HTC, Verizon sending out invites for November 13th event in NYC


An invite just hit our mailbox for a November 13th event co-hosted by HTC and Verizon, which implores us to come check out the duo’s “latest collaboration.” While little is revealed, given a lack of much on the radar from HTC over the next few months we are led to believe we will see the unveiling of the long-rumored Droid DNA (AKA the Droid DLX).

The HTC Droid DNA is expected be Verizon’s equivalent of the recently announced J Butterfly for Japan, a 5-inch device to rival the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2. Specs are rumored to include a 1.5GHz quad-core processor and 13MP camera. The handset recently made an appearance at the FCC, suggesting a release is timed for the holiday season.

Whatever it is that HTC and Verizon plan to show off in Manhattan on the 13th, we’ll be there covering it all live. Those looking forward to what should be the best HTC device we have seen on Verizon in some time name should circle the date on their calendars now.


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  1. Hopefully they’ll change htcs history of crappy battery life

    1. 5″ 1080p LCD and a 2000 mAh battery….don’t think so.

      1. someone mentioned in another thread that the DNA’s battery is 2500mah. i can’t find info on this. we’ll just have to wait and see.

        1. I saw that as well, but I’m not sure even 2500 mAh is enough, I know the 720p display based Note2 has a 3100 mAh.

          I’m a thunderbolt owner and love the hardware. However, until I got CM7 installed my device I could barely make 5 hours. Even with the device sleeping most of the time only about 8 hours.

          Maybe the new display tech is more efficient, we’ll see. Not buying until I know.

          1. i think htc (like a lot of other companies) are too caught up with having a phone with killer specs but fails at the expense of usability. just look at the Note 2, 5.5″ and it’s selling just fine with 720p res. How about a solid 5″ 720p phone that offers all the features that users want with a touch of HTC? just copy samsung, it’s really not that difficult.

      2. Well the S4 Pro is super efficient in power usage so hopefully great battery life is still achieved.

    2. that would have me more surprised than if that Big Foot footage circling the internet turned out to be real.

  2. Nice – jealous guy’s

  3. If this thing gets long battery life I think I’m going to pull the trigger on it.

  4. I hope that this thing turns out the be as nice as I hope it is…It should have a 3200 Battery though… For that screen size and power…

    1. If they would make the battery removable, that would be good enough for me. Batteries are a “dime a dozen” on amazon a few moths after a phones release.

  5. Let me guess, another phablet I won’t want because it’s too big and will *never* receive updates because it’s HTC and Verizon.

    1. So what phablet WOULD you want? :-P

    2. My tbolt was well supported by the dev community, despite having issues with the special CDMA simultaneous voice/data radio. This funky radio prevented official CM support (CM7 was hacked up by a few devs and works great). If this device has a more standard CDMA/LTE radio, then you should have no issues being supported by CM. I would wait until the device is out and then see what CM guys think from a hardware support standpoint. A lot depends on the release of source from HTC, etc.

  6. They should be announcing JB for their current phones

  7. Oh that’s the same day I’ll be ordering my Nexus 4!

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