Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini confirmed for tomorrow, photo and details leak


Most of the speculation leading up to an event that Samsung will hold in Germany tomorrow has centered around the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, but it’s not speculation any longer. Samsung’s JK Shin has confirmed to reporters that the device will indeed make its debut and is geared toward the European market, where the company feels there is high demand for a device with a 4-inch display. Yes, the 4-inch display is also confirmed, which immediately begs the questions: when did we start considering a display larger than the first iPhone’s mini?

No sooner could Shin let the cat out of the bag than did German blog MobileGeeks get their hands on a leaked photo of the device. In case there is any confusion, it’s the smaller of the two phones pictured (I kid, you already knew that). The site also claims the phone will feature an 800×480 display resolution, a 1GHz STE U8420 chipset, 1GB RAM, and a 5MP camera. Pricing is said to be around 399 euros, but we’ll know the official deets as of tomorrow.

[via SammyHub, MobileGeeks]

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  1. not bad. personally i like a slightly smaller screen. this is my phone, i don’t want to be lugging around a big screen TV in my pocket, that’s what my tablet is for.

    1. The GS3 really doesn’t feel big in your pocket. I mean I guess it could no you were wearing REALLY tight pants, but it’s so thin and light it fits nicely in the pocket IMO.

      1. It feels big to me. If I wanted a tablet, I’d go buy a fricken tablet. I really don’t want to go around holding huge electronic slabs to my head to talk. I’m seriously concerned about this trend that every new model of phone needs to be bigger in order to be “better”. Even my S2 is a bit bigger than I’d like.

        There’s absolutely no reason we couldn’t continue to have phones the size of the Captivate, but with better screens and better specs inside for each subsequent improved model.

        1. It is all about battery life and fitting all that good “specs” without infringing apple’s patents.
          I agree having a large phone is a bit awkward I have the galaxy s3 and it is just odd for me to talk on the phone. But that awkwardness melts away when I am watching movies, reading email, texting, ect ect …..

      2. I know of a few people (girls) who don’t want these big screens. I think you’d be surprised at how many people want a smaller screen, and by small I mean around 4″. If this had the same specs as the Galaxy s III, I think you’d see it sell like hotcakes. Personally, I don’t want a phone that small, but I also think the S III feels a little big. I felt like, for me anyway, the Epic Touch was the perfect screen size.

      3. The only way a GS3 feels big in your pocket is when you’re wearing pants so tight you can see the veins in your d¡ck

    2. stop exaggerating

      1. NEVER!!!!!!

    3. Is that a big screen TV in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

      1. Why no! It’s an iPod touch with a cellular antenna!

  2. Those specs are almost the same as my old Nexus One.

    1. Yet, still better than the iPhone 5…

  3. What a pile of trash. What in the world are they thinking? Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid

    1. It comes with an Apple sticker, enjoy!

  4. For those kind of specs, why not get a galaxy nexus? Better screen, similar camera, same ram…

    1. Because of the “Mini” in the name? GNex has a 4.65inch screen this has a 4.0inch screen…

  5. You mean higher resolution camera, right? Higher MP does not mean better, as evidenced by the crappy 8MP gnex camera.

    1. the Gnex has a 5MP camera…

    2. I wish the Gnex had a 8 mp camera

  6. i just don’t get why they can’t get a beast of a phone with 4″ screen? the iPhone is only 4″ screen and they manage to put excellent specs in it, i would love to see an android device with super specs without having to use a truck for hardware.

    1. HTC One S?

      1. my one s dwarfs 4 inch iphone 5

      2. -one s
        -razr m/razr i
        -incredible LTE
        -acer cloudmobile
        -pantech flex

        just to name a few…

    2. It’s not that they can’t; it’s that they didn’t.

    3. Excellent specs? Maybe excellent specs for the simpletonistic OS they’re running.

  7. It does NOT “beg the questions”. It RAISES the questions.

    Please learn the proper meaning and usage of phrases before tossing them around to sound all “smart and stuff”. It has the opposite effect, and dilutes the quality and impression of Phandroid.

    1. If you are going to chastise, you could, at the very least, provide information relating to the proper usage of the phrase in order to educate the user.

      “Begging the question” is a form of logical (or circular) fallacy that occurs when a proposition which requires proof is assumed without proof.

      You are correct, however, in stating that “begging the question” is not the same as “raising the question.”

  8. Looks to be overpriced for the specs

    1. That’s what Android users have been saying about the iPhone all along.

  9. 20 million and counting disagree with the small screen club. However, if you want some baby sized devices with good specs there is always stuff like the Samsung Galaxy Victory.

  10. If it’s called the S3 Mini, why not the same specs as the S3? This thing isn’t even close.

    1. They also miniaturized the specs too

  11. Picture not to scale?

    1. Was thinking the same, looks a lot smaller than 4 inches unless the S3 is meant to be closer to the camera.

    2. I was thinking the same thing. “Oh, look at the cute little mini S3 with it’s little baby specs and little baby screen. It’d be perfect for no one ever. Might as well just get the real S3.”

      1. I think they did it just to dis the iPhone 5.
        “4” screen? haha yeah we have that too in our Fisher Price version for kids!”

        1. lol

  12. shoulda just made it same specs but 4 inch . does not deserve galaxy monicer

  13. reminds me of the galaxy s.

  14. This is going to hurt Samsung and Android. People will go into stores wanting the Galaxy S 3 and will walk out with this. They will hate it, it won’t get updates, and they will complain and tell people not to get an android because they had the s3 which is supposed to be the top android handset and it sucked.

  15. Bummer…I was hoping for something more powerful than what I already have!

    1. The S3 mini DOES have better specs than your innovationPhone.

  16. Why bother? My Atrix 4G has better specs and its over a year old.

    1. The only way it makes sense is if it’s targetting the prepaid budget phone market.

  17. I love how the S3 mini is called “mini” when it has the same screen size that the innovationPhone 5 has… Maybe Apple should call their phone innovationPhone 5 mini/nano?

    1. LOL!

  18. While you were frozen we began a program to clone you.

    Send in the clone!

    He is exactly like you in every way.

    Except one eighth your size.


    I shall call him…


    1. OMG you’re funny LOL! Love that freakin movie! Thanks for the laugh :)

  19. I can’t believe this phone only has 1 gig of RAM!

  20. HTC hero? yikes looks old school.

  21. So Samesung matched Apple with screen size but ran short in specs? Funny how creatively Samsung names it: “Galaxy S III Mini”.
    I guess once it manages to match iPhone 5’s thin profile, a new phone would be named: “Galaxy S III Mini Ultra Slim”.
    And once it manages to match iPhone 5’s performance (by the time of iPhone-6), it would be named by “Galaxy S III Mini Ultra Slim Turbo”.

  22. Oh this is going to be interesting. I wonder what improvment will this have over the original Galaxy S3.

  23. Samsung’s sortof devaluing the top-of-the-line Galaxy S brand with this mid-range phone. I thought they were supposed to be using different letters for the lesser phones?

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