8 GB Nexus 4 goes out of stock… again


Those estimated shipping notices for the popular Nexus 4 just have to have a limit, and it seems we have finally reached it. After shipping estimations went up to 9-10 weeks, the 8 GB Nexus 4 has finally been marked out of stock, meaning it will probably take about 3 months or more for users to be able to snatch this device from the Google Play Store (ouch!).

Most of us have figured out that Google is simply trying to make it seem like the device is “in stock”. It really isn’t. Those of us who purchased a Nexus 4 during the second batch are pretty much pre-ordering them. But the sweet Nexus 4 has proven to be so popular that even these masked pre-orders have to be stopped.

The 16 GB version is still available for purchase. I managed to grab one that is shipping in 4-5 weeks, but those who order it at this point will have to wait 6-7 weeks before they get it shipped. Let’s just hope this one doesn’t reach the 10-week limit any time soon. Waiting until February (or later) is not a nice thought.

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  1. Interesting…. how on earth does that work? the 8gb is out before the 16gb…..

    1. not everyone carry useless films and music and other stuff on the phone.

      1. and its cheaper

      2. My phone has almost 8GB of games and that’s only 4 or 5 games. Plus my app backups take up just as many or more GBs. Not to mention Nanadroid backups which are on my external SD but with the Nexus 4 would have to be on internal considering there is no external SD.

        1. not everyone have that, that’s why there are variant capacities of the phone. need more, buy the larger capacity. simple

          1. except for this one, where the options for me and jbo1018 would be “not enough” or “is there even storage in this thing?”
            even 16GB would be full instantly for me after I would install my favorite games and my relatively small music collection(238 songs)

        2. you can throw backups onto your pc -.-

          1. Because people don’t restore Nanadroid backups on the go?

      3. Music is NOT useless!

      4. Um… I have Google Music, but I link all my playlist offline. I guess I save the space from the actual songs not in a playlist, which is about 2GB out of the 5GB of songs I have. The point I’m bringing is streaming media sux. I would WAY rather have it on the device. If you skip ahead it has to load all that. No. I don’t think so.

        And when you lose that signal? Uh… no.

        I do, however, use dropbox for all my videos. Those I don’t mind streaming those, to an extent. It’s not like I’m always going to want to show someone a video of me riding a mechanic bull. LoL!!

        But yea. 8GB is pretty small. Apps are getting large. Have you seen them lately? Good heavens!! Batman took 1.8GB. =.S

      5. Oh really? so tell me why do you have a smartphone then? yeah shut it.

    2. I have 40GB of music uploaded on google music that I stream. Also, a lot of people complain about games taking up a lot of space. There are only a handful of games (relative to how many games are on the play store) that take up over a gig of space. The average person is only downloading typical casual games like cut the rope, angry birds, and words with friends. You could download 50 of these types of games and not use over 1gb of space. That said, I ordered the 16GB version myself. I keep a dozen or so albums and a couple playlists saved offline just in case I’m caught without a signal, but other than that, I don’t really need to save the music on my phone when I can stream it.

    3. I am guessing they had way less 8-GB version for sale on purpose because they can make more money selling the 16GB Version.

  2. I ordered in the second batch when it was one to two weeks and apparently its already shipped.

    1. Yeah, I am thinking they will be shipped a bit earlier than they say. They are probably just keeping it safe so people won’t get more upset.

      1. I’m hoping so. I really want mine for x-mas.

    2. Good to hear, I’m in the 2-3 week range

    3. Waiting for the email notification that tells me it’s on the way. Every incoming notification for gmail gets me all excited until I see that it’s just another Groupon :(

      1. lol bro I know the feeling

      2. Over the pond here in the UK people have been getting the delivery WITHOUT any emails and then their account is still ‘pending’ its a total farce and Google should be ashamed – they can’t even supply their own product, heads should roll over this – maybe LG’s ?

    4. Yeah, I ordered on the second batch as well 1-2 weeks. So far I got the email from google saying my order has shipped but really only the label has been created. So most likely it will arrive during the week sometime, but probably not Monday.

    5. Same here. I’ll get mine Monday.

  3. I have an 8g because I don’t need 16. It’s a phone.

  4. (A damn fast smooth as hell one at that)

  5. Goes to show… people still want 8GB and could care less like the whiners about 32 or more.

    1. Though I understand the need to have more internal storage, I can definitely agree that it isn’t really necessary. At least for me. I have a 32 GB phone and have like 26 GB free. I have never moderated myself either, I just happen to use a bunch of cloud services for music and video. And games don’t seem to kill my storage either. Maybe more storage would be good for those that like to keep a bunch of HD games on their phones.

      1. Games “don’t” kill your storage!? You must have no games. I couldn’t download all my games on my Nexus 7. I planned on having my Nexus 7 replace my phone for gaming since I knew it would be better than my E4GT.

        Asphalt 5, Spiderman, GTA3, Batman took 8GB+. And I’m not even done. I was so sad. LoL!!

        But yea, you’re right. Most of the people who want more storage prefers to have their music on their phone, and the HD games. I had to completely wipe my Nexus 7 since I had 200MB left and didn’t know where all that space went. LoL!!

        1. HAHAHA. I usually have 1 or 2 “big” games on my phone. Usually nothing major, though. This is probably because I still prefer gaming on dedicated consoles, so I don’t play with my phones/tablets too much. Mostly just to test the games and such.

          Are you thinking of getting the 32 GB version now that it’s out?

          1. Console gaming sucks! PC gaming is trying to rip people off by offering download only games….

          2. Yes. Plans were to give my younger brother the 16GB and I migrate to the 32.

    2. I wouldn’t say people “want” 8gb. I would just say, at that price, it is not a deal breaker. just like removable batteries aren’t deal breakers.

  6. There is a high demand for Nexus 4 but I think the limited supply is making the demand seem greater than what it is. The casual observer would think th Nexus 4 is in demand like an IPhone.

    1. Do you have any proof? Or are you just another doubters?

      1. I’m confused. What does this person “doubt”? I mean when the Nexus 4 was announced with it’s specs, all you seen across the boards were people talking down on it, “no LTE”, “no space” no this and that, yet it seems to be selling like Key Lime Pie.

  7. So, is it just LG that’s slow at producing these things, or is there actually massive demand that no manufacture could keep up with (including samsung)?

    1. I would put more blame on production than demand but I don’t think anyone knows for sure.

      1. That’s kinda what I figured myself. I wish they’d just kick it into high gear and get them all done and out.

        1. something tells me, if that were to happen, then the nexus 4 would no longer be profitable. you’d have to spend millions upgrading the manufacturing process, or spend millions to add another assembly line.

  8. they should’ve put them in some physical stores

    1. they are, t-mobile :P but i think they’re sold out too >.>

      1. I think he means – put some in physical stores, but at a reasonable price, like maybe $20 more than the Play store price ;-)

  9. Not in Canada it isn’t. Neither has been in stock since launch day.

  10. Shipping is going much faster then I anticipated. I ordered on the 27th and I’ll have my phone on Monday.

  11. Are those estimates come kind of “contract”? a friend and i got the 16gb one when it said 1-3 weeks :P

  12. Are people buying the 8gb like crazy because they are fine with that little of storage or is it because its only $299.

    1. both?

    2. I’m pretty sure it’s $299 unless you get a contract with T-Mobile, in that case it’s the 16GB.

      1. Yea , I meant $299.

  13. we don’t know how many are sold; ordered? Maybe they never wanted to sell too many to begin with;

    1. It looks a lot like that doesn’t it. It possible that with the cost of fulfillment added on, they are making a small loss or breaking even.

      One thing is for sure – Google aren’t going to endear themselves to normal consumers if they think this is what passes for a “launch”.

    2. I’m Google would like to sell them if they could.

  14. @jbo1018 iOS apps take up more memory than android apps.

  15. with no external memory support I think I will skip out. With the power of these devices and with the screen resolution going up the need for more memory is growing. No sd card slot is a step backwards

  16. Too late for me, have just bought myself a nice new non-Nexus handset. Who knows what Google are playing it – but now, I for one, don’t care!

  17. It makes more sense for me to wait for the One X successor which will mostly be announced during CES 2013!

  18. my buddy ordered 16gb ~11/28, told 2-3 weeks shipping – it shipped on Friday 11/30.

    give Google credit for forecasting deliveries as pessimistically as possible the surprising on the upside.

    has people’s crabbing about shipping has made them gun shy and overly cautious?


  19. Wait for the day they stop making the 8GB model and replace it will the 16GB and 32GB models, since thats what they did to the Nexus 7.

    1. i highly doubt that. see the phones are on a mobile network and are constantly connected to the internet as for tablets probably 95% of the people use it on wifi. which is obviously not everywhere so the need for a lot of storage is there.

  20. 8gb is ok, i stream most my music and i have some on the phone for when iam in the subway. Iam a big fan of tunein and 1.fm too

  21. If you only need 8 gigs on your phone then you are not using it right. A smart phone is not for you my friend.

    1. i have the 16 gb nexus 4 have over 1,000 songs videos and photos many games and yet i still seem to not have even used 1gb its called cloud. the large capacity phones are becoming obsolete soon.

      1. They will never be obsolete… As long as there is dead spots signal loss and low quality streaming. Cloud requires unlimited data to work effectively and fast data speeds do I really even have to get into this?

  22. How does Google expect people to use the cloud with limited Data plans, smaller internal storage, and only a 3G connection… I am absolutely amazed at how well this phone is selling. I have the GN and will be content until next season…

    1. T-mobile 4g HSPA+ is as fast as the average LTE data speeds…. T-mobile offers truly unlimited…. Its a true Nexus unlike the CDMA GN…

  23. this is really amazing. how long does it take to manufacture a phone?

  24. glad I got the note 2 instead of this.

  25. The long wait lost my dive buying this thing, Ill just wait for the nexus 5.
    Itll be february/january if i were to order this (then 7 to 8 months later the new nexus comes out), its a turn off. Google really blew it here.

  26. I can’t believe tah Google and LG aren’t capable to have enough Nexus 4 Smartphone in stock!

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