16GB Nexus 7 nearing end-of-life, to be replaced by rumored 32GB model?


Rumors of a 32GB Nexus 7 have been heating up over the past few days. First the new version of the slate showed up in a retailer’s inventory system. Then a customer in Japan appeared to have received the larger storage option in lieu of the 16GB model that was originally ordered. Now we have this screenshot from an insider working for a hardware reseller, which indicates that the 16GB (1B16) will be phased out, with the 32GB (1B32) replacing it.

If this latest leak pans out, it likely means the 32GB model will retail for the same price as the 16GB, doubling the available storage without raising the cost of the Nexus 7. If that turns out to be true, it suggests that earlier rumors of lower-priced Nexus tablets by the end of the year could actually come to fruition, with Google and ASUS potentially dropping the price of the 8GB model. That’s merely speculation for now, however. One thing that seems nearly certain is the existence of a 32GB Nexus 7, and it seems likely to launch in time for the holidays.

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  1. welcomed news.

  2. Tell them to add MHL support too and we’ll talk.

    Tablets are pointless anyway, probably getting a Kindle Paperwhite soon.

    1. I have two tablets at home that replaced our laptops. Far from useless.

      1. All depends what you do with those laptops I suppose.
        Tablets are not replacement for a full fledged laptop. Close, but not yet. Maybe MS Surface will bridge the gap, but that remains to be seen.

        1. Laptop porn for most these people.

      2. I do work on my laptop (Word, Excel, Acrobat PDF, AutoCAD viewer, Outlook, Lync). Tell me how a tablet can cover that and I’ll buy one right now. Also tell me how it can do video out to put movies on a projector. If the Nexus 7 had MHL support I might have bought one.

        1. Bluetooth keyboard, Google TV, share to Able Remote and you are golden!

        2. I use OfficeSuite Pro on my Xoom to create and work with Word, Excel and PowerPoint files… its PDF viewer is not the best but there are other apps for that. I cannot speak to AutoCAD functionality as I no experience with those types of files.

        3. You said “how can a tablet”. The Nexus 7 isn’t the only tablet out there. The Nexus 7, might now fix your needs, but a 10 inch tablet may. It could possibly fix your on-the-go needs.

          There are Office programs you can get. So you can do that for on the go stuff and when you’re in your office or whatever, finish up on the actual computer.


          I also have a need to view .dwgs on occasion.

          You can also just use Splashtop and remote in to your PC to do the heavy stuff.

    2. They’re useful for those that find them useful, but useless for those who don’t find them useful. Does that make sense? Oh yes, it does. ^_~
      But yeah, I myself see no need of tablets, though there are apparently some that do, so good for them that a 32GB Nexus 7 is coming.

  3. 8GB should be replaced by 16GB

  4. Already happily owning a 16g Nexus 7 that was pre-ordered on day one, this if true will piss me off. Existing owners (especially those who preordered) should get compensated or get free upgrades. This reeks of the same deal that happened when Apple first launched the iPhone at unsubbed cost then later started subsidizing.

    1. Why do you feel entitled to compensation, that makes no sense. I bought a 16g Nexus 7 knowing fully well that this might happen in the future, stuff like this happens all the time.

      1. Future yes, couple months later? Seriously that’s supposed to be OK? If I had known I could get double the memory just two months later instead of the Play Store credit I would have waited. If it were Six months or more I’d just suck it up because that’s just technology, it moves that fast. I wanted more space to begin with. But everyone kept twisting my arm saying the cloud cloud cloud, no need for more than 16g.

        I don’t feel entitled at all. I feel cheated.

        1. Didn’t Motorola do this with their Droid Razr Maxx?

          1. Razr vs Razr Maxx Happened to me. I don’t feel cheated.

          2. That’s what my main point is. There are different forms of this. And those who got it early got the credit anyways. So why are people complaining? LoL!!

          3. yea i was about to say too, its not as if google pulled off a razr maxx fiasco

        2. It’s been 3 months, and probably won’t be released for at least another month. So it could be like 4.5 months.

        3. Yet you chose to buy the 16GB model even though it wasn’t what you wanted. By all accounts, you seem like the type of person who is capable of calculating your storage needs and factoring in the limitations involved with Cloud storage. I decided that 16GB+Cloud=inadequate and, as such, didn’t buy a Nexus 7 when they came out. The beauty part is that there are other Android tablets to choose from.

          You chose to purchase something that did not meet your minimum requirements and you feel you deserve to be compensated for it? I might sympathize if the Nexus 7 were the only tablet on the market but it’s not. Nor is it the only 7″ tablet on the market.

          When faced with this situation, some of us bought up instead of down. I wanted Tegra 3, 32GB+ storage, fast updates, HDMI-out, USB host and Vanilla Android in a 7″ tablet. Does that exist? No. Did I compromise? Yes. Now I have an Asus Transformer Infinity with 96GB (including SD) storage and a full HD (bigger than I wanted) display and everything else I wanted that was actually important. Did I pay more? Absolutely. Was it worth it? Every penny. Do I feel that Asus owes me half my money back because they’re releasing a Nexus 7 that might be worth compromising for? Of course not. That would be ridiculous.

          1. He said nothing about it not meeting his minimum requirements. He determined 16gb would be enough. Now less than 6 months later the space is being doubled for the same price. Try to rationalize it all you want but your response is irrelevant to the OP.

          2. “I wanted more space to begin with. But everyone kept twisting my arm saying the cloud cloud cloud, no need for more than 16g.”

            He wanted more space but settled for less. It’s right there. He chose a tablet with less space than he wanted, even though there are other options on the market. Here’s the real kicker: nobody ever died from waiting until a tablet came out that met their requirements. If he had decided not to compromise and held onto his money, he’d be one of the people posting about how excited they are to get one instead of complaining about Google somehow owing him something. I’m all for early adoption but not if you’re going to whine about the things that come with it.

            My response is to a statement that he clearly made. I’m not sure how much more relevant a response can be than to directly discuss something the other person said…but thanks for playing.

        4. I think the people downvoting you are the ones that didn’t purchase the tablet and that’s just not right! You should be angry. THis is not an “early adoption penalty”. That’s BS!! Early adoption is when software suffers or there is a defect in the hardware that’s done better. An upgrade (DOUBLE!) the space when the tablet has been out only a little while is a slap in the face to the people who purchased….especially the early adopters being the lifeblood for the product to begin with. I really hope if this proves to be true that Google tries to make ammends somehow or I will definitely have a sour taste in my mouth about this.

      2. Meh, doesn’t matter anyways. It’s not like they’re going to compensate. Hell they didn’t even offer up an explanation why the shipping schedule for the Nexus 7 was so screwed up. Again I was ready to throw more money at Google if they had offered this originally. And hell we wouldn’t even be having this conversation if the 32g will sell for $299 or more. But changing price to spec tier this soon is worse than Apple – at least those guys have a regular upgrade cycle. I’d be more than happy to pay RMA shipping and a restocking fee on my 16g if they’d let me swap up for the 32g.

        1. if your willing to do all that just sell it on craigslist or ebay and buy a new one.

        2. yeah, not sure why you’re bitching if you’re more than willing to throw money into the wind. You were an early adopter and possibly paid the early adopter fee. I guess you’d be more happy with Google NOT doing anything and NOT listening to their customers, because well you’d still have the bestest version of the Nexus 7.

    2. You got the Play Store credit.

    3. really???? months later you expect to be able to price match????? sorry dude that is NOT how the world works, you paid a price for owning it day one. im not over here crying that i could get my LTE EVO cheaper now than i did day one so neither should you be… your whole philosophy makes no sense.

      1. The “early adopter tax” is a valid excuse provided it were six or more months. But only 2-3 months later? Google never mentioned they would be doing a 32g version before the holidays. I heard rumors of a 10″ device but not much until recently of a 32g Nexus 7. Like I said below. If Google would have said “hey we got a 32g model planned for later” I would have waited. But the fact that they keep mum (which they’ve been doing a lot of), and I understand it’s how it works but doesn’t make it right, it feels incredibly deceptive. I would have been happy to pay $299 for this had it been available at the time. Do I feel entitled? No. Do I feel cheated? Yes.

        1. didn’t know google was entitled to inform their customers of all future devices and future plans for the device they bought…

          you expect too much. its not like google screwed you over at all. they are just adjusting prices… this is kinda normal for hardware, yes even 2 months after release.

          Welcome to the real world.

        2. So if Google would have waited the “Six months” you would have been satisfied?

          What about the person who would have bought that tablet a few weeks before Google made that announcement (using your 6 month wait period)? Should Google wait “6 months” after the last Nexus7 have been bought so no one feels “Cheated”?

        3. However, I think Google listened to their customers complaints about storage and did something about it. So many people complained about the lack of storage……I have to assume that is why you are seeing this.

    4. To be fair that’s Android. Basically it works like this – your phone is considered obsolete and replaced by the manufacturer within 6 months. It will then never receive an update or acknowledgment of its existence again. (wow that was profoundly accurate I pat myself on the back)

      The solution to this is Nexus or crApple. I learned the hard way, never again.

      1. That’s if updates are that dire to you. I’m actually content with ICS on my E4GT. I use my phone more than the average person and still don’t care for Jelly Bean all that much. Although the E4GT ICS was a horrible update. Took that off and put something less Samsung-stock. LoL!!

        The main thing in Jelly Bean that’s cool is Google Now, but wait, I can get that. LoL!! The rest are obvious upgrades. More smooth and stability. I mean every update has that. And yes, I know there’s more to Jelly Bean, so please save it. LoL!!
        I do believe, however, that Gingerbread phones need to be updated to ICS. ICS is a pretty stable OS. There is a newer GUI then Gingerbread and customers need to start learning it now.
        I don’t mind waiting until my contract expires next year to get an upgrade to Android. Unless they get that Multiple User Function working. LoL!!

        1. I’m sorry but you are a moron if you say you don’t care for jellybean that much or more likely you are lying because you don’t have it lmao

      2. Your argument is not valid… Isn’t the Nexus 7 a “Nexus Brand Product”?

        People who complain that a company is dropping price etc should reconsider how they buy products.

        Anyone would have known that with the holidays coming, Google was going to do something the the Nexus7. If you did not want to feel “Cheated” then wait until the holidays and but the product then.

        Would people who bought the first flat screen TVs at the multiple thousands when they came out expect a refund because i can now get a better flat screen for a few hundred bucks?

      3. There are millions of handsets out there owned by people who have no clue about OS updates nor do they care. They also don’t care if their phone is not the latest because for the majority of people, they just want a phone. They don’t care how “latest” it is. I have news for you. Most of us on sites like this are the only ones dying for the latest update as quickly as possible and we are in the minority. We don’t represent the masses.

    5. Lol just shut up guy

    6. I bought a desktop from Dell last December… they’ve come out with better models since then… should they give a free upgrade?

    7. Well you did get that $25 gift card which is now gone. Does that count enough for you?

    8. I drove my car out the lot and it immediately lost a ton of $$$ value. I don’t think anyone buying a tablet or phone should expect it to be at the head of the pack for more than 2 months.

  5. highly doubt it. 8 should be replaced by 16 and 16 replaced by 32 while keeping the pricing the same. no reason to ONLY have an 8 and a 32…. that stoopiid

    1. Well, Apple did it for a couple years with the iPod touch, so it has been done before.

  6. 8GB should be replaced by 32GB and 16 needs to be bumped to 64GB

    1. Why do you want them to be more expensive?

      1. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

        1. This is a horrible reach for this pun. Please stop.

      2. With the price of memory being so cheap, it really should not change the price at all. 16gb for $199 and 32gb for $249 would blow the iPad mini out of the water, and if they somehow throw a $99 8gb in there just because they can, then bam.

        I have the 16gb one and love it, love it, love it. I will also be all over the 10.1 Nexus if Samsung is going to make it. Hopefully, the price will be around $299 or $399 and no higher and have SDcard expansion.

  7. Grr!! I bought the 16GB. It’s a good thing Gamestop buys tablets. LoL!!
    I hope Gamestop or someone has a special where I can turn my 16GB in.

    1. you will get more on eBay….

    2. Gamestop?! lmfao. Will they gve you $12 cash or $14 in store credit for trading in a Nexus 7? Nah, that sounds a little too generous for Gamestop.

      1. They took my iPod Touch 16GB 2nd Gen for $90. I think I’ll get a fair amount. And that $90 shole did go to the purchase of my Nexus 7. LoL!!

  8. my guess:

    8gb at 149$
    16gb at 199$
    32gb at 249$

    1. Thee 16gb is to be done away with

      1. More than likely, it’s the 8gb that will be discontinued with the 16gb taking over its price point.

    2. that’s way too many options

    3. 8 gb for only $150? That would be crazy..

    4. I believe that the 8gb Nexus 7 will be the one that costs 99$.

  9. Why not replace the 8gb with the 16 then? Why keep the 8 at all?

  10. $99 option should come with 4GB rom + expandable memory lol

  11. what the hell?!? my 16gb is less then a month old….

  12. Damn 14 day return period just passed, oh well! Don’t see a huge use for 32gb its not like my major music source and for movies, I stream or just drop and drag as I want, for the price, its still a steal!

  13. Or they could just put an SD slot on the thing…

    1. That’s the obvious option…of course way too consumer friendly so let’s quash that.

      1. No, for the very real reason that if the subsidized Nexus 7 had hdmi-out and memory expansion capability (without the hacks otakus enjoy ;-) then Samsung and acer, etc. would not be able to compete in the 7″ market.

        Google only wants to expand the market and get back users from amazon. They don’t want to be the only manufacturer at 7″. A crippled, but beautiful Nexus 7 accomplishes this.

        I have a Nexus 7 and I love it, but for my second 7″ tablet, I want video-out (MHL or hdmi-out), built-in USB memory mounting and a microSD card slot. And I’m willing to pay about $75 extra for that. Anyoe who wants to do video is in the same boat as me. Those who are surrounded by DLNA-ready big screens and who have rooted the N7’s have largely already overcome these obstacles.

  14. The 8GB should be dropped and replaced by the 16GB model at $199. The 32GB model would come in at the $249 price point.

  15. More than likely, two models/price points will be the norm. The 8GB version will probably only be reduced in order to get rid of remaining stock and then cease being offered.

  16. End-of-life!?
    Its just been released in Singapore!


  17. perfect

  18. If the remaining 8GB models go on sale at $150, there will be riot in town.

  19. Now, I would stand in line for a 32 GB! But not for too long. I’ll order one to replace my Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus which does not seem to be nearly as well supported.

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