Motorola aims to fix Android 4.0 update delays for DROID Bionic


Sadly, broken promises is something we have grown used to when it comes to Android updates. It is upsetting, but manufacturers have to know that great communication and customer service can sometimes do more than a timely update. We have to give props to Motorola for this one, as they are not beating around the bush about the DROID Bionic’s delayed Android 4.0 update.

The DROID Bionic has had a rough life (read our review). It went from being one of the most exciting devices of CES 2011 to getting completely redesigned, delayed and being unsuccessful at launch. But hey, it is not a bad device. The only issue is that the Bionic now faces another complication.

The Bionic was said to get Android 4.0 by early Q3, 2012. Of course, we are past that point now, and all eyes are now on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Regardless, Motorola ‘s Punit Soni has taken it upon himself to talk to talk to the community and try to work things out.

We have a plan for Bionic. I am currently solidifying things to ensure we can publish it, commit and follow up. I think you guys have gotten a raw deal and we could do way better. But you are one of the top few things I worry about when I look at Upgrades.

With that, users are now much more content about the delayed OTA update. At least they feel like they are not getting ignored, and it takes honor to apologize and accept they have wronged. I know I wouldn’t mind waiting a bit more if customer service was this attentive (just don’t make me wait too long either).

[Source: Punit Soni Via: Engadget]

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. maybe as a reward they will instead skip ICS and jump it straight to Jellybean

  2. Sorry, too little and too late! This whole experience has helped me to realize that the only device for me is a nexus and even if Moto released a nexus I’m not sure i would want to spend a dime with them. MOTOFAIL!

    1. Agreed. I have the Atrix, which has been out longer than the Bionic. We still have nothing. We’re supposed to get ICS 3rd quarter. I’m thinking its probably gonna end up being the third quarter of the 2000’s.

  3. Ditched that phone for a Gnex. Wonderful decision.

    1. Same here, except yours is probably on Verizon, and mine is unlocked on Straight Talk. Best phone and carrier decision I’ve made in a long time.

    2. make sure n hope they don’t make a MOTOROLA NEXUS

  4. Doubtful… Just root you’re phone and get it that way….I’ve been running ics since June…and i love it…waiting for a jelly bean ROM….xda baby

  5. To be honest, I’m very glad I still have my Bionic despite all this.

  6. Maybe they can reward us with a razr max

  7. This phone was Dead on Arrival.

  8. Best decision ever made for a phone, love my bionic!

  9. Just STOP TALKING and DO IT.
    It’s a non-stop BS fest with this phone.


  10. I am waiting for my mo pho update too.. love moto but i may have to jump ship in december.

  11. “With that, users are now much more content about the delayed OTA update”.

    Edgar, which users are you referring to? I’ve put off rooting my phone because the forums have been saying “any day now…” for months! I love the Bionic, it is the right size, very durable, decent battery, BUT the data drops have been unacceptable. Content? How about steaming!

  12. Next time “plan” to support the phone UP FRONT, genius.

    1. They have completely changed their leadership team between the time this phone came out and now. You should actually go read all of Soni’s comments. He admits that Motorola messed up and that it is a major problem. He even said that even though the leadership team is new they aren’t going to play the “we just got here” card and they are going to take full responsibility.

  13. Too little too late. I’m do for an upgrade in less than 2 months now. I will have already moved on by the time moto comes up with some ridiculous plan. No more moto’s for me after this disaster. They need to learn to stop making promises that they cannot keep.

  14. Whatever, just don’t muck it up. This phone has served me perfectly over the last several months, and id hate to have that all go out the window because of some half baked ICS port. They can take all the time they need, if I start bonding for ICS I can switch over to one of the leaked builds in 5 mind.

  15. Ditch my Atrix for the Xperia . No word for us Atrix owners

  16. I just upgraded my iphone 3gs. Smooth as silk and faster than my moto bionic.

  17. Only reason I will stick with vzw and my bionic is that I have an unlimited data plan, it is rooted and I use it as a 4g hotspot -FREE OF CHARGE!

  18. HA, what a joke. The Bionic was solid but as soon as the GS3 came out I jumped ship and now my kid uses my Bionic as a media/gaming device with the phone disconnected.

  19. MOTO needs to get it together, realeased the Bionic, then released the Razor right behind it, and then released the Razor Maxx behind that. I felt bad when I bought the Bionic and the Razr came around but then I felt a little better when the Razor Max came out cause misery luvs company.

  20. Never buying a motorola again. After talking to many people at verizon, I was able to have them send me a Galaxy Nexus as a replacement for my Bionic. Couldn’t be happier.

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