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All eyes are on Google for their October 29 event. The Search Giant usually unveils Nexus news during this time of the year and we are excited to see if all those juicy Nexus rumors will pan out. But while we wait, there is a bit of leak goodness we have to share.

A leaked system dump has been revealing multiple improvements Google is said to bring forth with the announcement of Android’s new OS version. This is Android 4.2, which is expected to be a small improvement over Jelly Bean, and will keep said moniker.

Among other things, the most exciting new features include a secondary quick settings section in the notification bar and the newly discovered multiple user account system. Now, we are not sure if this feature will definitely come with Android 4.2, but there are some clues in the code that seem to suggest so. If multiple user accounts don’t come with Android 4.2, we can at least be sure that it is in the works.

There are some extra code strings that suggest there are additional features in the settings. One would be allowed to manage accounts (create, delete-modify, etc.) and each account would be labeled with a user name and photo. The code also displays signs of parental control settings, which would be able to be edited to accomodate each account and its user.

There is no proof, but we can speculate that there will be some form of log-in system that can be accessed via the screen lock. It would be especially nifty if Google could incorporate Face Unlock to the log-in interface. Users could then simply log into their own accounts more easily, without the need of passwords or patterns.

Android users have been praying and begging for multiple user accounts for a while now. Especially since tablets started becoming more popular as a family unit. It might be a bit complicated, but we can hope this feature is well-implemented when/if it is released. Ideally, it should be able to save different passwords for social networks, e-mail and other apps. Preferably different Google accounts, as well. Much like a computer.

Another smaller, but still important improvement was also discovered. It seems the Gallery design is undergoing a major redesign, along with the gallery and camera icons. The design seems to take some cues from Google+, so it is a bit different from what we are used to since ICS.

Generally, it looks great. It does seem a bit wonky in some areas, like the album section, but this is probably not final software. We will just have to wait until the 29th and see! Are you guys ready for a new Nexus and Android version? We are, so stay tuned.

[Via: Android Police]

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