Apple UK updates Samsung statement, but makes sure people don’t see it


Apple did not take its loss against Samsung lightly, in the UK. The Cupertino Giant was forced to post a statement in their UK website, stating that Samsung did not infringe on Apple’s patents. Needless to say Apple still went for homerun and decided to highlight the competition’s shortcomings and Apple’s victories across the world.

UK courts then asked Apple to correct the previously posted statement and publish a Samsung-friendly one. The link also had to be more noticeable, placed under Apple’s homepage at a font size no lower than 11 points. But of course, Apple found another way to make such statement less visible to the general public.

Apple UK went as far as re-coding the site so that people won’t be able to see the statement link without a bit of effort. Apple’s UK website resizes itself depending on screen size and resolution, making the statement harder to get to, regardless of what device you may be using. This is done mostly by resizing the image of the iPad Mini to accomodate the browser’s size.


var HeroResize=AC.Class({initialize:function(b){this._height=null;this._hero=$(b);
if(typeof window.ontouchstart===”undefined”){this.resizeHero();Event.observe(window,”resize”,this.__boundResizeHero)
}},setHeight:function(b){this._height=(b<0)?0:b;return this._height},resizeHero:function(){this.setHeight(parseInt(window.innerHeight||(window.document.documentElement.clientHeight||window.document.body.clientHeight),10)-310); this.hero().style.height=this.height()+"px"}});Event.onDOMReady(function(){var b=new HeroResize("billboard") });

The code you see above ensures that the bottom 310 pixels of the site stay out of view unless one makes an effort to scroll down. I have tested viewing both sites from multiple monitors and can attest to the fact that the bottom part stays out of view, with the UK site’s iPad Mini picture changing sizes (while the US version stays the same).

The only way I managed to keep the statement in view was to put my 23-inch monitor on portrait orientation and blasting the site full-screen. And this was only because the iPad Mini image couldn’t get any bigger without crossing the side edges.

Apple, you just really have to have the last word, don’t you? Is it that hard to accept a defeat and leave a statement until mid-November? We could not expect any less from Apple and its unfair tactics. Now let’s see if UK authorities will notice this and force Apple to once again make changes to its official site.

[via Reddit]

Thanks, Jake!

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  1. I hope the judge sees this and makes them put it in like 100 size font on every single page right in the middle of viewers vision for ever single country selection.

    1. 100 is a bit excessive. How about a splash page that is displayed when you first go to the Apple UK site…where it outlines the ruling, and (before proceeding) the enduser has to check a box acknowledging that Samsung didnt “violate”. If they dont acknowledge, then they are taken to the Samsung Mobile site :)

      1. You get my point, just big and easy to see. I like that idea even more though.

      2. Freaking. Awesome.

    2. And I wouldn’t mind adblovkers adding an exception to not block that

    3. UK courts should just rule that Tim Cook and all the Apple big wigs have to write out lines on a chalk board apologizing for wasting everyone’s time and apologizing to Samsung on the BBC evening news every night for 1 week.

      That will undoubtedly get everyone’s attention and embarrass Apple enough that they don’t pull this nonsense again in the future.

      Perhaps they’ll get the message if they are treated according to how they are acting. Maybe after writing lines, they get a good rap across the back of the legs with a yard stick from my old Languages teacher!

  2. Apple tries to avoid publicizing a competitor on their own site?! No way! :O

    1. well if they are ordered to pay 10 billion by the court, they still have to do it.

    2. they can dish it out but they can’t take it

  3. Truth be told, the advertisement is completely visible on my old LG 17″ monitor without any interventions.

    1. only because of the old aspect ratio then

  4. Didn’t the court order also state that the statement itself had to be on the homepage, not just a link to it? I hope Apple gets called out on this by Samsung’s lawyers, and held in contempt of court.

    1. I wish they would be fined the amount of 1.2 Billion dollars..

    2. thats what i thought aswell. Apple once again ignoring court orders.

    3. Hopefully that will happen.

  5. smh SMH ….. SMH! *smack*

  6. What the UK needs to do is make it a pop up that way its visible

  7. you said no one would see it. So naturally I thought it would be posted halfway through a EULA.

  8. To be fair (and I’m as happy as anyone that Apple has had to put this up), but that functionality was there before. They’ve just taken advantage of it.

    1. True but they intentionally changed it for the sole reason of hiding the disclaimer. Thats where its wrong.

  9. Time for a poll:

    Which of the following is lamer?

    A) This end-around game on the judge’s ruling


    B) The iPhone

    No, you can’t choose all of the above, that would be too easy………

    1. But hey now…you can take panoramic photos with your iPhone!! How cool is that?!?

      1. hahaha good one :) yes, what a new, innovative, ground breaking creation that no one has heard of. But I think I have to go with a), after all iPhone can be used for making calls without the antenna issues nowadays :P

        1. Yeah, and some day, you’ll actually be able to use your iPhone for driving directions – and not need your GPS anymore!

        2. There were never antenna issues. People were holding their phones wrong. ;)

          1. also remember, the scratches on the iphone5 on arrival are normal

      2. I dug out my old UTStarcom 6700 just to take a panoramic photo in front of my buddy with his iphone when he brought that up haha!. Windows Mobile 5… Oh it was worth digging through the attic just to see his face! :)

  10. yet another reason I can not respect Apple. Bunch of weasles. As if it would actually hurt their business to comply with what they knew the judge ment.

    1. Seriously…. people don’t ever look down there anyways… The site is designed to have the focus be on top.

      1. I always look down there, especially if she walks in front of me.

  11. And on top of that, they actually try to get you to let them hijack your system (err..I mean install iTunes) in order to donate to the Red Cross.

    Wow. If I were the RC, I’d be PISSED.

  12. Sour grapes, Apple?

    1. Err…I think you mean: Feeling a little fermented, Apple?

  13. Didn’t Apple claim they needed more time to update the statement? Of course it doesn’t take long to update a simple statement, but what they really meant is that they needed more time to try to come up with a way to weasel their way out complying as much as possible.

    1. They wanted 2 weeks so that they didn’t have to pay the programmers overtime to see how close they could get to pushing the boundaries of the ruling.

  14. Wow. If you zoom out enough to see that text, it is illegible. I’m really hoping this backfires. The comment below by Josh is correct, They were ordered to post it on their homepage, not just a link.

  15. This is why Apple has people hating them. People either love Apple or loath them because they are such pretentious pricks. Just follow the rules do as the court says and stop being a tech bully.


  17. Its tactics like these that keep me away from all Apple products.

  18. They should be fined for breach of court and it should be commensurate with their earnings…

    1. not really. the iphone 4 is what, 2 years old? the specs are going to suck in comparison. Granted I’m sure the over priced part would still be true.

      1. I think the point is that if you walk into the store today and buy it that’s the price you’re going to pay, that’s what Apple is charging for a 2 year old design VS what Google is charging for a modern Smartphone with better feature set.

  19. I wish anonymous would take down Apple’s site and then fill it with real apologies…

    1. That would be hilarious.

    2. Nice idea. I hope it does happen. That would be epic

    3. We need to make an effort to reach out to Anonymous, I think it should be you. This has got to be one of the best idea’s yet. I just hope Anon is not on Apple’s side of this…..
      UPDATE: I put a request on REDDIT for Anonymous

      1. Yikes! They said it was crappy idea. :p

        1. Meh, oh well…..

    4. Unfortunately, Anonymous is nothing more than a bunch of script kiddies at this point. Most of the people responsible for what Anonymous was have exited the group, whether by legal action or just lack of interest.

    5. NYPA

    6. Yea!! I mean, why did they waste their time with Sony? What did they do?

  20. They should ban all apple sales until they fully comply. Apparently apple feels the UK courts are a joke.

    1. Well perhaps the next step, if they are ruled in comtempt of court. I wonder how the iFruity Fans in UK feels about the iFruity company now?

    2. Exactly! They’re acting like little children who knows that they are in the wrong but doesn’t want to admit it… Makes me hate Apple as a company and their tactics, which is just to sell their over-priced hyped up products and eliminate any competition.

    3. and here in the Uk we think apple is a joke :–)

  21. The UK court order is too childish, and understandably, Apple finds a way to cheat around that embarrasing order. If it was me, I will cancel that court order. I will just make mandatory for Apple to ship a genuine Samsung tablet when a customer order an iPad. The rational? None, it is as absurd as the law suit itself. Apple will find this natural as they are used to convoluted and illogical thinking. So then what to do with the iPad that could not be sold? Well put a sticker with Samsung logo on it or something saying “This is a copy of a Samsung tablet” so that customers won’t be confused with an Apple device. Then put them on on a fire sale.

    Simple, clear, elegant, that will please Apple, Samsung and the UK court at the same time. That is called a Win, Win, Win resolution.

    1. err … your logic is flawed. How is making an apology and a statement that Samsung Tab is not a copy of iPad equivalent to making Apple ship a genuine Samsung Tablet??? VEry strange logic, you have :P

      Anyway, if you have followed the case, you will understand that the order is meant to be slightly ridiculous, because the whole case Is ridiculous and the onus is on Apple WHO brought the whole “thermo nuclear war” thingey into the court, wasting everyone’s time.

      1. its like a kid who punched another kid in the face and when told to appologize so he wrote a note, wrapped it around a rock, threw it in a lake and said “I appologized and If you wanna see it go find the note.”

      2. Hi Hohopig,

        The point is there is no logic. It is designed to screw a bully so that he/she has a taste of what that feels being a bully victim. As baseless as the $3 damage Apple initially claimed against Samsung. You find that illogical but the screw up people at Apple they will understand it very well.

      3. You’re trying to apply logic to a conversation about Apple. That itself seems rather illogical if not totally absurd.

  22. galaxy note 2 in portrait with opera mobile: perfectly readable without having to zoom in.

    1. Well, the Note 2 breaks all boundaries… lol

  23. You know what I find to be REALLY asinine about Apple’s shenanigans? Every minute they drag this out and try to avoid as much publicity as possible in regard to the ruling and court order, the more publicity they bring down upon themselves. How many sites, and not just tech sites, have reported on Apple’s defiance in this matter?

    Samsung should be sitting back, sipping on some good rotgut, smoking a stogie, and smiling a really big smile. Because Apple could have just got it done and moved on. Now, more and more people are becoming aware of not only their defeat, but their complete buffoonery.

    Gotta love it.

    1. I think the sad reality is that the average APPLE user is unaware of this buffoonery, and that is exactly what Apple wants. Their successes lie today in brand loyalty. If all they do is keep their current fans, they will continue to rake in the billions.

  24. Um.. How exactly is this statement an apology? All Apple has done is made some factual statements around the court case. No where are the words “sorry” or “apologize” or even “regret” used. I hope the judges make Apple revise this once again.

  25. So Apple likes to run to the courts with their lame lawsuits then don’t comply with court rulings if the verdict goes against them? If you can’t play by the rules, you shouldn’t be allowed to play.

  26. Can anyone tell me how to tipoff the UK courts about that crap.

  27. I will be very pissed if apple is allowed to get away with this. They should be banned from selling anything in the EU until they have this fixed properly plus an extra +20 days on top of that from the days they actually fix it, I’m sure they’d have it fixed lickedly-split!

    You know, it’s one thing to try to get away with something the first time, but this just shows that they have no respect for the authorities… the same authorities, mind you, that they always run to and cry about their patents expecting to be treated like the queen of electronics.

  28. What a lot of hissy babies.

  29. Actually, Apple may have unintentionally amplified the very embarrassment they tried to conceal. With all the tech site talking about the cheat and soon will be followed by other non-tech news site. This is going to be a huge hype. Other courts around the world will certainly take notice.

  30. How retarded is Apple? Just post the link correctly and get it over with and remove it in one month. Apple has delayed this and basically been giving more commercial to everyone so that they would want to find and see the end result of Apples apology on their website U.K. Apple is kind of crazy but…they don’t have anything to lose so why not try and fool the U.K. court.

  31. There’s no apology in their apology, just a statement that the court ruled in Samsung’s favor. Imagine after a fight with your wife, you “apologise” by saying, “Honey, they told me I was wrong. Are we OK now?”

  32. Apple could restate its position on the case in newspaper ads and on its Web site after the time for this posting ends.

  33. this is how apple fucks the world.

  34. I don’t see any problem with it, its quite genius actually!

  35. Honestly any company would do as much as possible to hide an apology to the competition. I can’t fault them for it, and I find it pretty funny.

  36. Don’t they realize this has only drawn attention to the situation? If they had done what they were asked from the get go only a fraction of the amount of people would have noticed. Now because they’re being immature about it has become a “thing”.

  37. Knew it was too good to be true.

  38. They really are pathetic, aren’t they?

  39. Da FaQ???? I am so tired of Apple’s bullying……Someone needs to teach this bully a lesson.

  40. No wonder how good does that look for Apple, we lied and used the money you spent on your iWhatever to sue Samsung for nothing reasonable.

  41. If Apple would put as much effort into their products as they are in hiding this statement, they may actually have something closer to being able to compete with Android. LOL

  42. if this how apple wants to play it, let’s just ban apple product from UK

  43. This should be considered an act of contempt of court.
    Fines, bans, and whatsnot should be coming toward Apple.

  44. It will be fun to watch Apple crash and burn for the third time. And this time there’s no Jobs to save it.

    1. Or Gates. But this time, Apple has 100 billion in the bank. Pretty sure they are financially secure for the next while. They’ll probably make iBank the next project, with the iCreditcard. 50% interest rates* but you get a free “New mini iPad mini 4” for only the registration fee!**

      *50% interest rate a 6 month promotional rate, 75% after the 6 month promo*
      **Registration fee is $449

  45. Yea it all looks fine on all my HD displays. Good enough.

  46. lol looks like apple has now updated all their sites to reflect the UK layout… screw crapple

  47. This pretty obviously meets the legal definition of contempt of court, and could actually get the person who approved this jailed.

  48. I know I’ll get hated on (despite being a hacker anyways for android) but it’s not that big of a deal. If this was court ordered, than, scroll down. It takes a total input energy of 1/64 of a kilacalories of enregy to change the location of the screen. It it were like a click these three locations to view special message from apple, that’d be stupid, but…

  49. the judge should make it a year and on the top of every page on apples site including the store and itunes

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