Android Overload: Google acquires BufferBox, Jelly Bean updates, HTC One VX release date and more


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  • Google acquires BufferBox [Financial Post]
  • HTC One VX coming to AT&T December 7th [Android Authority]
  • Even more affordable Nexus 7 tablet shows up in benchmarks [Brief Mobile]
  • Microsoft products won’t be embargoed due to FRAND patents [Scribd/Robard]
  • Ingress updated to be less hacker-friendly [Into Mobile]
  • HTC One X and One X+ soon to get Android 4.2? [Pop Herald]
  • Samsung Galaxy S Advance to get Jelly Bean this January [Samsung Germany]
  • Google Maps Navigation now available in Mexico [Google Mexico]
  • Dolphin Browser updated to version 1.2: Android 4.2 support, faster page loading and more [Android Police]
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  1. Can someone tell me how buffer box isn’t less convenient than having a package delivered to my front door?

    1. I assume you live in a single family house. In cities, not many people do.

      1. Yes, I do. So basically the user base is pretty limited? Granted the dense population should generate some revenue, the user base is still limited.

        1. The 2000 Census has America 80% urban vs 20% rural..and it has skewed more Urban since. Not sure how 80% of the population = limited.

          1. Simple, not all 80% have a mail box the size of a tissue box. Having lived in Detroit and been to a handful of other major US cities, I know a good number of that 80% does have a front door and no need of this service.

          2. It’s not about mailboxes…stuff gets stolen off of porches. Or you are on a business trip in another city, or at college, or…? So many instances where you need something securely delivered to where you can just go grab it.

            You clearly aren’t the target customer, but you wouldn’t be for Uber, or HotelTonight, or any of these other convenience based businesses which are flipping industries upside down.

          3. No I am not, thus an example of a limited user base. The target customer will be some who lives in a big city and hasn’t figured out a system to secure packages when not at home and feels like making a trip down the street or further to retrieve their package. Basically what I’m saying is, Google will have to evolve the company beyond what it is now to make anything more than what they consider toilet money.

          4. I guess you also aren’t aware that this is a problem that Amazon and Walmart are also currently working on…and well…you are ignorant and wrong.

            But hey, glad I can teach you some things.

          5. Lol, I take it you’re not having fun in this debate anymore. Have a good evening and thanks for putting a smile on my face.

          6. Lol by your definition gas stations have a limited user base, that doesn’t stop them from making billions.

          7. wish some of those billions would go to the store owner….I only make one cent off each gallon…..ppl need to come in and buy a drink more often!!!

          8. not only is it not about mailboxes… but couriers can not use mailboxes, they’re federal property. So packages get left out in the open… while I’ve never had an issue with theft off my porch, I’d enjoy this service… especially if it cuts down on the time it takes to get delivered. It’s like when I lived in a high rise and had a concierge that would hold all my packages for me….

  2. I’m having a hard time understanding how this Butter Box company falls into Google’s vision.

    1. Unless butter box can magically fill itself up with Nexus 4’s whenever you open the door….it doesn’t. Oh, oh, I know, I know maybe project butter=butter box!!!

    2. Perhaps as a 3rd party scapegoat for the NEXUS 4 delays. ;)

  3. This would be the perfect solution for UPS deliveries in my area. Even if I’m home, they don’t give you enough time to answer the door to accept the package . At least USPS & FED-EX will leave the package w/a neighbor if I leave a note. UPS just drops & runs & this has been their M.O. for as long as I can remember.
    So yes, I’d be willing to pay a few dollars to insure that my packages will be securely awaiting for pickup from a drop off like this.

    1. Yes, UPS drops and runs pretty much everywhere I’ve lived as well. I think FedEx is the only one that actually will wait. The good thing about UPS is, their delivery estimates are pretty accurate.

    2. I live in an big apartment building with a housing office. It’s a common theme to see UPS leaving their delivery notices at an entrance, both Fedex and USPS just drop off the package at the housing office…. that just tells me a company is lazy and not so bright. If they would just drop off the package at the office, their job is done. Instead they just prolong the whole process making their job harder.

      1. I wouldn’t mind if UPS left a note,but,they don’t(usually),at least when you have no other option but to accept the method of delivery that the retailer,etc.. uses.
        Whenever I have the choice,I select USPS every time,then FED-EX.
        Any other time,BUTTER BOX would be a viable option.

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