Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 Developer Edition now out of stock


That was quick. Verizon’s Galaxy S3 Developer Edition went on sale just yesterday, but the device is in backorder status just a day later. We doubt the unlocked device was so popular that Samsung was not able to keep up with demand, though. Odds are Samsung just didn’t expect to sell many of these, so they kept stock pretty light.

Both 16 GB and 32 GB versions of the Galaxy S3 are currently out of stock, so you are out of luck if you wanted one soon. Looking at the bright side, it seems customers won’t have to wait too long before receiving their backordered devices. Samsung is asking to allow them 2 weeks to ship the smartphones.

The item you have chosen is currently out of stock and will be placed on back order. You will not be charged for the back order. If you wish to proceed, you will receive notification via email regarding the status of availability. Please allow us 2 weeks to receive the item you have chosen.

Those still willing to sign up and wait a bit can go ahead and place their orders at Samsung’s website. We advice you do it soon, though, before more people snatch them and force you to wait longer.

Thanks, Max!

[Source: Samsung]

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  1. And VZW says no body cares about locked bootloaders.Looks like they were wrong. The rooted community will only continue to grow.

  2. Why would you buy the unlocked no warranty version when you could get the locked warranty version and unlock it with one click? If you need warranty service you simply single click to relock it.

  3. How many did they make? One?

    1. how many are they going to sell ? None ?

  4. It was never actually in stock. I’ve been watching that page for weeks and it stoped showing as coming son on Thursday night. But it was listed as back ordered then also. I don’t think it’ll ever actually go on sale.

  5. i’d like to hear from someone who bought one before believing they were ever on sale.

  6. This should tell them something

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