Samsung sells 5 million Galaxy Note 2 units


iMany questioned whether or not Samsung could generate more interest in the new “phablet” category they’ve helped establish. Two major things would appear to be obstacles — the device’s outrageous size could be off-putting to many, and people are bound to be put off by the idea of using a stylus despite the Galaxy Note 2 being a perfectly usable device without it.

Well, I think Samsung can check those two things off in the “mission accomplished” column as the company has reached a sales milestone it’s sure to be quite proud of. Over 5 million units of the device have been sold, and while the gaudy numbers of the Galaxy S line make that seem paltry in comparison it’s still impressive.

The line no doubt has help from leveraging the Galaxy name Samsung has worked hard to establish over the years, and perhaps the S Pen’s unique productivity features help its case a lot more than if it were just another accessory shoved into the bottom of the phone. At one point a stylus may have been seen as a crutch for a crippled experience (ala the old Windows Mobile phones) but now it’s more of a welcome enhancement than anything.

Whatever the case may be, Samsung’s broken new ground in the smartphone space and has put together a product that at least 5 million people aren’t ashamed of carrying around, and if it can reach its goal of 7 million units by the end of this year we’re sure there’ll be nothing but smiles in its South Korean headquarters. Do you have your Galaxy Note 2 yet?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. To answer your question in the last sentence of the article…NO. Why ? B/c I’m a Verizon customer.

    1. Looks like they will make it to pre-order doors and stores by Thursday.

      1. Yes sir. Credit card was just charged !!! Oh yeah !!!

  2. As soon as that phone hits Verizon, I’ll own it! Until then, I’ll have to wait! :(

    1. I just saw a live Verizon version at a Best Buy on Friday. Hopefully it won’t be long for you vzw guys…

  3. Congratz Sammy….Sammy is going straight Gangnam style on them hoes :)

    I have the Galaxy Note II on T-Mobile :)

  4. I have my gn2 in my pocket =)

    1. Big pockets.

      1. The Note II fits in normal sized pockets, just like the first Note did..

        1. I can’t wear skinny jeans cuz my note don’t fit

          1. Jay-z would be proud.

          2. well now you might stop looking like a phaggot

          3. My GN2 fits in my skinny jeans.

  5. I have the AT&T version and I absolutely love it. Its amazing, so fast and smooth, and its gorgeous.

  6. Got mine a few days after it released on at&t. Much better than the original.

  7. Just waiting on VZW… and my upgrade on 12/1.

  8. I have the Note 2 on AT&T. Great phone.

  9. I would have one if Verizon didn’t make it so difficult to upgrade>

  10. just got my 64gb sandisk micro sd woot for note 2

      1. they’re going for 40$ on amazon not sure if the deal is over but usual non blackfriday/cybermonday price is 60$

  11. Yay stylus! Steve Jobs was wrong… again.

    1. I’m the lone Android tablet user among dozens of iPad users at my work. Every single one of them use a stylus. 50% also have their iPad permanently connected to a crappy clamshell keyboard, which is awful compared to the keyboard on my Transformer Prime.

      Jobs was right about a lot of things, but also wrong about a lot of things. Telling people how they should use your product? Yeah, he was wrong.


  13. I am very worried about whether or not Samsung is going to release the Exynos source, but Walmart.com has a great deal on this phone w/ contract today (For AT&T at least. It is $250 plus you get a $100 gift card back, so effectively $150), so I went ahead and took the plunge…

  14. I would be one of them! Best phone in the history of the universe ever. :D I’ve never been so satisfied with a tech purchase.

  15. im one of the buyers! i love that it has absolutely no sprint branding on the exterior

  16. I don’t have one yet. Will in 15 days when my contract is up and I move to Verizon. I have a feeling the once Verizon starts selling it, sales will jump big time.

  17. AT&T version. Best experience I’ve ever had with a phone. Well, except for people stopping to tell me how impossible it must be for me to pocket it (which it isn’t)… I ain’t pussyfooting with no pockets.

  18. Got this phone first week it came out. Super fast running stock jellbean. Graphics and battery life are outstanding. This rig shits on the S3 and does circles around the iphone.

  19. I’ll probably try to get a 32GB international version once my tax returns come back. I’m pretty psyched. For now my Nexus 4 will do just fine.

  20. Looking at this post on my note 2 smiling :)

  21. I’ve got mine, I traded my Iphone 5 in for it having had every gen of iPhone since gen 1, not looked back since, everyone mocked me at first until they actually had a play with it!

  22. Samsung, why no touchwiz free phone? I was really tempted to get the Note 2 when T-Mo was offering it for $199 but that laggy touchwiz keeps pushing me towards N4.

    1. Laggy??? No, no, you must have been thinking of Sense. :)

  23. A question for those who own a NOTE 2:

    How is the battery life on it? I hear its got a very big battery. I’m sick of my phone dying 2/3 of the way through the day.

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