Daily Steals has Nexus 4 for $499, will only save you grief


Daily Steals, the daily deals website, has somewhat of a reverse bargain for us today. They are selling an unlocked 16GB Nexus 4 for $499, or $150 more than you could pay to purchase the phone through the Google Play Store. The key here is you can’t currently purchase the phone from the Google Play Store due to high demand, so Daily Steals is one of few options for anxious buyers.

Is it worth the extra cash to obtain many an Android fanatic’s dream phone? That’s a question you will have to answer yourself. The site’s FAQ says most products will ship within six days, but exactly how purchased items are shipped is up to the discretion of Daily Steals. This means you likely won’t be getting the thing overnight. And by the time all of that shakes out, there is a decent chance new Nexus 4 units will be available direct from Google.

But if you have reached your last hours of desperation, you can’t say we didn’t let you know where to turn to grab a shiny new Nexus. Just don’t be sad if the thing pops up on Google Play before the one you overpaid for shows up at your doorstep.

[via DailySteals | Thanks to all who sent this in!]

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  1. AWESOME Cyber Monday deal!!!!

  2. How sinister. The website is called “Daily Deals”. This seems unusual. I’d expect to see this on eBay. LoL!!

    And you’re right. Imagine paying that and lyk the next day they come in stock. =.P

    1. Personally I wouldn’t be losing sleep over $150? Had I not already paid 600 for one on eBay I’d be picking this up for sure.

      1. Ah!! Well some of us are still in college and books are $150. -_-

        Soon though, I’ll be commenting saying, “I sure am glad I picked up them Snowboarding Goggles with the HUDS Display”. I live in Houston. LoL!!

        My point being it’s an utter waste of money, unless you actually had the money to spend. Then it doesn’t even matter how you spend it.

  3. How in the world did they get a shipment of them if Google has none.

    1. Most likely they’re ordering from LG once their ordering closes and the devices will ship from LG or something. Basically like a group buy, where everyone’s orders are combined into one single order in order to get a better deal (though in this case you’re not saving any compared to non-Play Store outlets, but then again you can’t order from Play Store or T-Mobile, so this is a way to get an order in).

    2. They may very well be a big part as to why they sold out so quickly.
      Buy low sell high.

  4. I wouldn’t blame someone for attempting to make a profit off of the Nexus 4 hype, but it’s pretty dirty to do this on a bargain website.

    1. That’s what makes this whole thing really sad. And chances are they snatched up a huge batch of them direct from Google when it first went on sale (which may have contributed to the back-orders we’re seeing across the globe). And now they’re trying to churn a profit off the $349 they paid during the holiday shopping madness. I see this every year with the hot kid toys – 3rd parties buy up all the damn stock then gouge the prices to desperate shoppers. And the fact that they are supposed to be a bargain site makes this behavior worse.


    Just a heads up for anyone wanting to order via this website.

    1. hmm they are responding to users but then again it could be a ploy so they don’t get to many BBB negative ratings.

  6. This phone isn’t worth $1. Galaxy Nexus sh*ts all over it.

    1. wow… bold

  7. This is despicable. I’m dissappointed in Google.

  8. I am disappointed in Deal Steals fro doing such a thing. They should not even have these extra devices to sell.

  9. Bought a sony liveview from them before for $15, took about 2 weeks for it to get here and I’m in GA. I’m just gonna wait for Google to get the Nexus 4 back in stock.

  10. What I don’t like about what they are doing is claiming it has a list price of $799.00, that’s an out right lie. Wonder if the BBB should be contacted regarding. I don’t have a problem with them making a profit on a hard to get item, but lying about it’s value is deceitful. I’ll have to question ever buying from them again.

  11. 1 Year International but is it good in the usa

  12. You guys got to understand, Google is paying subsidy to LG to price the Nexus so low. If you look at the majority of carriers across the world that’s selling the Nexus 4, the average price is around $500.

    1. Everyone keeps saying google is subsidizing the phone, but Google subsidizes the phone…
      Do they? You realy think they are taking any kind of lose here? The phones were made for Google with LG is the ODM much like when Asus makes/used to make computers for Apple, Sony, HP etc. Google is just selling them for a small profit margin while LG is selling them for a Larger profit margain. Smartphones cost roughly 200-300 in parts to make and to think Google doesnt get any discount for such a large order is unheard of.

      The Nexus 4 and the Xiaomi Mi Two are prime examples of 2 premium top of the line smartphones that do not need to be sold at such extreme prices. The iPhone for example has been torn down every generation to reveal it is on average of 200-250 in parts yet costs $800? Come on now….

  13. These guys take over a week to ship, and the shipping is 1-3 weeks, so expect to wait almost a month before getting that shiny Nexus 4…..

  14. Don’t support this! These Fockers have ordered a shitton of n4 for their
    own profit, making it unavailable for you on the play store. Seriously,
    they screwed us and should sit on their n4s not selling a single unit
    with profit.
    Whoever orders there gives them a tap on the shoulder
    saying: “well done, do it again with the next nexus device and the next
    available batch of n4s.”

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