More evidence suggests 32GB Nexus 7 will launch at same price as 16GB model


Last week we learned that Google will likely phase out the 16GB Nexus 7 in favor of a 32GB model, and despite double the storage most signs point the $250 price point remaining the same for the larger storage option. Now we have a look at the 32GB device listed on Staples’ business portal, where it is actually shown as coming in at a few dollars cheaper than the 16GB model.

The move makes you wonder if Google plans to do anything with the pricing of the 8GB model, or if perhaps a 16GB option will be offered at the $199 price point. We’ve seen nothing to suggest this to be the case, but it seems a little odd that the company would offer three times the storage for only $50 more, making the $199 model with 8GB seem, dare I say, overpriced in comparison.

According to Staples, the new version of the N7 could launch as soon as October 18th, but that seems a little unlikely. A logical launch of the 32GB model could coincide with the unveiling of the next Nexus smartphone, an event that is rumored to occur at the end of this month.

[AndroidPolice via Engadget]


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  1. Sweet!!! Im thinking this is to help the N7 compete with the upcoming ipad mini. If this turns out to be accurate i will absolutely scoop up an N7 for my 12 yr old as a Xmas gift.

  2. Why not off the 8gb? o_O

  3. Having purchased a 16gb N7 recently, this news doesn’t make me very happy…would’ve much rather had the 32gb at the same price!

    1. No sour grapes here. You have to expect this sort of progress.

    2. You got the credit. So it all fairs out. =.P
      Though I’m not to fond of this. Even though I’m still going to get one. LoL!!

  4. I think the price on the 8GB is OK. This addresses the concerns of people who said that $50 is a lot to pay for a measly 8GB of extra storage. $50 for an extra 24GB is still kind of high compared to what you can pay for a microSD card, but it’s not as bad.

  5. wow I just bought the 16gb nexus 7 today

    1. wow then you should be able to return it today

  6. Upsetting as a 16gb owner. Feels like I’m being punished for purchasing the flagship tab on preorder, all over again.

  7. So what happens to the people that purchased the 16 Gb model at $249.00?

    1. They come to forums and comments sections to complain about it.

    2. They continue to enjoy the 16GB that they bought, because it was a good deal at the time.

    3. They enjoy the $25 credit. Or did you forget you got that? LoL!!

    4. They jump in their time machines and, oh wait…

  8. If they can change the pricing to $149 for 8GB, $199 for 16Gb and $249 for 32GB they will be able to compete really well. I hope that they launch more countries also, Google is bad at international launch, only US and 6 months later some EU countries…

    1. No. They aren’t gaining or losing profit with the Nexus 7 8GB as it is. If they lower the price, for ever Nexus 7 8GB they sell, they will actually lose money.

  9. I kind of expect them to replace the 8gb with 16gb, making the 16gb only $200 with the 32gb for $250.

  10. thaz a kick in the chick-lets…

  11. I hate getting kicked in the chick-lets!

  12. Tried to live with a 7 and no SD slot, went back to a 10 with an SD slot.
    Nice tablet though. Quite nice.

  13. Are people completing forgetting that they got $25 for free? LoL!! I’m a little upset, yes, but I’m not mad at Google for what they did. I’m just going to buy the next one. BUT if they come out with a 64GB in like 2 months, then Ima be pissed.

    1. hahaha, I almost forgot about that. I ran through those free $25 the same day

    2. Its sucks because afterwards seems Google gave me the middle finger by giving me Transformes “Dark of the Moon” for free as well. Screw you Google.

  14. 16gb is perfect for me. I hope they drop the 8gb and move the 16gb to $200. If that happens I’m probably buying a couple for Christmas presents. 8gb is just to small if you don’t have an internet connection constantly.

  15. i just stop by my local staples and they had them in stock for 250

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