Twitter for Android update adds Tweets in Discover tab, new search features and more


The Twitter application for Android has received another upgrade today. This sizable addition to the Google Play Store focuses on the Discover tab and search view. For the former, Tweets now appear right within the Discover tab so you can see the content from profiles that Twitter thinks you might find interesting. They’ll be displayed just like Tweets within the timeline view, so you can view inline photo, video and webpage previews without having to jump through a link first.

For search, you’ll be able to view results as a photo stream so you can find content in a more visually appealing way, and it’ll show the search results as media previews to give you an easier time.

Finally, you can now reset your password straight from the app instead of having to go to Twitter’s website. While the old way wasn’t a huge pain this new functionality proves to be a lot less cumbersome. More bug fixes and improvements were made, but as usual we won’t know the absolute full extent of those changes unless someone happens to notice a bug or two hasn’t been bothering them.

We’re still waiting on an upgrade that’ll introduce elements of the Holo UI that so many of us have fallen in love with, but Twitter has so far remained quiet on its plans to update its user interface. The current interface isn’t bad by any stretch of the imagine of course — its just that we would prefer it if more of these huge companies would get with the times and provide us with social networking apps that look like they belong on our phones.

[Google Play Store]

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