.5″ display and 8 core 4Ghz CPU. But that’s probably just me.

      2. Are you serious!? I HATE super light phones!! Oh my gosh!! You have no idea. I don’t want a phone as thin as a sheet of paper. The HTC HD2 felt thin to me.

        Now my E4GT is just way too thin. I have a case just to add thickness. It’s so useless. My gosh…

        Well that’s my rant. LoL!!

    2. I rather start at 16gb if that means a lower price point of $50 because I barely consume more than 8gb.

  18. Oh my gosh!! Are you serious!? Early summer!? Calm down. My contract doesn’t expire until October. LoL!!

  19. After using the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and then moving on to the LG Optimus G… I’m not going back to AMOLED. Period.

  20. oh the pentile will burn my eyes….nooo

    actually i am pretty sure nobody will notice. stop talking about it.

  21. Here’s what I think about 1080p on a 5, 7, 10″ screen or plenty bigger than that. AFAIK the same advice is given today as it was 7yrs ago when I bought my HDTV.

    This info can be found on more website than NOT ! A 32″ screen [realistically] is the absolute minimum that is needed to be able to get the benefits of the HD.

    1. Except a phone screen is positioned much closer to your face than any tv ever would be.

  22. Give me zero bezel and you can have AAAAALLLLL of my money.

  23. Im glad that Samsung/HTC is starting to set their flagship phones at 5″s as a standard.

    You’ll have little school girls running around with Notes and DNAs making fun of their classmates says, “you have an iPhone? that was soooo one and a half inches ago!”

  24. GS4= iPhone 10S Killer

  25. SOO Glad I never bought the GS II III OR NOTE I II cause 2013 WILL BE THE YEAR OF 1080P DISPLAY WITH JELLY BEAN

  26. Samsung is killing it… well done

  27. By the time S4 come out, DNA+ would have 2500mAh battery+64GB internal storage.

  28. Well looks like Galaxy S4 is not that far away from release.

  29. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. I personally love my 4.8 inch screen. Many others do as well seeing as how the S3 sold so well. Why should we lose out because people like you would rather have a 4.3 inch display? Go choose one of those options and let OEM’s continue to innovate. Isn’t that what we’re all about? Maybe you guys should visit your local Apple store…

  30. the bigger the screen the better.
    I would buy 6 inch screen phone in a heartbeat.

  31. 1080p standard I wonder what comes next?

  32. 4.99/5″ screens are too big. How about smaller screens at the same resolution???

  33. RGBW pixel arrangement at 1080p please Sammy… quad core Exynos 5, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage, and open source the damn Exynos drivers!! Thank you

  34. Samsung just added one more pixel just so they can brag. Gotta love Samsungs dedication to be number one

  35. you guys are funny. IF the s4 was to get this screen, how hard would it be to make it the same size as the s3 minus the bezel space on this device? its plausable that this will occur, and the screen could be even bigger if we eliminated the home and softkey buttons. make it a touch smaller, while making the screen bigger. sounds like a win win to me.

  36. They better pack a 3000+ mAh battery….

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