Nexus 7 starts bringing its game on with a 32 GB version


By now it is no secret that Google wants to release a 32 GB Nexus 7. We have seen more than enough proof, but things start getting interesting when we see the device being sold at some Staples stores. Yes, this is before any announcement, making it a mistake by the Staples representatives.

Regardless, both The Verge and our friends from Droid-Life have gotten pictures of receipts from customers who have managed to purchase a 32 GB Nexus 7 from Staples.

According to the evidence, the 32 GB Nexus tablet will be sold for the same price of the current 16 GB model – $250. The main concern by now is what will happen with the current Nexus 7 versions. We have heard that the 16 GB version will be discontinued, but that would create a huge gap between the remaining 8 GB and 32 GB models.

It makes more sense to follow the latest rumors, which state that the 8 GB Nexus 7 will be the discontinued device and the 16 GB model will see a price drop to $200. We can definitely expect to see more information about the new prices and models come October 29 at Google’s New York event.

But putting all details and prices aside for a while, one can’t help but get excited about a Nexus 7 with more internal storage. This tablet has been advertised as a great mobile gaming machine; it has all the specs to be one, and games run smooth as silk, but it lacks one thing. A major one, at that – internal storage is just not enough for the device to hold more than a few HD games, especially for owners of the 8 GB version. To make it more complicated, the 7-inch affordable tablet does not feature a microSD slot.

Needless to say hard-core Android gamers have been gravitating towards other tablets with more storage capacity and external memory options. With this move, Google breaks down its only wall and provides a much more reasonable option for gamers, all while keeping the price more than accessible.

I haven’t purchased a Nexus 7 for this reason alone. I am a huge fan of streaming and cloud services, and use them every day, but that simply doesn’t work for gaming. Us gamers need that space to… store our games. I know I am signing up for the 32 GB version as soon as possible. Hell, I am going to give my local Staples a try later tonight and see if they bite – how about you?

Images Via: The Verge, Droid-Life]

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  1. Amazing deal, I must say.

  2. Cool, add MHL support and maybe we’ll talk.

  3. I own 8GB model, and frankly I have found out that that I have no use for tablet in my life. For gaming I have Xbox, for work laptop, for ‘other activities on the road I use phone which is more then sufficient. I thought that reading will be pleasant, but it isn’t good for my eyes and for that I will purchase Kindle Paperwhite.

    1. It’s a digital color magazine/textbook/comic book.
      I can think of more uses for a Note, though.

    2. you’re quite right and that’s why i bought the nexus. Better off spending $200 for gimmicky device i wanted to toy with than other ‘not-so-cheap-enough-for-impulse-buy’ options.

    3. Why would people down vote this comment? It’s perfectly reasonable. I’m in the same boat I’ve had half a dozen different tablets even ones from the dark side but they just don’t fit for r me either. I think they are less relevant for people with good sized phones I. E.. SGS3 or hox.

  4. So, let’s bump up the Nexus 7’s storage to 32 GB, while introducing a phone with 8 GB. I don’t see this happening. I’m hoping the LG Nexus will have 16/32 GB options.

    1. … The 8gb version was a prototype, they had no reason to make it larger than 8gb. We’ll see larger iterations of the upcoming Nexus device. How large? We’ll see.

  5. lucky. i got my 16GB 2 months ago. damn you google

  6. I could see using one of these if I could get a keyboard dock type thing. Yes I know, bluetooth keyboard, but I want it to be attached so it can sit on my lap.

  7. Already have a Prime, but will pull the trigger on a 32GB Nexus 7. I’ve played with them and prefer the 7″ formfactor over the 10″ one.

  8. Still holding out for a Nexsus version with an external memory slot

    1. No Nexus device will EVER have an external memory slot.

      1. Maybe you forgot the HTC Nexus One which had support for up to a 32 micro sd card, but that was the only one though, all of the rest usually come with 16 GB of internal memory.

        1. Google has specifically stated that since the Nexus S no other nexus device will have an SD card slot so GET OVER IT and DON”T BUY THE PHONE

          1. Are you referring to me or sstarrz, me personally I could care less about other peoples complaints about memory cards as I was only reminding him of the Nexus One, and as I am still under contract there is no need for me to care as I have what I want.

  9. Yup, good things come to those who wait.

  10. While I doubt this would happen I would feel a LOT better about the new 32 GB Nexus 7 if Google would refund $25 to those of us who purchased the 16 GB model earlier.

    1. You know what I never hear: “I hope Google takes back the $25 credit they gave me when I purchased my N7.”

      Subsequent model improvements represent an opportunity cost of being an early adopter — I know, it’s happened to me more times than I care to recall.

  11. How where Google figures out that people want at least 32gb why not do the sane with the new Nexus.

  12. Still no SD?
    Still not interested!

  13. Love my 8 GB but would trade up for HDMI out and a rear camera. Wonder if they’ll have incentives for recent buyers to go to 32s?

  14. bought my 16 gig on friday. Im a little upset but whatever.

  15. Im actually really glad now that google cancelled my 16gb preorder.. I would have been really upset reading this on my 16gb nexus 7.

  16. I will be getting this. I will love to be able to play my GTA3 alongside my Batman, Spiderman, etc. Oh, and that’s like 5GB right there I just mentioned. LoL!! 16GB is not enough. LoL!!

  17. Wouldn’t it have made much more sense to replace the 8GB with the 16GB, and the 16GB with the 32GB? I just can’t see anyone not spending the extra $50 for the 32GB version now. The gap between 8GB and 32GB is too large. The move doesn’t quite make sense to me.

  18. I want the Nexus 7 with MHL capabilities, is that too much to ask?

  19. Here is a quick video of my Nexus 7 32 GB version.

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