Will the ASUS Qube be the Nexus Q’s replacement?


Android fans jumped off their seats when reports of an FCC filing for an upcoming Google TV started spreading, yesterday. Google TV’s potential hasn’t been taken to its fullest just yet, and seeing new manufacturers jumping in is always exciting. Especially if it’s one like ASUS, which is said to be releasing the ‘Qube’ Google TV USB stick soon. There might be a bit more to it, though.

Most seem to have ignored The Verge’s sources, who claim that the ASUS Qube will be a Nexus device to be released this January. Furthermore, this project is said to be the reason why Google postponed the Nexus Q, making this new unit the orb’s replacement.

After seeing Google’s constant ignoring of its smart TV platform, many of Google’s moves were upsetting for Google TV fans. The Nexus Q’s announcement was filled with comments about the omission of Google TV. Adding Google TV would alleviate the Nexus Q’s high price ($300) and make the device much more enticing. The aesthetically-pleasing orb already had streaming features, so why not make it a full-fledged Google TV?

For these reasons, the idea of the ASUS Qube with Google TV somehow coming to replace the Nexus Q makes much more sense. We still have nothing specific to go on, but some state this will work as a companion accessory (maybe to an upgraded Nexus Q?) while others believe it will be a standalone USB Google TV of sorts.

Regardless, we will simply have to wait and see. We must take these rumors with a healthy dosage of sodium, but hopefully we will know more by January. But what do you guys think – could this be the Nexus Q’s epic return?

[The Verge via GTV Source]

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  1. The Nexus Q is a great freaking device, and if Google release this thing again with Google TV than we have a winner…… my money is waiting

    1. Nexus Q with Google TV under $250… Winner

      1. The Nexus Q was $300. I hope they can bring the price down. Ideally, I would like it to be $200.

        1. they probably can considering they have have a high end smartphone at 300 and a tablet at 200, I’m going to guess under 100 since it doesn’t have cameras, speakers, battery, display, and all those sensors to drive the price up.

          1. Tots! They need to beat the apple tv price since they don’t beat them in content.

          2. lol Apple tv prob has less content than Google tv, my brother owns a box and the thing is basically useless , it comes pre installed with a few apps and doesn’t have access to the Apple app store, so pretty much the best and most useful feature on it is the Airplay set up. On Google tv you have access to the Google Play store.

          3. Airplay is actually the only reason why I want to get the Apple TV. In terms of content, it’s no big deal. Like you said, you can’t add (or remove) any apps, so you are stuck with what they give you. The only advantage Apple TV really has in terms of content is Hulu+.

            Google TV may not be where it should be yet, but I would agree that it has more content than Apple TV. You can get a handful of apps from the Play Store, and even side-load them. It is pretty much a huge tablet with a few limitations and a TV-focused UI.

          4. Sonos. I got tired of good airplay solutions. I was in the same boat. as you.

    2. What the gentleman above said.

      1. the GENTLEMAAAAAN!!

        1. Me, too! Me, too! I want an orb sitting next to my TV.


    3. It would have to have Google TV built-in, i still can’t imagine spending more than $100 for something like this, regardless of some silly amplifier built in.

    4. Wonder if this could one day become a primary gaming device as well, if they installed Onlive and included game pads. More would buy it at the $300 price tag than. Here is hoping for $99 or less price tag

    5. What does it do that the ps3 doesn’t? They’re the same price. Sony should put Google tv and an android port on the ps3.

  2. I hope it’s meant to be an OUYA competitor, but so far I haven’t seen Google care too much about enabling games on Google TV. They still think they can win with the “smart TV” strategy, when Microsoft is winning the other way around. Getting millions of game consoles inside people’s homes, and THEN enabling the TV-part.

    1. Like many other things, gaming is something Google could push. That is left up to developers, though. Developers are the ones that create the content, and gaming won’t evolve until they are willing to invest in it.

      These Google TV devices are also not as strong, so we would definitely need better-specced Google TVs. That, or could gaming. Google TV does offer OnLive cloud gaming.

  3. Just choose somone besides asus I am done buying their products two bad motherboards in a row I gave them another chance with the n7 and the craftsmanship is crap they made the divice feel cheap. From all my experiances with them they seem to have no quality control whatsoever.

    1. Asus has really decent hardware. I have purchased numerous mobo’s from them and found if there is a problem it is usually the bios chip. I have the Sabertooth and that thing has a five year warranty, not to mention built like a tank!

  4. I love my Nexus Q’s and use them daily. I just wish Google would let us know their plans for them.

  5. No dosage of sodium is going to be healthy. Sodium Chloride on the other hand, might be different.

    1. It’s pity I can’t up-rate your comment more than once. The original wording is screamingly “incompetent”. It was much like a punch in the stomach after reading a decent opinion article.

    2. A big bite of sodium will give you a whole new level of flavor explosion!

  6. I wonder if Google will still make sure this thing is built domestically. Also, they spelled “Cube” wrong!

  7. I’m sold if it has Google TV… Until then I’ll stick with my Vizio Costar.

    1. I’m getting a Vizio Co-Star for Christmas. How do you like it? All of the reviews I’ve read people have complained about it; and there are very few quality video reviews.

  8. Like many that have posted, I really like my nexus Q. I hope they don’t abandon support for the original with this move. The Q has a bunch of untapped potential, I have not rooted it yet, but maybe soon!
    Also, with the amount of storage, couldn’t they just add the software for Google T.V. to the Q? Or does it require something more than software!

    1. if you didnt root it yet, you will never. its out for ages.

      1. Not true. I had my galaxy nexus for six months before rooting….. My Xoom I rooted just 2 months ago and I have a 4g that I bought on release day. I have not really seen a need to root the q….

  9. Nexus Q with built in projector would be the ultimate. No need to connect to any TV, just aim it to a blank wall or screen. Don’t need that high amount of lumens, focus on portability.

  10. I don’t understand all these redundant devices. For a couple hundred dollars you can buy a nexus 7 or ps3 which theoretically can do everything.

  11. I think the $200 mark is the perfect price range.

  12. I would get one if it had googe tv

  13. What about the Q is so great?

    I’m not knocking it, I don’t own one and was never able to figure out why I would want to.

    1. It’s a useful tool I think. I use it to power my outdoor speakers and it’s hooked into my TV and surround sound. It’s obviously nice when we’re sitting on the deck to be able to control my music from anyones phone. On top of that, watching youtube and movies from Google Play works extremely well. With that said, it’s definitely not worth $300. I bought that and a Galaxy Nexus for $400 in July. I took it as $150 for the Q and $250 for the phone. I get lots of questions when people come over about the Q because of it’s looks and I love showing people how it works!

      1. I can see how that would be convenient. Google never did a very good job of explaining it.

  14. This is not the Nexus Q… It’s the STARDUST Q!

    Arkon, here we come!

  15. @epct414:disqus do you think that maybe google has been hush hush about GTV for a while because they realized it should have come out with the original Q and are packaging a new updated version with this updated Q? Its kinda like how they release the newest version of Android with the newest Nexus phone/tablet typically.

  16. God I hope so. I loved the idea behind the Q, but it needed to lose the amplifier and become a full media player to TV vs just music. I want a device that when sync’d will display ANYTHING on my phone on the TV. It should just be a mirror of what’s on my phone. Then of course enhanced music system like the playlist editor (shared music) that Q demonstrated.

    Hopefully cheaper too. I want it for $60 to $99 max.

  17. I like that side view of the Q… it looks a little like a sentinel from The Matrix.

  18. Keep the look, slap Google TV on it and throw in a Nexus 7 with a 2 year Google Fiber contract.

  19. I liked the idea of this orb, but since it got recalled, I moved on to Sonos. Sonos isn’t cheap, but it is quality and plays all of my music wherever I want it. for 300, you get a bridge and a play 3. Google only had this orb to offer. it’s up to you to get a set of speakers. Wasn’t it bluetooth only?

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