Election Day: Obama or Romney?


Everyone seems to have their opinion on election day topics, namely Obama or Romney in 2012, but it isn’t as often we see tech-focused websites weighing in. But over the last few days, that’s exactly what we’ve seen from some of our favorite online publications.

Take PandoDaily for example, whose Farhad Manjoo recently published an article titled “If you care about the tech industry, vote for Obama.” Candidate aside, the title seems a bit inflammatory, suggesting if you don’t agree with the author’s political views you’ll be to blame for the downfall of our beloved gadgetry and the software we adore. In many ways, it mirrors the counter-productive public discourse of elections past, where it became “Un-American” to support one idea or candidate versus another.

Then there’s the more objective approach taken by The Verge, who offer a comprehensive comparison of all 4 candidates (yes, 4) on all issues tech. The piece is by T.C. Stottek and definitely worth reading.

Then there is my opinion: I’m staying out of it. Our readers love Android, but what place do we have in using Phandroid as a soapbox to voice our political opinions? I hope everyone takes the time to visit their local polling facility and vote, but in terms of opinions, we’ll stick to suggesting apps, reviewing phones, providing some cool ideas, and adamantly complaining about the patent wars.

That being said, last month we published an app called Vote 2012. The app is part of, which in the coming weeks and months will transform into a more full featured and robust voting app/site covering a wide variety of topics. For now (you can still download and vote) you’re offered three options: Obama, Romney, or other. The app offers an (incredibly) unscientific attempt to see how Android fans would steer the election. Again, I’m keeping opinions out of it, but thought it would be fun to report some of the results thus far. Rather than update you again on Phandroid, check tomorrow (and in the days/weeks to come) for updates.

First of all, as it currently stands, Barack Obama would be our President for the next 4 years if the Vote 2012 popular vote was the deciding factor.

It’s interesting to note that immediately following the app’s launch, Mitt Romney was the leading candidate according to Vote 2012. The following two debates triggered a shift in Obama’s favor and that shift hasn’t since tilted towards Romney. That being said, we’re keeping our polls open until 10pm so anything could happen.

Above it’s visualized by the percentage change over time, but if you’d also like to see the consistency by number of votes cast each day, we’ve got that below:

Of course the actual election isn’t determined by popular vote but by the Electoral College. From much of the discussion I’ve heard, Florida, Ohio, and Virginia look to be 3 key states in ultimately determining the victor. Unfortunately, a very limited number of Vote 2012’s entire votership chose to anonymously offer demographic info, so the following state-by-state comparisons have quite a small sample size. But hey- this is simply a fun and unscientific exercise in the first place.

Florida Polls

Ohio Polls

Virginia Polls

So it seems barring any last day Romney surge, according to the unscientific “Vote 2012” app, Android fans would decisively elect Obama as their next President. Romney is  however the favorite or tied for the favorite in 16 out of 50 states and many of the states have a narrow gap. Meanwhile, other unscientific poll outcomes are picking Romney, for example the oh-so-accurate Washington Redskins Rule picked Romney to win this election.

It’s kind of funny to speak about politics and sports in the same breath. In both cases, it seems that most spectators are unable to separate the “who do you want to win?” from the “who do you think will win?” In the case of Obama vs. Romney, many scientific polls are calling it too close to call. But just as with the presidential debates, adamant supporters of each side felt their guy won the matchup handily. While the debates and Facebook statuses are relegated to opinion, tonight will see an actual outcome.

So who do you WANT to win? Who do you THINK will win? Are they one and the same?

Download Vote 2012 for the last chance to voice your opinion and see what others are saying at! And please, for the sake of my outlook on humanity, keep things respectful and civil!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Went out to vote for the Brobama. ‘Nuff said.

    1. Took the words right out of my mouth.

  2. Obama. Obama supports and loves android Romney doesn’t. Just kidding lol :D

    1. Voting for him or not, Obama sure seems to embrace tech well. From smart phones to redit to how he uses tech within his campaign.

      1. I believe Obama still uses a Blackberry. Hardly cutting edge. Before his handlers took over, Obama thought high tech was his ac repairman on crack.

        1. The president doesn’t choose his cell phone. Blackberrys have been the most secure phone the government could put together, so that what Obama uses. I read recently though that the government will be moving to android

          1. Actually, he had to get special permission to use a Blackberry, there were serious security concerns about that back in 2008.

            Long story short, the Secret Service, NSA, etc, had concerns about ANY smartphone being used for official Presidential business.

          2. POTS doesn’t get to use a smartphone. It’d be way to easily compromised. Even the current POTS’s Blackberry was de-activated. He just keeps it to make it look like he wont that battle.

        2. That’s a terrible joke. Not offensive terrible, but just a bad joke.

        3. You need to think about Obama in comparison to other presidents, not to one of us. When you think of it this way, Obama is leagues a head of other presidents. Take a look at some of the mobile apps his campaign had written.

      2. That reddit AMA was staged…he answered 10 questions, all from users in which the account has just been made within the hour. I don’t think that counts.

        1. Think about that for a second. If you know Obama is going to be on reddit, and you’ve never been to reddit (vast majority of people who heard), then you have to make an account on reddit to ask a question. Statistically, there’s going to be A LOT of people that just made an account posing questions.

          1. Wow… ummm…
            Think about this for a second.. How would you know Obama is going to be on Reddit, if you’ve never been to Reddit? Vast majority of Americans don’t even go on/know Reddit.
            Also, what are the chances that 10/10 answered accounts are all new, and made within the hour? Statistically, the odds are very thin.

          2. Well, how about because it was all over the news?

          3. If it was on the news, it must have been very brief, cause I never heard of it being advertised… and if anything, it might have been on the news only after the AMA.

          4. Well if you never heard of it being advertised, then I guess I’m a complete idiot and you are completely justified in your “Wow… umm…” idiocy inference.

          5. The “Wow…umm…” was there cause whatever you said trying to justify Obama’s AMA was complete bullshit… Just like the last 4 years that he’s been on office.

            See what I did there? lol.

          6. I did see. Weird…you claimed that Obama staged a press event for nefarious reasons and then outed yourself as a Republican? WHAT WERE THE CHANCES?

          7. Did I say I was Republican? I actually vote for people who can run this country better than previous years, Obama being not one of those people. I claim that Obama staged a reddit AMA for making himself seem like he’s pro-internet and pro-youth (with mostly young adults being on reddit). I say the chances are pretty good.

        2. You may be right, I have no idea. The news media checked in on this and disagrees with you. However, that alone doesn’t mean your wrong. You should consider the AMA was posted 40 minutes before he started answering questions and they also announced the AMA earlier via twitter. You don’ think it’s possible that several individuals, that don’t normally use redit, registered accounts to have a chance to ask the president a question?

      3. Except for the fact that he wants to censor the internet. Yeah. He’s a real techies dream….

        1. People just don’t understand that if the rich people and buisinesses make more money they are going to expand (more jobs) to get even richer and spend more and expand more. Just like when the midleclass has more, we spend more generating more sales tax and more income for buisinesses big or small (which thenEXPAND)

          1. And what you don’t seem to understand is that ,when put into practice, trickle down economics doesn’t, and, has never worked

          2. Of couse a piberal blog is going to say that. Taxing the hell out of citizens doesn’t work either.

          3. Did you really just the wsj was liberal?

          4. Yeah, the Wall Street Journal (which happens to be owned by the same corporation as Fox News) is a really liberal website

          5. Every article I’ve read from them has been left wing. I no longer read their articles.

          6. I think you’re confusing ‘left wing’ and ‘not blatantly right wing’

          7. So this article didnt say it never worked. It basically said it didnt work as planned. I think with as far down as this economy is there is not better time to put this into effect than now. We have virtually now where else to go but up. We are living in a backwards economic time where it should be easier to get a house and things like that to jump start the economy but because of what happened in the housing market that is not possible. The economy needs stimulation and giving out money isnt going to work, and taxing the people who provide jobs for the middle and lower class isnt going to work either.

          8. The right are richer now, than at any point in history. If “trickle down economics” worked, it would be working now.

      4. Seems being the operative word.

      5. so much so he pandered for donations in his commercials which you could give by texting a pledge. Crappy thing to do all things considered.

  3. I voted for Pedro for President…Howard Stern for VP.

  4. Obama is like an iPhone. All marketing hype and little real substance. Not made in the USA.
    Romney isn’t a whole lot better, but my vote goes to “anyone but Obama”. And before you start the usual “racist” crap, I disliked Clinton and Carter too.

    1. Oh boy, another person that thinks he wasn’t born in the US. Will they ever shut up?

      1. Maybe………. But only if he will provide us with proof. He’s had 4 years to do it and failed!!!!

        1. Annnnnd, you’re a fucking moron..

          1. The proof IS required by law and he in fact NEVER provided proof. Whether you believe he was born in the US or not that fact remains.

        2. Release the tax returns n.

        3. in order to run for president you have to prove you are legally qualified. You have to be born in the u s a. only the ignorant think he isn’t an American. Romney is more foreign than Obama

      2. Its ok, he’s probably only 13 anyway.

    2. Noticed you didn’t say you didn’t like Bush. Says a LOT.

      1. I have no problem with Bush senior or junior

        1. Annnnnd you’re an idiot

          1. Yes, when you have no rational argument, resort to names

          2. While Bush was bad, Obama is worse. All politicians (at least the successful one) are crooked, we just have to choose the lesser of two evils.

          3. Hey, I can make unsubstantiated declarative statements as well!

            Theniz is a pedophile!

            See how easy it is?

        2. If you think Bush Junior is anything more than an idiot who dragged the world into debt and war through terrible policies both foreign and domestic then quite frankly you should be sectioned and not be allowed to vote.

          1. Badgerboy1977, bush dragged us into war, i think the war drums have been beating in that part of the world for the last 1000 years. Bush gave us what the people wanted and that was revenge. then the democrat congress took over and turned it into a fiasco, let the military do what they are trained to do, blow stuff up and rebuild it.

        3. He’s the one who got us into such a bad financial mess.

        4. Then you’re a lost soul

          1. We’re all lost now that our community organizer in chief has been re-elected

    3. There is no possible way you can say anything bad about this president without being called a racist. Its sad but these are the times we are living in. People will still vote for this guy when he has done little to nothing with his 4 years. Wait my bad he got Bin laden. If Obama gets another 4 years people will see the true Socialist come out and that will be scary. Expect a push for more government in everything we do.

      1. It’s not that you can’t say anything bad. You can’t use hyperbole(socialist) . You can’t blatantly lie(more spending than all presidents combined) . You can’t accuse him of lying, when all the evidence points to him being truthful.

        1. Benghazi and Obama care. There you go LIAR and Socialist cmon are you that daft. If you think this president isnt a socialist you are crazy and a liar to boot.

          1. You clearly have little to no grasp of what a socialist actually is. If Obama was an actual socialist you’d have single payer health-care, like almost all the rest of the countries on the planet with running water and indoor plumbing, not a bastardized version of Romney-Care

          2. Well clearly he has you fool so his tactic is working. Do you really think he could afford to come on really strong in his first term?

        2. truthful? Like when he said he would close Gitmo? Or when he said he would post all bills online for 72 hours before votes were taken? Or when he said he sat in Jeremiah Wrights church and socialized with him for 20 years, yet said he didn’t know Wrights hate filled views? Truthful? Obama has no clue what that word means and apparently neither do you.

          1. Hyperbole. Yes, he failed on a couple things he was running on. That’s not a lie. Show me a single president that has achieved all of his campaign goals. Do your really think Romneys can create 12 million jobs, it’s never been done before. Do you really think Romneys can bridge the partisan gridlock in Washington? I don’t, nor do any of the people he would be reaching across the Isle with.

        3. He didn’t add more debt then the 43 before him but almost. He added more debt in 4 years than Bush did in 8 years and that was a major talking point last election.

      2. Do you know what socialism is?

        1. Yes do you. There are many different forms of socialism, dont be fooled because Obama didnt come hard with it in his first 4 years but with nothing to lose if he gets another 4 you will see a different guy.

      3. Lol. High school government classes need improved.

      4. Your an idiot. Bet you think he’s a Muslim foreign exchange student who faked his papers. I don’t call people racist for not liking Obama there’s many key issues that you could disagree upon, but if talk like that your dumb. Romney will turn this country into a religious state where women have no rights over they’re body and gays are banned.

        How bout this, If Romney gets elected were all going to wear magical underwear and find fantastic plates with writing on them that only 1 person can translate, but only if they have the proper glasses. And maybe we’ll invent time travel so we can meet Jesus when he visited America to meet the ancient Jews who lived there. But most importantly “God” hates Gays and blacks, and after you die you he could become a god. THATS MORONISM, sorry Mormonism.

        1. Hmm and you call me an idiot. I was going to prepare so witty come back but truth be told your own response makes you look more than silly. Again you are a person who seems to speak without knowing the real story behind things. You talk about women having no rights over their own body under Romney which is just you repeating something you heard on tv. If you were so concerned over people having the right to do what they wanted with their own bodies you wouldnt vote for Obama thats for sure. Under Obama care everyone is made to have insurance( there goes your right to do what you want with your body) no matter the cost to people or the country. Liberals like to argue that if you have a body then you have an obligation to have insurance. You are doing just like Obama in this election, because you cant say what he has done that is so great to be reelected, you try and paint Romney as something that frankly he isnt. There is so much hate because he is rich and white, Obama is rich and black. Im not sure there is anyone that would elect some bum off the street.

          1. Obama volunteered to be the captain of the Titanic AFTER it hit the iceberg. Now, the Titanic is not only still floating, but picking up momentum on its trip to home port.

          2. Whatever you say

          3. Are you trying to deny the recession caused by Bush? Are you trying to deny the 500k jobs a month being lost? Last time I looked, adding 100k jobs a month was better than losing 500k. The stock market was hitting new lows every other day under Bush. Now, it is near an all time high. Bush’s 2009 budget had a deficit of 1.4trillion. This year, it’s 1.2 trillion. I understand you like hyperbole, and gop talking points, but I won’t let facts be overlooked in my decision making.

    4. Agreed! Obama hasn’t done much for the country in the last 4 years… If I recall correctly, I didn’t hear Obama’s plan for the economy/country, other than accusing Romney of being too vague… I don’t like any of the two, but I would rather let Romney be president than Obama.

      1. I’d rather stand with the man who doesn’t view me as a second class citizen.

        1. Do you really think Obama cares about you? When his wife was on a Chicago hospital board, the hospital was dumping indigent patients on other hospitals. Obama is a pure politician with no reason to exist other than power. He will say anything to stay in office other than to defend his non existent record.

          1. It still stands that he publicly stands on the right side of the issues that directly affect me. The worst he will do for me is nothing, and then we can crucify him. Romney on the other hand has stated that he wants to obliterate my rights one by one, and has told more lies in the course of one campaign than Obama has in two campaigns. It is a cause for concern, when GM and Jeep are saying he is getting his facts messed up about their companies.

          2. That is the difference between Obama supporters and Romney supporters. You are thinking about what he can do for you and on the other side people are worried about the country as a whole.

          3. I am also worried about the country, given that Romney’s company is notorious for shipping jobs to China and buying smaller companies and then gutting them for profits, then laying people off. Also, Romney couldn’t even create jobs in Massachusetts, and wants to cut funding to education (which we need educated people to qualify for some of the jobs many Americans blame foreigners for taking).

          4. Sorry to inform you but many of the jobs that are over seas are there for a reason. When people in this country are willing to pay more for things than they are now those jobs can come back but I wouldnt count on it. All you are doing is spewing BS that you have heard on tv. Just like how Obama is making this big deal about the Lilly Ledbetter act and they have no clue what it is.

          5. What, like customer service jobs? Know how many struggling students would LOVE to get a gig like that to pay for books? Or like manufacturing jobs that we can easily have here if we educated people to do them? I’m sorry, but it’s big corporations trying to save a penny sending our jobs overseas. We simply don’t have those jobs here because the big companies (like Romney’s) love making money at the expense of people’s jobs.

          6. That is part of it but a bigger part is regulations pushing jobs overseas. With new regulations comes higher costs and Obama wants to increase regulation and Romney wants to decrease it. By decreasing regulations it will be more affordable for companies to operate here in the USA.

          7. Romney doesn’t want to cut education and Obama doesn’t care about education. In the last 4 years education has taken huge hits and many teachers have been laid off.

          8. Romneys website begs to differ. That claims a five percent spending cuts to EVERYTHING but defense. You might want to let him know what his website says. As far as teachers losing their jobs, most of them were lost at the hands of Republican governors doing the same thing Romney wants to do.

          9. Well said JROC. With Obama, eventually there will be no middle class. It will be the rich and the state dependent class. This is how the liberals will perpetuate their power. Our dear leader learned his lesson well from his comrade Hugo Chavez.

          10. Peoplle will think your crazy for thinking this but if you look at history the liberals are doing the same things that many dictaors and empires did to gain full control over their people.

        2. So you stand with Romney. Obama (and all the liberal politicians) think they are better than us and know whats best for us, thats why they are ta;ing our freedom and making our decisions for us.

        3. I’m sorry, I must have missed the section of Romney’s campaign platform that stated who he views as “second class citizens”.

          Can you direct me to that? Because I can’t find it.

          1. How about the entire Republican platform that says women shouldn’t make their own reproductive decisions and gays are unfit to get married? Romney does not support the right to marry for gays, and yet, there are states where you can marry your first cousin as long as they are the opposite sex. Or how about the 47% remark he made when he thought no one was looking? He didn’t even care why almost half the country doesn’t pay income tax (disabled, retired with SS benefits, too low-income) – not to mention that even more people don’t pay income tax because of recent republican presidents. And let’s go back to why I can’t vote for Mitt – he’s been on my side at least 2x before, and can’t make up his mind where he stands.

          2. It was videotaped at a fundraising event. In case you didn’t know, you can YouTube it, and hear it straight from the horses mouth.

        4. I refuse to stand with a person promising “change” that he had already promised in the 2008 election, that he’s promising now. Sure, Romney isn’t much better, but I don’t want a person like Obama re-elected.

  5. I voted for Gary Johnson! I bet you don’t know he was even running. :-P

    1. Hear hear, me too. 5% would be a win in my book.

      1. I’m hoping both the libertarian and green parties get 5%. This 2 party system isn’t cutting it.

    2. same here!!!

    3. Ditto. Right now the race is between the shiniest of two turds. We need a real President and Gary Johnson is that man. Unfortunately the MSM and both the donkeys and elephants won’t allow Johnson in on debates or any real face time because they are scared of what a real leader can do.

    4. Here is the thing though, your vote makes no difference because the presidential term will go to either President Obama or Governor Romney. You do have the right to vote based on your principles and on what you believe in and I give you props for that (we need more people like that), but when people think that voting for Gary Johnson would actually MAKE A DIFFERENCE, it wont. Pretty much if you don’t like either candidates, like me, it is about necessary evil, which is the lesser of two evils. I say if you don’t like this economy, don’t vote for Romney, but vote against Obama. We haven’t seen what Romney can do yet as president, but we have seen Obama. So make an intellectual decision. And please make a difference in this country. Hopefully we will get more libertarian movements like how Republicans created the Tea Party, and make a REAL difference down the road. But for now, we need to make a difference today.

      1. It doesn’t make a difference if it was a popular vote election-if we were a democracy…WE ARE A REPUBLIC! Your vote reflects what you want, but it is the electoral college who decides the matter. Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what’s for dinner. In a Republic we have guarantees no matter who’s in office. Don’t compromise…no more lesser of two evils. Government is not the answer to our problems.

      2. You are mistaken, sir. Chances are, voting for Gary Johnson is the biggest difference a vote can make. Before you write me off, just hear me out. If Gary Johnson gets 15% of the total popular vote, he is given rights as a “major third party” 4 years from now. This means campaign money, more rights, and eventually a chance at one of the two main slots (in our broken-@$$ two party system). Meanwhile, a vote for Obama or Romney is just a tiny drop in the bucket in the majority of states. Unless you live in a particularly volatile swing state, chances are the electoral college votes have been set in stone since before the campaigns even started. I live in Utah. You think a vote for Obama is gonna do anything here? Meanwhile, a vote for Gary Johnson not only sends a message, but helps get him to a position where he can actually have a fair shot. People with your attitude are THE REASON we’re stuck in an archaic two-party system. Vote for who you actually believe is right. If you admit that both Obama and Romney are bad options, then you have no excuse. The worst that can happen is that the bad option that you think is slightly less bad doesn’t get elected, and we’re stuck with the bad option that you think was slightly more bad. That’s not a logical motivation for fueling the two-party problem.

    5. He’s at the top of the ballot here in Alaska! Go Libertarian!

  6. Gary Johnson all the way

  7. Our financial problems trump everything. Since the present leadership is so lacking and is clueless to the fact that the government has no money he has to go

    1. No way. Improving the economy at the expense of the environment is a no-go in my book.

      1. Let me know how your green technology research goes without capital investment. Oh thats right, you’re politically connected to the current administration so you get multimillion dollar grants for your sacred cows.

        You green technology zealots don’t actually have to produce anything that the marketplace desires because you will make your bank on the backs of the taxpayers.

        (And before some idiot comes in and said “Well the big oil companies get subsidies too!!! – yeah, my sub shop I run gets that same freaking tax break… its the same tax break any corporation gets..)

        1. The biggest problem with green tech is that it will never replace fossil fuels. Anyone who thinks it can is foolish. Current solar, wind, and biofuels have some very glaring limitations in how much of the population they can benefit. Northern countries especially would have the hardest time going with “renewables”. Solar is best nearer to the equator since you need sunlight for it to even work. Wind is optimal for the South Eastern US, and while it can be used pretty much everywhere it wouldn’t be able to shoulder the load. Biofuels are great, but lose their optimization in colder (and hence northern) climates. Electric vehicles also suffer in cold climates since batteries don’t perform optimally in the cold.

          The only way we could ditch fossil fuels tomorrow is if we went all nuclear. Which presents its own issues. However I think we have barely scratched the surface of nuclear technology because there has been a stigmatism surrounding it. I think if we started to use nuclear technology more we would also innovate new ways to take care of waste and make it safer to use. A big glaring solution would be to just let nuclear plants reuse the “waste” they generate. But currently it’s not legal for them to do so and they have to store it and it just sits there, or we cart it off to a storage facility to let it burn off. If it’s still hot then why the heck aren’t we using it to make power?

          Alas, red tape, and short sightedness are our real downfall. Yeah we should develop and use “green tech” to supplement our power grids, but there’s no way they will ever kill fossil fuels. And until we discover new technology in the future the only viable mass alternative to fossil fuels is nuclear.

      2. It’s a double edged sword though since without a stable economy there’s nothing one could do to help the environment. Sure you could say that some economic policies are unenvironmentally friendly, but if we get so saddled with debt and can no longer choose our destiny then someone else (China) will lead and it could harm the environment even more. Just look at China’s environmental impact to see just how bad this could get if the US goes down the tubes. So in my book, while the environment is important, it’s certainly not on the the top of my list, I reserve that for our economic prosperity.

        1. China’s horrible environmental state is due to lack of environmental regulations. This is a great example of why we shouldn’t lax our own environmental regulations.

    2. You are correct, without economic prosperity, all other issues are inconsequential.

    3. Debt is cumulative. As in all the debt George W Bush put us in was waiting for Barack. Obama has a lower spending percentage than most our recent presidents.

      1. Obama has added more debt in 4 yearsbthan Bush added in 8 years. You claim is completly false.

        1. This is correct.

          Bush accumulated between 3 and 4 trillion in 8 years while Obama accumulated well over 6 trillion in 4 years.
          That’s Obama at double the rate.

          1. False. $3.56 Trillion or 76% (3.56/4.659) of the increase was Bush CARRY OVER debt. Interest on war debt that was added to the books instead of hidden, lost tax receipts because of the Bush recession, Bush tax cuts that Reps won’t let expire, TARP balances, Medicare Part D, Rx Drug program, etc.

      2. he has spent more than all 43 previous presidents combined

        1. do you really believe that? are you retarded?

      3. Except what people fail to remember is that Congress was controlled by the Democrats during the last years of Bush’s administration. People go on and on about what Obama inherited from Bush, but what about Congress? Oh right they don’t do anything and it’s all the president’s fault. Sadly people always credit (or blame) presidents for spending when Congress usually has the greater effect on actual spending.

    4. The economy will get better not because of who is elected. Because the housing market is stabilizing Its still slow going though….not because of Presidential policies (as usual) but because so many people are underwater on their home mortgage Don’t let politicians fool you…they have much less control over the economy than they’d like you (or not like you) to believe.

      1. Oh, the world economy is slowing too, which is another issue neither candidate will be able to solve on their own.

  8. Unless you were on another planet for the last 3 1/2 years how can anyone seriously vote for Obama? Its time for the adults to take over.

    1. Not saying Obamas all that but Romneys almost as much of a child as Bush is, do you really want another imbecile making Americans look like idiots again?

      1. What made us look like idiots was electing a “community organizer” as president.

        1. If you think logically, “community organizer” is a perfect job for a president to have experience in. At least, you have to admit, it is a better background than a vulture, ahem, “venture” capitalist?

          1. Seems to me that someone who came into failing organizations, ruffled feathers, shook things up and turned most of them into successful enterprises is exactly the kind of person we need to get the economy on track again. He also pretty much saved the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics from not happening. Again, history and evidence that he can turn around a sinking ship.

            Getting someone in office who – I don’t know – would actually TRY to implement the advice of a the bipartisan council that he appointed to figure out the budget issues.- is better than what we have now. Did he seriously only appoint Simpson/Bowles for show? To pretend that he actually cared about bringing down the trillion dollar deficits?

            Also, as for background – Romney was a Governor of a not insignificant state before running for office. Our president was a Senator for 144 days before he started his presidential campaign. You tell me who would be more qualified to be president with that work history?

          2. Bush last deficit is higher than our current deficit. It IS going down.

            Hardly did “most of” BAINS restructuring was even successful even from an investment standpoint. Most of their restructuring costs employees everything. Pensions, health care, even the very job GONE. Companies straddled in debt. That was the relationship for “most of” Romneys experience.

            The Olympics was saved by Romney AND millions of federal dollars.

            His governorship resulted in a 36%approval rating.

          3. That’s completely incorrect. The deficit in 2008 was just under 500 billion. The estimated deficit for 2012 (estimated because all the official numbers aren’t in yet) is 1.2 trillion. In case you’re wondering Robin, 1.2 trillion is bigger than 500 billion.

          4. Bush’s last budget resulted in a 1.4 trillion dollars deficits. That was the deficit in 2009, Bush’s budget. 2008’s 500b deficit, had two wars “off budget”.

          5. You obviously have no clue what your talking about. Obama has added more debt in 4 years than bush added in 8 years. The national debt is NOT going down.

          6. You do realize the Salt Lake Olympics were bailed out by the Feds right? To the tune of nearly 2 billion dollars. No Olympiad has been rife with more corruption than Salt Lake. The organizers took the money they had, and ran.

          7. Really? Are you aware that the current POTS hasn’t even met with congress about the budget/economy since Jun/Jul 2011. You Obama supporters are incredibly ignorant.

          8. Maybe because it was no point in meeting with them. The republicans tried to filibuster/block everything he did since he got into office.

          9. No point in meeting with them? That’s what I want in a leader.

          10. People that’s actually willing to work with the President instead of filibuster/obstruct everything just to make him a “one term President.” That’s what I want in a congress.

          11. Well when you have a President that wants to implement more spending when there is no money to spend you’re left with no choice. When the President did have meetings he barred Republicans from attending so they weren’t even given the opportunity. When they instituted a bi-partisan economic comity and they presented a solution the President chose to ignore it.

          12. When our president is working against the people its good that we have congress to get in his way (which it didn’t)

          13. Actually, they did. Here are just some of the bills Republicans have filibustered(even some they co-wrote):

            H.R. 12 – Paycheck Fairness Act

            H.R. 448 — Elder Abuse Victims Act

            H.R. 466 – Wounded Veteran Job Security Act

            H.R. 515 – Radioactive Import Deterrence Act

            H.R. 549 — National Bombing Prevention Act

            H.R. 577 – Vision Care for Kids Act

            H.R. 626 – Federal Employees Paid Parental Leave Act

            H.R. 1029 – Alien Smuggling and Terrorism Prevention Act

            H.R. 1168 — Veterans Retraining Act

            H.R. 1171 – Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Reauthorization

            H.R. 1293 — Disabled Veterans Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant Increase Act

            H.R. 1429 — Stop AIDS in Prison Act

            H.R.5281 — DREAM Act

            S.3985 — Emergency Senior Citizens Relief Act

            S.3816 — Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act

            S.3369 — A bill to provide for additional disclosure requirements for
            corporations, labor organizations, Super PACs and other entities

            S.2237 — Small Business Jobs and Tax Relief Act

            S.2343 — Stop the Student Loan Interest Rate Hike Act

            S.1660 — American Jobs Act of 2011

            S.3457 — Veterans Jobs Corps Act

          14. Maybe (and just going by the names of those bills), the majority in the congress thought every single one of those was NOT the job of the government to regulate?

            “Paycheck Fairness Act” Oh, so we now need to pay people what others are making regardless if they are actually qualified to make the same wage or not? Money is earned, not given. And last time I checked, you can always say no to a job offer.

            “Elder Abuse Victims Act” There are already laws against abuse. Sounds to me like this one is hidden with a bunch of bullcrap as usual.

            “Wounded Veteran Job Security Act” So If I am wounded as a tax paying citizen, I am now “entitled” to have a job? Paying taxes and voting is just as much patriotic as serving in the armed forces. Again, not something the feds need to be passing laws on.

            I’m sorry, I could go on down the list and describe why all of those were not voted in. Basically you can read the US Constitution and see why.

          15. Or maybe just maybe the republicans were so hellbent on “making Obama a one-term President” like Mitch McConnell said(and this was right after Obama took office,). And like I said some of those bills were co-sponsored by republicans but those same ones that co-sponsored the bill ended up voting against it simply because the President mentioned it in a speech. But go ahead and go down the list and give me reasons it wasn’t voted in. =)

          16. “ended up voting against it simply because the President mentioned it in a speech”

            Time to put on those tin-foil hats. kids. It’s obvious you have never actually read the US Constitution, otherwise you would understand why such bills would be thrown out. But nice rebuttal, I see you completely dodged that point.

          17. It didn’t have anything to do with the Constitution but go ahead and keep using that excuse. Your rebuttal isn’t any better.

          18. Point out to me where the framework document for our government says that they can control and manipulate the free markets? Do you honest to God think that the government should be telling people what to pay others for work just because they somehow “deserve” it?

            Keep dodging the questions. I’ll wait right here.

          19. Its POTUS but I totally agree with you I hope people open their eyes.

          20. Not sure why I keep making that typo…. =

        2. I rather want a community organizer than a rich guy getting richer.

          1. Difference is that Romney is rich and wants us all to become rich. Obama is rich but wants the middle class to become dependant on the state.

          2. Not to mention that Romney has donated more of his income to charity than Obama ever dreamed about. Romney donates at least 10% of what he makes every year. I have heard even bigger numbers than that. He believe in personally helping other families. He is paying for example for the whole college experience for two young men who was in an accident and got paralyzed. He took time from his campaigning to go and help the friend of his son’s to remove a big tree stump from the yard. All I ever see of Obama is white shining teeth and golf playing. Romney actually cares about people, Obama not so much.

          3. You mean his church right?

          4. He gives to his church but he also donates to other causes. And helps people in need that he may never have met before. His family practices charity by spending Christmases with strangers.

          5. 99% of his charitable donations are to his church. And, I would not constitute spending time with someone, and gracing them with your presence, is considered charity.

          6. When those rich guys get richer they spend more money. They create more business. They create more jobs. They pay your paycheck and create more opportunities for you to become successful. Yeah. I want those rich to get as rich as they possibly can.

          7. So when the Bush Tax Cuts were implemented ten years ago and the rich got richer where were all the created jobs?

          8. Unemployment dropped to about 3~4% then didn’t it? That answers your question doesn’t it?

          9. Since the tax cuts were implemented the unemployment rate rose up to 9%. I guess my question has been answered.

          10. Since more environmental regulations, tax regulations, property regulations, health care regulations, employment regulations have been implemented the unemployment rate rose up to 11% where it is now. That was all Obama. Not Bush.

          11. Actually the unemployment is under 8% but you go ahead and throw some spin on it. I’m in Florida and I have to go vote so this will be the last time I post for awhile.

            By the way, it’s actually nice to debate with someone without there being any immaturity.

          12. It’s higher now than it was under Bush. It’s over 8% now, and it’s only that good because many of the unemployed have exausted their benifits and are no longer counted despite being unemployed. I think the true estimate is around 11%. Obama also said he would have unemployment under 5% by now,

          13. It’s actually lower than when Obama was inaugurated. But I do agree about Obama 5% comment, that was foolish of him.

          14. Not acording to the dept of labor.

          15. Actually I was wrong it’s still over 14%


          16. Bush enacted more regulations than Obama did.

          17. yup, you are right, they will create more jobs, on another countries.

          18. Obama’s green initiatives has created more jobs in like Finland, Denmark, China and other countries rather than jobs in the USA.

          19. Not if we can repeal the liberals regulations and high taxation on buisiess so they can make a profit here.

          20. If the lower class citizens would get off welfare and take jobs we wouldn’t need to send as many jobs overseas. There are thousands of open positions even now in many fields where people will interview and then decline the job just so they can stay on unemployment and welfare.

          21. what made you think the job they sent overseas can help the lower class pay their rents and other bills? the companies who out source their jobs mainly for their cheap price. if they move the jobs back here in the USA. who will do it? whos willing to assemble a iphone for $400 per months?

          22. So being unemployed helps them pay their bills? There are hundreds of companies that have sent low wage tech jobs and manufacturing jobs overseas that didn’t need to and didn’t want to. They can’t find anyone here to take the jobs. People would rather take 5-6 dollars an hour on unemployment than 8 or 9 dollars an hour to actually work.

          23. If this were true, we would be swimming in jobs. At no time in history, have the rich been richer than they are now.

          24. No, when the rich get richer, they sit on more money… making the economy worse off. You can only drink so much milk, and eat so much food, and buy so many cars, or TVs… you know, the things that keep money circulating the economy growing. 1 dollar in your pocket today, isn’t worth anything unless you spend it… it only ever realizes it’s value when it’s traded for goods or services. More rich people sitting on more money, means they have more pieces of paper that you’ll never see… because they aren’t spending it.

      2. Well if we dont need any imbeciles in office how about we give Biden the boot. I cant believe people had the balls to call Cheney dumb. I have a three letter word for you J-O-B-S and believe me the president has a big stick are just some of the classic gold this tool has given us. Not to mention his uncontrollable laughter during the vice presidential debate.

        1. His hair plugs have obviously rooted too deep.

    2. lol

    3. See… I’m all for disagreeing with a candidate… but calling people children is actually about the most childish thing you can do. The idea that everyone who disagrees with you is either stupid or evil (or in this case, a child) is just about the most illogical thing a person can believe. Chances are, most people who disagree with you don’t believe some of the “facts” that you believe and have “facts” of their own that you don’t believe. Doesn’t make either of you stupid or immature. However, playing the “adults” card does.

  9. For the sake of middle class America and protection of spill of our rights, Obama all the way

  10. The ignorance shown by the Republican candidates on many levels shows me I can’t consciously vote for anyone affiliated with that party. Their lack of BASIC science teachings and understanding of the common persons in this country is disturbing.

    1. The unfortunate problem is that the religious right has to much influence and ends up limiting viable candidates who might be able to fix our financial problems. I just want intelligent people in government who will get the job done and then get out. Career politicians have buried us in government debt.

    2. Yeah, more debt and bigger government is what we need! How can anyone vote for Obama with a clear conscience? It’s no longer about party affiliation….it’s about saving our country and the values our founding fathers laid down!! Lets face it, both parties have gone off the deep end. It’s time to take back our country and stop making new laws and starting new government programs for every little issue!!!
      If you love your country, vote Romney!

    3. Seriously. Obama ain’t cake but better than the alternative, imo

    4. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh okay, i can find plenty of uneducated democrats for you too if you wish.

  11. Obama FTW!

  12. Wait, I don’t recognize the two candidates. I was pretty sure that Hello Kitty was running…

  13. Obama is Andriod and Romney is IOS. Easy decision

    1. You’re retarded.

    2. You realize your analogy is backwards right? Romney wants to protect our freedom (read as open source) and Obama wants to limit freedom and make our choices for us (apple)

  14. I don’t know how anybody can vote for a man who would throw girls in jail for having an abortion if they were RAPED, even by their OWN FATHER. It’s just sick. We don’t need a man in office who is going to force their religious views on the rest of the country.

    1. Are you serious? Please explain how Romney will be able to take away women’s rights? Your comment is quite hysterical.

    2. So instead you vote for someone who has voted many times for the killing of babies? I’m not talking about aborting unborn babies, Obama has voted to allow babies, born after failed abotions, to be murdered. That needs to stop as well as partial birth abortions.

    3. Here is the Romney campaign’s official stance.
      He believes the laws should be dealt with at a State level. He believe abortions should not be federally funded.

  15. Obama supports Apple, he even stated they were his favorite company, but Romney supports outsourcing. Hard choice, might vote third party. Good for Phandroid, for not getting into the political business like everyone else has.

    1. Funny, Apple is the greatest outsourcer of all, but the Apple fanboys forgive that

    2. Romney will try and repeal some regulations on buisiness which will help keep jobs here because companies will have less overhead without the need to comply with bs regulations. Some regulations is good but we are over regulated in this country.

  16. All everybody had to complain about is Obama and money. Bush put this country in a ridiculous hole and everybody expects that Obama was supposed to dig us completely out of it in 4 years. Stop being so naive and ignorant.

    1. OK math genius check it out. Obama has spent 6 TRILLION dollars in 4 years. The other 43 presidents before him spent a total of 10.5 TRILLION dollars. So in 4 years he has nearly DOUBLED the national debt that the other 43 took 219 years to incur. The difference is we had something to show for that debt whereas now we have nothing to show for the additional 6 trillion except for a stagnant economy and a larger deficit. Ummm… yeah. Blame Bush some more. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

      1. This is how I don’t understand how anyone believes Obama when he says he’s going to balance the budget. In 4 years Obama added more debt than Bush did in 8 years.

      2. You obviously are not a math genius. First of all, the national debt is not a running tally of a presidents expenditures. That would be the budget. All the debt left from the previous presidents continues to grow. If Obama had a net zero deficit in his budget, our deficit still would grow. It’s like a 401k in reverse. Some of the growth in our national debt, can be directly linked to the debt left by the previous presidents. Bush’s last budget resulted in a 1.4 trillion dollars deficit. This year’s deficit is 1.2 trillion.

      3. First it was “ill fix everything in one term”, now it’s still: “Well, Bush left us with such a mess…..”. When in doubt, blame the previous president. Good call.

    2. It wasn’t Bush’s policies that put the country in a hole. It was decades of damage from policies implemented by Carter, Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Frank and Todd. Bush tried desperately to reform laws like the Affordable Housing Act that collapsed the economy while the democrats refused to listen rejecting the notion the market was in trouble. The biggest danger to this country is an ignorant voter such as yourself. And I don’t mean that really as an insult just pointing out that you’ve accepted a ton a misinformation as fact.

      1. People over look the damage Clinton did that was a major part of the housing market collapse.

        1. It’s sad that people believe Clinton has a positive impact on the economy when in reality he created a recession as large as the one we are in now. Most people aren’t even aware of his and Jamie Gorelick’s contribution to blocking necessary intelligence for our nations defense.

          1. Not many people know, or remember that Clinton passed on the chance tonget Bin Laden after the first twin tower bombing. Hey everyone lets bury our heads in our @ss and the terorrist will go away.

    3. your argument would have merit if the debt didn’t double!
      if you keep on doing what you always do your going to get what you always got. more debt.

  17. Do not vote for romney. He plans on throwing out all non-american products. If he becomes president he wants everybody to buy iPhones because they are american, say goodbye to samsung, htc and LG.

    1. wtf, iPhones are American? No Apple product is American. You Sondre are a seriously ill informed voter.

    2. Really? Where did he say that?!

  18. Roseanne barr!

  19. who cares, either one gets voted in are gunna lie, and not put in the election promises, they are presidents, they tell you what you want to hear, and do the opposite. .

  20. Vote for Oats Willy and get free piza!!

  21. Voters these days are retarded. Most take word of mouth as fact. Why don’t y’all do some fact checking and see if a candidate really said something. This nation is doomed thanks to a stupid society.

    1. even fact check websites are biased. FactCheck org is the main one. Even with that knowledge, people vote how they want to vote for whatever reasons they want to vote. It’s their right as citizens. One thing you need to remember is the people we elect, our neighbors, friends, coworkers are all part of this “stupid society” you seem to think you aren’t part of. Show tolerance.

      1. i tell ya what, i admit i am part of this (incredibly) stupid scociety, i dont pretend im not. but that doesnt stop me from being shocked/horrified/offended be the retarted howler monkies we call the average american. i am not proud to be a part of this scociety, and i plan to leave it once i can afford to. ( I hear the UK is nice this time of year)

      2. I’ll second that! I’ve checked a few “fact check” sites and it’s funny to see what becomes a check and what doesn’t. Some fact checkers > other fact checkers.

        But the sentiment is a good one. If more people became educated about the facts then it would be better. Still best practice would be for Americans to become educated about current events and the facts enough that we wouldn’t even need fact checkers, we would know for the most part when a candidate states something that is either a stretch or an outright lie. I’ll often yell at the TV when politicians start saying stupid things that I know they’re wrong on. I do the same thing to the news media when they start making outlandish claims or are overly critical, because even the news media get it wrong.

    2. Correct…the dirt bag politicians running the sham are only a symptom of a chronic disease…the zombified electorate…We are what happens when a self-governed people stops paying attention. This whole mindset of Red or Blue is ridiculous. They’re the same when it comes to important issues. People need to stop confining themseleves to Dumb and Dumber…vote 3rd party!

  22. Passing on the votage this election. None of the candidates represent me (3rd party included). When we get a candidate that champions both civil and economic liberties, won’t shove their religious ideals down my throat with policy, defends our Constitutional rights, does away with the Patriot Act, and focuses on Americans instead of sticking our noses in our countries business. THEN I’ll resume voting.

    1. Hey Brent I think there are a lot of voters who feel like you these days. Just curious, did you consider going to the polls so you could vote on the OTHER issues? For example, Senators, House Reps, Judges, School Boards, and local policies affecting your specific voting district? In many ways I think those are the issues that matter most!

      1. I usually do. But unfortunately I got so wound up in the whole presidential thing that I forgot to register in my district after I moved. I’ve been so fired up over not voting that I think it was a subconscious effort.

        1. That’s a cop-out! You don’t need to pre-register these days. Nearly every state in the continental US will allow you to walk in with your drivers license and a copy of a utility bill or home/apt lease agreement and allow you vote right then and there. I just moved a few weeks ago and it worked for me. It also worked in California for me 4 years ago.
          Vote man vote! You can’t afford not too. :)

    2. You should probably have gone and write in Virgil Goode. He stands for the things you are looking for. :) check out the constitution party website.

      1. Meh, write ins are a waste of time. They won’t win. And the most they’ll do is take votes from the big two which amounts to the same as me not voting to begin with.

    3. You still should’ve voted on the local stuff, it’s likely to have a more immediate and direct impact on your daily life than who the president is.

  23. Bush Sr and Bush Jr= Dumb and Dumber….No way in Hell I would Vote for Romney.

    1. Dumb: Obama bowing to a Saudi Prince Dumber: Obama allowing an American Ambassador to be killed and then lying about it. Dumbest: Obama having marines guard our embassy in Paris, but not Bengazi!!!

      1. Libya is a war zone. Ambassador knew the risks and the potential benefits from being there on the ground in a war ridden Libya, he was there helping the rebels providing weapons and logistical support after the fall of Gaddafi. It is not regular embassey like in Paris. What happened was tragedy.

        1. He was appointed by Obama himself and agreed with the understanding that he would be protected. Obama’s administration withdrew his protection and ignored multiple requests to re-instate security. Especially after multiple attacks. One leaving a 14ft wide hole in the building. He was essentially left to die.

      2. Sorry to bust your bubble but Marines were guarding the Embassy in Paris way before Obama took office.

  24. Just voted for Romney.

  25. “Obama or Romney” Your fucked either way unfortunately :-D

  26. Question: So if my vote for president goes towards voting for an elector who is expected to vote along party lines, and Florida has 29 electoral college votes, does that mean that there are 29 people in the state of florida (electors) which will vote? How do we know what party they’re affiliated with? and how do I know which of those 29 electors received my vote when I vote for president? this is even more confusing to me when I consider what happens when I vote for one of the other candidates (not republican, not democratic), which elector from the electoral college gets those votes? and do they tend to vote along their own party lines also? or do they end up voting republican, or democrat?

    1. You win the Gen Pop vote for that state you get those 29 votes

      1. so do 29 separate electors (physical human beings) get to vote serving their function and role as an elector for the electoral college from florida? or does that fall on 1 person who has 29 votes?

        1. I believe the number of votes that each state gets is based on the number of reps that state has in congress. Im not sure if there are actually 29 people who are physically a part of the electoral college but I know that once a person wins enough votes to win that state those electoral college votes automatically go to that person

  27. This says everything about what how Obama actually ran this time


  29. Rosanne Barr is running! WTF? LOL
    Seriously….the lessor of two evils would be Romney. We can’t afford 4 more years of outrageous debt and more government programs that suck up money we don’t have. If Obama could have at least carried through with just ONE promise from his first campaign, I may have considered him. But between that and the fact that he’s tripled our national debt, he HAS to go!!

    1. He didn’t triple our debt. Perhaps if you didn’t label hyperbole as fact, you would have a clue

    1. Of course you’d vote for Romney; you’re Ryan!

  30. Just became a citizen on the 24th of October and excited to go and vote with my wife! :)

    1. Welcome to our Country and thank you for becoming a citizen in the legal way. I would shake your hand and welcome you in person.

      1. I don’t think there’s even an illegal way to become a citizen. But maybe I’m mistaken.

    2. Congrats! Hope you enjoy following your first US Presidential Election as an American!

      1. I have been following it closely. Very excited about it.

    3. Welcome Hans! :)

    4. Wow you are way ahead of some of the people who were born with the right to vote when they turned 18. Congrats on the citizenship and Im glad you are going to exercise your right to vote no matter who its for.

    5. Congrats!

    6. Congrats! I’m glad you became a citizen, and in time to be a part of the democratic process! Sure you’ll have opportunities in the future to vote but it’s exciting to be a part of it for the first time.

  31. Obama.

  32. The article says phandroid won’t post their political views here so why should we? All I know is I love my Galaxy Note 2, and when it comes to politics and technology, just remember to support the electronic frontier foundation. I give to them a lot.

    1. YOU don’t have to this is merely a discussion among people who want to talk about it. I don’t see not gun or red dot on your head so you have the choice and free will to participate or move to another article.

  33. I voted for Obama. I believe he was the best choice. God Bless.

  34. There’s 6 candidates, not 4. Unless you meant 4 besides the only 2 that everyone seems to acknowledge. But some of them weren’t even able to get listed on ballots in every location.

    If any of the 3rd party candidates get 5% if the vote, they’ll be listed on every ballot in 2016 as well as get federal campaign contribution matching and be included in the major debates.

    Might not help much this year but nothing will really change if the 2 party system keeps going.

  35. Obama…

  36. we need a president not a celebrity!

    1. no such thing. Being a president automatically makes you a celebrity.

      1. not at the tax payers expense, sorry!

        1. you’re missing the point. clinton was a celebrity. bush was a celebrity. other bush was a celebrity. if romney wins, he’ll be a celebrity too.

    2. All of our presidents have been celebrities – elections are nothing more than popularity contests… it kinda comes with the territory. Washington was a celebrity, that’s why they wanted to make him King. After all, he only won 3 battles, and lost 6 others… but his celebrity made him popular enough to be asked to be King. Yes, King. As in, royalty. He turned it down, and the office of President was created… a king under a different name.

  37. Gary Johnson.

  38. Anarchy!

  39. I’m from Europa from the Netherlands but Obama has my vote!!!

  40. If you wanted to not turn Phandroid into a political discussion then why create one? Stick to Android. We have enough negative campaign propaganda to deal with as it is without one more discussion on it.

  41. 90% of apple users vote obama , lazy liberal pricks

  42. I’d vote Clinton back in office if it was possible.

    1. 1 of 2 Presidents to ever be impeached? Great choice.

      1. Because that negates all of what he did for the country right?

  43. Seriously no love for 3rd party candidates? WTH?!?

    1. Has there ever been 3rd party love?

  44. Gary Johnson the rest are a joke. Puppets on a string.

  45. Men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t. Go Obama.

  46. Obama baby! We don’t need a quick fix that’s not going to last. We need a better approach like Obama’s that geared towards change now and the future. Which is the most important for me because I have kids. Ask yourself what’s best a quick fix that has no promise for long term growth or a path that’s been explained that shows long term stability/growth for our kids and us. Remember Romney is a successful businessman keen on money making. Obama is more people oriented. Think about it who is will really fighting for us.

  47. Obama has proven he can run this nation in to the ground the change we need is to vote his ass out Romney all the way.

  48. If Obama wins Florida & Ohio it’s over like the Kansas City Chiefs season.

  49. Should have made this a poll. So we could vote

  50. Thank you America. Obama wins

  51. No one could fix the mess Obama inherited. Its everyone blaming him. If we are passing blame do it correctly. Sure recovery is slow but its recovering. Obama position is no different from any person opening or renovating a business takes time and money before you see the benefits of your hard work. Everyone wants a quick fix but that’s not the answer to anything if we are going to fix it we got to do it right and the right way no cutting corners. 4yrs for anyone in Obama’s shoes couldn’t of done any better.

  52. OBAMA

  53. President Obama. No contest.

  54. Obama

  55. Maybe because he was trying to fix the mess that the Bush administration put us in. Going to war with the wrong people and just because they tried to assassinate his dad. Clown move, bro!

  56. People say Obama spent or put us in more debt, well have you thought he spent more because he had to trying to fix the mess that the Bush administration put us in. Going to war with the wrong people and just because they tried to assassinate his dad. Clown move, bro!

    At least Obama promised and delivered on several of his campaign promises, getting the people who were involved in 911, guess what, got em. That more than I can say about George W. Bush!

  57. People say Obama spent or put us in more debt, well have you thought he spent more because he had to trying to fix the mess that the Bush administration put us in. Going to war with the wrong people and just because they tried to assassinate his dad. Clown move, bro!

    At least Obama promised and delivered on several of his campaign promises, getting the people who were involved in 911, guess what, got em. That more than I can say about George W. Bush!

    And anyone, that voted for Williard (I don’t call him Mitt, I call him by his first name) is a retard. The guy has flipped as many times as every country that participated in gymnastics at the Summer Olympics.

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