Dreams dashed of European HTC Deluxe?


With variants already available in Japan and the United States, the assumption has been that the HTC Deluxe, which we saw in pictures last week, will head to Europe as part of the 5-incher’s tour of the globe. Not so fast. According to a rep manning the company’s German Facebook profile, the Deluxe will not be available in Europe. Color us confused.

Let’s preface the whole thing by saying that it is not uncommon to hear misinformation about an unreleased device delivered via a company’s social channels, especially when that news is coming from a regional outpost. The intern responsible for handling the Facebook page of HTC Germany could very well not have a clue and simply be referencing devices currently announced for European launch.

This is all to say, it would be extremely disappointing news to not see what amounts to HTC’s best device in recent years not making it to Europe. Of course, tastes vary by region and perhaps HTC doesn’t think such a large device could succeed across Europe. This was partially the case when Samsung released the Galaxy S3 Mini in that market, citing that folks from that part of the world preferred a smaller handset.

We should certainly be learning more in the coming weeks about the release of the HTC Deluxe. If you haven’t had a chance to check out our review of its Verizon-branded counterpart, the Droid DNA, a quick read should tell you why Europe will be missing out if the phone does not find its way there.

[via GSMArena]

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  1. For a company that is struggling to make money they would only be shooting themselves in the foot by assuming that we don’t want/like big phones – WHAT A LOAD OF BULLSHIT ! :–)

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