Dec 1st, 2012

Those estimated shipping notices for the popular Nexus 4 just have to have a limit, and it seems we have finally reached it. After shipping estimations went up to 9-10 weeks, the 8 GB Nexus 4 has finally been marked out of stock, meaning it will probably take about 3 months or more for users to be able to snatch this device from the Google Play Store (ouch!).

Most of us have figured out that Google is simply trying to make it seem like the device is “in stock”. It really isn’t. Those of us who purchased a Nexus 4 during the second batch are pretty much pre-ordering them. But the sweet Nexus 4 has proven to be so popular that even these masked pre-orders have to be stopped.

The 16 GB version is still available for purchase. I managed to grab one that is shipping in 4-5 weeks, but those who order it at this point will have to wait 6-7 weeks before they get it shipped. Let’s just hope this one doesn’t reach the 10-week limit any time soon. Waiting until February (or later) is not a nice thought.

[Google Play Store]

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