Nov 26th, 2012

iMany questioned whether or not Samsung could generate more interest in the new “phablet” category they’ve helped establish. Two major things would appear to be obstacles — the device’s outrageous size could be off-putting to many, and people are bound to be put off by the idea of using a stylus despite the Galaxy Note 2 being a perfectly usable device without it.

Well, I think Samsung can check those two things off in the “mission accomplished” column as the company has reached a sales milestone it’s sure to be quite proud of. Over 5 million units of the device have been sold, and while the gaudy numbers of the Galaxy S line make that seem paltry in comparison it’s still impressive.

The line no doubt has help from leveraging the Galaxy name Samsung has worked hard to establish over the years, and perhaps the S Pen’s unique productivity features help its case a lot more than if it were just another accessory shoved into the bottom of the phone. At one point a stylus may have been seen as a crutch for a crippled experience (ala the old Windows Mobile phones) but now it’s more of a welcome enhancement than anything.

Whatever the case may be, Samsung’s broken new ground in the smartphone space and has put together a product that at least 5 million people aren’t ashamed of carrying around, and if it can reach its goal of 7 million units by the end of this year we’re sure there’ll be nothing but smiles in its South Korean headquarters. Do you have your Galaxy Note 2 yet?

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