Nov 16th, 2012 publishUpdated   Nov 28th, 2012, 5:23 pm

Hello! We’re back with another episode of Phandroid’s Holiday Gift Guide, this time featuring handpicked items from yours truly. Why so early? Well, we wanted to make sure you guys had plenty of time to get the jump on your holiday shopping, that way you’d have more time to focus on other things… like “ugly Christmas sweater” parties.

I had the honor of picking out a handful of must-have items for the “Paranoid Droid” (special people like myself who enjoy the peace of mind that comes with always being prepared for anything life throws at them), and fun gift ideas for the “True Phan,” (otherwise known as the rabid Android fanboy). I also have a few picks from my own personal Christmas wishlist, and will give you guys a little taste of that below.

Flat cables, short cables, keychain cables, CABLES!

A little not well-known fact about me — I’m an accessory whore. I try to always have the right tool for the job and what could be more important than a micro USB cable. Here’s the problem — they’re long, ugly, and you never seem to have ’em around when you need them most. Thankfully, I came across these nuggets from around the web to ensure a micro USB is never more than arms length away. One you can wear around your wrist, another you can clip to your keychain, and the other is cool simply because it’s flat (I don’t know why I like that so much). All of these would make great stocking stuffers for the tech nerd in your life.

CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver

We’ve all been there. You come across some wicked cool speakers only to discover — as always — they’re only iPod/iPhone compatible. I can’t tell you how frustrating that has become and unless you don’t mind jacking your phone into a speaker’s aux port, it’s just not very convenient. Now we have seen some Android docking speaker solutions in the past, but when it comes to the other 90% of speaker docks out there, wouldn’t it be nice if you could play the music from your phone, and cord-free? There is a way, and it’s called the CoolStream Bluetooth receiver. Simply plug this little fella into an iPod/iPhone dock, and you can stream all your tunes to the former iPod-only speaker. Works great for cars with built in iPod/iPhone docks too!

iDuck Stand

It’s a smartphone stand in the shape of a duckbill. Need I say more? Oh, wait – it was recently updated with all new limited edition holiday gift packaging. Kawaii!

Alright, so that about rounds it up for my personal pick preview. You can view my full list here. Don’t forget to jump onto the Holiday Gift Guide right now for our full list of gift ideas for the Androids in your life, including picks from Quentyn, Kevin, and Edgar. New for today is the Paranoid Droids category and come tomorrow, gifts for the True Phan will be live as well. Cheers.