Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3 Developer Edition now on sale


It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the Samsung Galaxy S3 Developer Edition for Verizon, but a heads up for all awaiting their chance to drop $600 dollars on the unlocked, unstrapped version of the device. Samsung’s site now has the handset available for sale after first showing it as ‘coming soon’ back in July.

The Galaxy S3 Developer Edition is identical to the version of the handset released through Verizon’s carrier subsidy, except it provides user a more open experience for hacking and modifying the phone’s software. The model released over the summer came with a locked bootloader, much to the dismay of custom ROM users everywhere.

[via Samsung | Thanks, jonkranked!]

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  1. Funny, my S3 magically turned into a developer version back in August.

    Now only if this new developer version came with stock Android…

  2. It says back-ordered on both the 16 and 32GB versions. So it’s really not for sale yet.

  3. Uhh, can’t you many ANY S3 a “developer edition”, since you can flash an unlocked bootloader ?

    1. OK so when they release locked phones everyone complains and when they release unlocked phones, they complain that it’s easy to unlock the locked ones. Just can’t win.

      1. No, people get mad because they paid for the exact same phone as the “developer edition”, with the exact same hardware, yet the manufacturer limits the software.

        1. Wrong, the bootloader was unlockable on all models except the verizon one. Verizon, the carrier locks the phone. Don’t blame samsung when it is clearly verizon’s fault.

  4. I have had mine for a while now, thanks anyway VZW.

    Hopefully this doesnt set the tone for the rest of their phones. Just unlock the BL from the start and be done with it. No point on wasting money on useless hardware like this

    1. No boot loader comes unlocked…..

  5. Waiting on my locked (Oh wait I unlocked it myself) S3 to come back from Samsung. lol

  6. Sorry Verizon is no longer my friend..lol

  7. Waste of $. Wait a couple months for the 4th Nexus.

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