Apple wants another $707 million from Samsung, and most of its devices banned in the US


Apple is going for the jugular this time! Apparently those $1.05 billion dollars were not enough, and the company has filed a request to get an extra $707 million in additional damages and interest for infringing on the Apple’s designs. But oh no, it doesn’t stop there. Apple wants those Samsung devices banned in the US once and for all (we know Apple wants a plethora of old and new devices banned).

This would not cover all Samsung devices, but based on the request, such ban would apply to most. The US sales ban would apply to “any of the infringing products or any other product with a feature or features not more than colorably different from any of the infringing feature or features in any of the Infringing Products.”

Yeah, that is pretty much all of them, with very few exceptions, probably. In return, Samsung has asked for a new trial, as the last one didn’t give them enough time to present a “full and fair” case. This could be getting ugly, guys. We will definitely keep our ears open for this one, so stay tuned!

[Source: Reuters]

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  1. Unreal

  2. It will takes ages for this to be resolved as the jury were not asked to judge on the validity of the patents. They were told to reach a verdict on the assumption that the patents were valid. Until another court resolves the validity, Samsung are most unlikely to pay up and if Apple continues to seek a ban, they will have to provide a bond against potential Samsung losses if a ban was imposed.

  3. Apple seems to be desperate! They knew before hand that their products weren’t going to be able to match samsungs, so they are seeking as much money to stay afloat! They know they are sinking so they are filling for infringements!

    1. In the meantime, they are still milking as many isheep as they can before anyone gets to see the phone in action.

      1. It’s more than just iSheep, unfortunately. I recently had a short conversation with someone who was admittedly tech ignorant and making his first smartphone purchase, and the gist of it was that he believed the iphone 5 was the better phone for him to buy because it was a”5″, while the GS3 was a “3” and the One X was a “1”…hence 5 is higher than the other two and obviously better.

        I couldn’t make this stuff up, folks.

        1. Tell them the LG Opimus L7 must be better then both the phones since it has a 7! Most people can’t reason on their own, They just go with what they see on tv. This applys to politics and tech.

      2. Apple = 71% of all the profits in the smartphone industry:

        Yeah I can see how difficult it is to “stay afloat” on 71% of the profits in your profession….

        Seriously….if you fandroids are sharing a brain, can you find one that actually works???? :-)

  4. Really, when will it be enough? Someone has to stop them. God knows they’ll never pass a chance to screw their opposition and in the end, their users.

  5. this is non-sense apple needs to be stop somehow the sad part is it does not look like someone will at least not as long as the cases are in USA.
    Sandly looks like our government will always be on apple’s side for obvious reasons there’s a lot of money that apple in contributing for the economy and a lot of taxes they are paying as well.
    the worst part is for us customer its just crazy how apple sale its overpriced products specially macbooks pros price is just ridiculous, you can get up to two pc’s with better specs than the macbooks pro with that money,
    However there is a lot of idiots that think because its apple its the best, people who believe they do have the best technology on the market people that will keep buying apple no matter what.
    obviously apple does not like competition and their goal is a total monopoly . “greedy bastards” .
    apple has been focusing on suing based on ridiculous facts and they are winning all the cases instead on development of technology they were pioneers now they are struggling trying unsuccessfuly to keep up with competition specially Samsung and since they are losing they are playing dirty even worst than politics.
    All this makes me so sick.

    1. This is so hard to read. And I don’t mean the typos. :-

  6. I have a feeling that all of this shall be appealed and Samsung won’t have to pay crap.

    1. That feeling is called “wishful thinking”…..

      1. You reek of Apple fan-boy… I don’t care who you like(I personally have a Nokia), there were errors in the jury decision. I highly doubt that this will go through.

        1. I rest my case…

          1. Do you bribe the jury &/or the judge as well like that “fallen” judge Koh who was paid for ~ well by you know who !

  7. This should be decided by patent specialists who know all the facts not just Joe blow off the street. Secondly most of the patents apple is seeking to use are way to common place and should be invalidated. Why don’t tv companies sue each other because they all use common technology they just find things to differentiate themselves. Android was first Samsung looks somewhat similar to ios but apple stole many features fro android and don’t forget apple uses allot of Samsung parts and renames them. Please wake up US patent Office let’s cut apple off at the knees before they continue to keep hitting the cracked pipe. They are not innovators their time has passed.

  8. apple is that shitty of a company and jealous that there one phone sucks while Samsung has multiple trademark phones that just keep raising the bar and apple don’t like that because there designers suck when it come to making a phone and on top of that there newest phone is all ready a year behind jealous apple is android keeps getting better faster while the apples keep falling off the trees.

  9. Apple uses Samsung part to build their products. They have already talked about withholding payment. Samsung can solve the problem easily. Take away the parts.

    1. I don’t believe they can legally withhold payment for something like that. It’s two separate things. They couldn’t possibly be that arrogant to believe they can bypass a legally binding contract, could they? O.o

  10. F**k you Apple! You non innovating piece of garbage! You’re just jealous that Samsung did it way better than you ever did! Can’t wait until that Notification bar patent goes into affect so that your rip off copy of so called “Revolutionary” notification center gets off of iCrap phones!

  11. Stop it Apple….Stop it.

  12. They want more money because they are already losing on the iPhone5. People are buying the S3 or waiting for the Note 2

    1. Losing on the iPhone 5? With over 2 million PRE-ORDERS and analysts estimating between 6-10 million sold the FIRST WEEKEND ALONE?? The S3 and the Note 2 COMBINED won’t equal the success of the iPhone 5. Boy, you fandroids sure having a funny way of defining “losing”….. :-)

      1. We’ll see what your opinion is a year from now. No dissing, just be patient, isheep…

      2. Looks like soon we’re going to see a lot of used iphone 5’s on craiglist once they realize how crappy it is.

      3. Whooooo 2 million preorders… Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the “9.3 million preorders” the Galaxy S3 received HIGHER than 2 million?

        Oh, wait, never mind, yeah, “9.3 million preorders” for the Galaxy S3 trumps the 2 million Apple’s stagnating catch up phone received before shipping. But leave it up to Apple and its micromanaged hype to help wow those that follow.

        And analysts are saying something? So, the self serving liars are promoting hype that if it pans out, will benefiet their investments/interests? WOW, that’s amazing! When analysts aren’t serving their own interests, they’re serving the interest of another company that has paid them to reach a certain conclusion; go figure.

        Anyways, good luck with your anticipations fueled by hype… Oh, and you’re a HYPOCRITE! :-)

        1. Lol! I knew someone was gonna bring up Sammy’s 9 million “pre-orders”….never mind the facts that 1) Samsung NEVER confirmed those numbers; they hardly ever do :-) and 2) those supposed 9 million pre-orders were from CARRIERS, not END-USERS:
          You fandroids just LOVE to play with numbers! ;-)

          As far as analysts go, if you know anything about Apple’s recent history, they have almost always been wrong…..consistently underestimating Apple. Apple has consistently beaten analysts estimates, the only exceptions being the typical slowdown period the qtr before a new iPhone is released. So I wouldn’t be shocked of Apple sells 12 million this weekend…it’s not hype, my fandroid friend….it’s recent history! Such butthurt!!! Lol!

          1. Go back to gizmodo isheep

          2. Translation: I don’t have a valid rebuttal to your point

          3. And for the record, most carriers who pre-ordered the GS3 were sold out almost instantly

          4. now hecan’t play with numbers…. Dan you! :-P

          5. Got a link to prove it???

          6. you freakin moron…12 million isnt the for first week you douchebag..typical apple moron.

          7. You’re right….it’s for the first WEEKEND :-)

          8. Are you really this lonely? Do you even know what it means to be a hypocrite? If not, you’re excelling at it.

            Your delusional outlook based on naive assumptions, wrapped in an nervous laugh, has you trolling on an Android site. Think about it. You really must have annoyed the friends you “had,” so now you’re desperate for social interaction. I’m guessing that Apple’s newly released table scraps have given you the courage to go forth and be an annoying child. Awesome! Good job! You rock as an annoying child!

            BTW, that 9.3 million preorders you’d like to ignore, so you searched the web for a view that fits yours, did not include the U.S. launch; but yet Samsung still managed to outsell Apple’s iClone.

            And I have no issues with whichever way you swing, but leave your creepy concerns about the state of my butt to yourself. It says to me, that your frontal lobe has yet to fully develop and that your capacity of understanding is still limited; but yet I’m sure in your own mind you know everything, because a limited capacity is certainly easier to fill up.

          9. Translation: I can’t find a link to disprove his claims

          10. Exactly, “CLAIMS.” They’re your claims, you need to prove them.

            Claims are fun and all, but here’s a fact to chew on: 1.3 million Android devices are activated every day and this is without micromanage hype.

          11. When you consider the fact that with nearly 1000 Android handsets on the market being sold by nearly 400 carriers around the world, 1.3 million a day doesn’t sound nearly as impressive :-)

      4. @DroidDoesnt_2:disqus

        Whoa, hold on. I’m having a flash-back to 2009 with Xbox 360 fanboys. Let me explain…

        You see, this smartphone war is almost the exact same as the console wars. People argued online about which console was better. The PS3, or the 360. I used to join in those arguments a lot, but now, they are almost non-existent (or atleast, as far as I know they are). 360 fanboys would argue that the 360 console was better because it had better games, and bigger sales. That one was their biggest argument. Sales. You see, this went on since around 2006/7. It ended around 2010 when the PS3 got better in every way. It even started overtaking the 360 in sales, and ever since then, it has almost entirely surpassed it. The PS3 always had the most power, and since around 2009, always had the best games and features,as well as free services, to which the 360 would charge. But 360 fans denied it. Why? Its because the 360 had sold more, thus making it the “better console” in their eyes.

        And now, we have the same rubbish going on in these smartphone wars. On one side, we have the blind Apple enthusiasts, who believe iPhone is the best because it is “unique” and has sold the most, and that Android is just the rip-off, shoddy quality version. On the other side, we have Android fans who have the option of choosing mid-range Android phones, all the way up to the high-end Android phones. Its open source, you’re not limited to choosing your match, be it physical, or through software. The Android platform has everything going for it, apart from the sales numbers, which for the past year, has slowly started to take over the iPhone. Although, I am simply going off of late-last years news for this. Maybe Android now does officially out-sell iPhone.

        I find it quite interesting how, with the PS3, it has overtaken the 360 in sales everywhere, accept for America. And last time I heard, Android had taken over the iPhone. Accept for America. Where the iPhone is a mile ahead. It seems to always be the Americans that are the most blinded. Not implying that a lot of you on here are blind of course (after all, this is an American Android fan-site), but rather, the majority of the American civilisation prefers what is most popular, over what is simply the best. Maybe it boils down to favouritism for a lot of people. With Apple being an American company, as is Microsoft, too.

        Sorry for bringing consoles into this, but I just found the similarities too hilarious to not bring up. It is almost like a new cycle.

        1. There one major flaw in your comparison: PS3 vs 360 is a direct device-to-device comparison, whereas “Android” vs “iPhone” is a device to OS comparison, which is apples to oranges. “Android” is not a device, but a collection of nearly 1000 devices running different versions of the Android operating system. And btw, not only do these 1000 devices all compete against the iPhone, but they compete against EACH OTHER. That means that the GS3 is just as much a competitor of the HTC One X as it is of the iPhone. In that proper context, the iPhone as a device (not to be confused with iOS as an operating system) is the number one selling smartphone on the planet by a mile :-)

          1. Okay then, lets just simplify what my comparison was. Lets take Android’s poster face phone, the Galaxy SIII. Now lets take iPhone 5. There you have it. SIII, and iPhone 5. The one thing Android has over Apple already is that Android has multiple other devices to choose from. That’s the bonus of Android, and as I have already said, it is open source. Different variations, from different companies.

            Do I really have to explain it further?

          2. That’s fine….choice is good. I have a choice to either use the iPhone or go with something else. My choices are no more limited than yours. Since the iPhone suits my needs, that’s the choice I’ve made. If it didn’t, I would choose something else….

          3. But that’s the point. What would you choose? An iPhone 3GS? The only other choice would be to go to Android, but then again, that’s not exactly a plus for Apple, is it?

          4. Personally I couldn’t care less if it is a plus for Apple….I choose Apple because it suits my needs, not bcuz I am an investor in the company. If they didn’t have a phone that suited my needs, then I would choose something else….

          5. We all agree that the iphone is the number 1 selling smartphone in the world, but it’s not the most superior product. While there is no one Android phone to dominate the iphone in pure sales Android has already surpassed IOS as the number 1 operating system for smartphones around the world. I do believe the iphone is a great product for consumers, but equally so is Android and Windows 8 smartphones. I think this case Apple has against Samsung would not have gone in this direction if Samsung was an American company, or if Samsung wasn’t the top money making manufacturer in Android smartphones/tablets. We can go back and forth comparing who’s got the bigger d!

          6. Pretty easy to top the iPhone in sales when there are nearly 1000 different handsets being offered on nearly a third more carriers worldwide. But that’s Apple’s business decision and they have to live with that. However, Apple’s business decision has netted them 71% of the profits in the smartphone industry, so I don’t think they are that concerned about Android’s marketshare :-)

          7. Actually, Apple is concerned about market share as much as profit. Any business entity should be concerned about it because there’s so many profit factors to gain from having the lead in your industry’s market. Anyway, with that said I believe the real change needs to come from patent reform. The U.S. Patent Office cannot continue to allow any company to patent other people’s innovations which were left as a standard tool for other innovators to built on and provide better products and/or services.

          8. I disagree that Apple is just as concerned about marketshare as they are about profits. If they were, they could easily license iOS to allow OEM’s to make devices from it like Android does. But by doing that, they would commoditize it and devalue it, decreasing profit margins. If you follow Apple’s history you’ll know that protecting their profit margins has ALWAYS been more important to them than gaining marketshare, which is why they are “losing” against Android (although I would hardly call raking in 71% of the industry’s profits losing). As for the Patent Office, it’s simply a case of, “don’t hate the player, hate the game”.

          9. There is more than one iPhone, and the gs3 has outsold the 4, and the 4s, and the 5 on a month to month basis. The 5 has a ways to go to catch up. Surely it will, then another phone will come out, and then you will need to wait for the 5s.

          10. “the gs3 has outsold the 4, and the 4s, and the 5 on a month to month basis”
            The GS3 outsold the iPhone 4S in the month of AUGUST, marking the first time in the 10 months that the 4S was on the market that it was outsold by a competitor. The reason? Everyone knew that the iPhone 5 was set to be released on Sept 12 so many people opted to wait:

            Do yourself a favor….don’t be ARROGANT on top of being IGNORANT. Not a good combination :-)

          11. Does that change the fact it was outsold? No. Sounds like your the ignorant one. And, frankly, everyone of your posts are arrogant. Even your name is. What exactly is it that “droiddoesnt” that I phones do? Nothing. Not so the other way around. Off, and thanks for posting the link that shows what I claimed was correct.

          12. I never said it wasn’t outsold…’re the ignorant one who said the gs3 outsold the 4, the 4s, and the 5 on a “month to month basis” when in fact it was one phone (4s) for one month (August)…..but what you fail to mention is that a brand, spanking new iPhony (GS3) couldn’t outsell a nearly year old 4s until the month before a new iPhone is released….pitiful :-)

          13. There is your arrogance again. Who cares, IT WAS OUTSOLD. Period, end of story. And I am still waiting on the things that back up your ignorant name. Remember, it isn’t a good combination.

          14. Hee hee…typical fandroid response…poke holes in the original ignorant comment he makes (how can the iPhone 5 be outsold on a “month to month basis” when it has been available for a grand total of 5 days????) and he violently responds “who cares?” Priceless….

          15. You didn’t poke holes in anything. The gs3 is the best selling phone since it’s release. Still waiting on how you got your name. Typical troll, cherry picking the arguments, while ignoring the glaring holes in yours. You should take your own advice. Having the two bad traits you say others have, isn’t a very good way to be.

          16. “The gs3 is the best selling phone SINCE IT’S RELEASE”
            GS3 release: June 2012. Best selling phone that month: iPhone 4S
            Best selling phone July 2012: iPhone 4S
            Best selling phone August 2012: GS3
            Ignorance knows no limits :-)

          17. And yet, 20 million plus sold, it IS the best selling phone since it’s release.

          18. 20 million in almost 4 months??? Hee hee…Apple did 25.4 million in the last 3 months, and that was considered a DOWN qtr for them:
            The ignorance just KEEPS coming….wow

          19. Your, your ignorance keeps growing. No need to be so arrogant. It is kind of funny. You link an article showing how ALL iPhone’s sold 24.5 million. How is that showing ONE of them outsold the gs3? It doesn’t, they didn’t. You have to have 3 models (3gs, 4, 4s) combined. Isn’t that your Isheeps favorite argument? Ohh, and I’m STILL waiting on what “droiddoesnt”.

          20. Just fightin fire with fire fandroid….you dufuses LOVE to point out how over 950 different Android phones are “outselling” the iPhone….taste of your own medicine…. :-)

          21. So, not only are you ignorant AND arrogant. But, your also a hypocrite. Still waiting too.

          22. Hee hee….that ignorant and arrogant comment REALLY rubbed you the wrong way, didn’t it? Sorry I had to be so straightforward about your asinine logic, but you really deserved it…do a little research next time and I won’t have to be so hard on you, ok?? :-)

          23. It wasn’t your comment, no. It was your display of ignorance, arrogance, and hypocrisy. Still waiting btw.

          24. Sure….maybe if you keep telling yourself that you will eventually believe it :-)

          25. So, your saying the iPhone 4 outsold the gs3? And, even with the record number of sales of the 5,it still comes up short.

          26. iPhone 4 = 2 1/2 years old
            iPhone 5 = less than a week old
            Unbelievable ignorance on display for the world to see…wow

          27. You are the one making illogical claims. Did I ever say anything about how old they were? No. I said they were outsold. Wich is correct. therefore, you have yet to prove my ignorance. Typical troll. Still waiting to know what “droiddoesnt”.

          28. Gleefully points out the folly of comparing a 3 month old phone to a phone that’s been on the market for 2 1/2 years and one that’s been on the market less than a week….please keep the dumb comments coming…you’re making my day :-)

          29. They are on the market, are they not? Still waiting on what exactly it is that “droiddoesnt”. Typical troll.

          30. *astounded at the level of the fandroids ignorance*

          31. still waiting on what exactly it is “droiddoesnt”

          32. *wonders how one could be so ignorant*

          33. Still waiting

        2. I’m not even going to comment on who has the best games or better hardware and how it translates into “real life.” I will say, however, that I was surpised when I first found out about console fanboys.That is about the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard – even more senseless than “carrier fanboys.” As a very, very, long-time gamer, I’ve never involved myself in silliness such as that. I just bought the current consoles and never thought about it one way or the other beyond that. If you have them, you can get whatever game you want and not worry about exclusives.
          Mobile devices are another matter altogether. You don’t have to have XBL/PSN, etc., to play games, you just buy the game and play it. In the United States, when you’re buying a smartphone, there is a good chance that you’re getting it under contract, and you have to decide which carrier is best for you, or which one you can afford if you’re on a budget – a complete non-issue with consoles. You’re not going to be stuck with a game console or pay ETFs if you decide later that you don’t want it etc. Other than blind fanboyism, there really aren’t any other parallels.

      5. This is exactly why it sells so well. This is the mass majority.

      6. @DroidDoesnt_2 Are you lost?

        1. must have used the new apple maps

      7. “Losing” = the higher number of losers buying your product.

        xD I kid,I kid….or DO I? O.o

      8. First off….to everybody….a great man once said “Do not argue with an idiot…they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

        Second…how to kill a troll. Ignore them and they go away. They live to argue and are blind to any logic. When they comment….do not reply. Eventually…they will simply die and are never heard from again.

        Just some friendly advice to help everyone out.

        1. Thanks for the reply :-)

  13. $708mil was too much..

  14. The reason for that is, what`s been going on the internet about their new Iphone5… People making a joks right and left… All around the world, special their map system…
    I don`t blame Apple, Steve Job he`s going and Apple going back to the 90`s, were they use to be. Guys check Washington Post website and read about the Apple new Iphone5.

    1. Sober up then send your message again so that we can understand it. If you are sober then I don’t know what to say…

      1. I can`t do that, I`m drinking VODKA AND APPLE too… You must be a one of Apple iSheep….

  15. If they get the Galaxy Note 2 banned, I will resurrect Steve Jobs from the grave just to murder him again.

    1. Again? O.o

      1. In hismind he killed him the last time hel jobs sites.

    2. It’s the anthropomorphic personification of cancer!

  16. Apple is about to get some of their own game. Google (also an American company) is going after Apple for infringing on multiple Motorola patents in their iMessage app. And also Samsung is going after Apple for infringing on patents which Apple copied in the iPhone 5.

    1. yes but that case will start in 2014 in time for galaxy s5 and iphone 6 lol

  17. …………………./´¯/)
    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…………. _.·´
    …………..………….… you Apple

    1. @google-dde2cb15ddecca54d4a9ce62bc5c0687:disqus nice work

  18. iPhans, imagine if all Androids were banned. Android will be underground and open source community will compile them into rooted phones. The normal consumer will choose between feature phone, windows 8, and of course iPhone. Then we will all have iPhones and never have a meaningless debate on which phone is better.

    1. If all Androids get banned (which is unrealistic), I’d use an M$ product long before I’d use an i*hone. If it came down to iOS being the only choice for smartphones, I’d get a feature phone and a 4G hotspot. crApple should know that it isn’t exactly making friends by pulling all this garbage.

  19. seems to me here in downunder that the judge is on apple’s pay book, don’t apple realize that competition create innovations and advancements. sorry cannot say the same to iphone5 i think that the total android and other makers take apple to court, i am sure that there is a copywrite issue somewhere between them that apple has violated like (LTE)
    gary bailey
    melbourne australia

    1. Apple doesn’t care about innovation. They just want android to die.

  20. I think it’s time for a United March on Cupertino, let’s show them who’s boss

  21. I live in europe so no problem for us here with apple’s justice game in their playground
    and in europe very few people use iphone

  22. What is wrong with Apple? I understand they are in the money making business, but seriously, they want more money from Samsung AND a ban on most of their products?

    “Soon we will take over the world!” – The unique and never-been-done-before iPhone 6.

  23. This is a joke now. Its like Ford saying to Toyota you cant make a car with 4 wheels and a steering wheel its too much like ours.
    I hope google get involved and ban apple from their version of maps

    1. Not going to happen. Google is going to submit a Google Maps app for the iPhone5.
      I highly doubt that Apple will approve it, because even the die-hard fanboys know that Apple’s Map app sucks. If Apple approves it, and a vast majority of iPhone users use Google Maps rather than Apple’s mapping software, it would be a massive blow to their image and ego.

      1. Actually even the Apple fanboys hate the new Apple maps

  24. I’m thinking perhaps it would be good for regular people to file a class action suit against apple for trying to force a monopoly in the smart phone arena, focusing on how apples closed ecosystem and unwillingness to compete fairly hurt the consumers and ask for 10x apples winnings in their patent trolls as punitive fines.

  25. Fix the patent system, set laws, fix loop holes, and thus get a non prejudice judge and jury. This is getting old.. apple needs a reality check. We should start petition to fix the patent laws.

    1. Then start it

    2. YA! internet petitions always make a difference!

  26. I hope Apple burn in i hell

  27. Even if they get banned I’ll just import one from a country where they’re not.

  28. I’ll say it again f***k Apple

  29. Apples lawyers want to buy more crack. More iCrack.

  30. Expect the commercials to go personal :)

  31. All the best Apple, that 1 billion verdict will not hold for long and most of your patents will be invalidated. Its just a matter of time.

  32. Sweet Jesus -____- I hate apple and their lame products that everyone blindly gives them money

  33. Apple is scared and most of all pathetic….never gonna buy any of your products ..f….y…apple

  34. Iphone 5 sales insecurity?… haha..Might as well ask the us government to ban any phone from samsung or any other brand… Hish…

  35. apple products should be boycotted just on principle. this is bullshit.

  36. I would agree that the iPhone is the number one selling device, but the number one selling OS is Android. And that my friend is what matters. =)

  37. I never in a million years thought that there was enough injustice that a court would so easily give in to Apple’s bullying game, yet they won. So in a sense this news definitely gives me cause to worry, yet for my own sanity I really refuse to believe Apple can not only win one outrageous lawsuit but a second one for the same thing. If it happens I’ll deal with it then.

    Android is the reason I am so in love with smartphones and even if they get banned, I may eventually cave to buy an iPod, as my storage needs would be best supported by them, I hope I never am weak enough to support the iPhone. I think I’d rather buy a Windows Phone on principle.

    I’ve owned an EVO, a GS2, found an EVO Design which was never claimed and used for WiFi use, and currently the GS3 since I had to switch to T-Mobile but I’m saving to get Sprint’s new EVO off contract for shits , and giggles because Android devices are as good as having a Windows computer. I’m able to do nearly anything I’d want on it that I can do on a PC. The iPhone might be made of metal. It might be a decent device. But it’s the epidimy of corporate greed. Regardless of Android’s faults Google vastly improves their OS with every incarnation leaving iOS look totally weak. If iOS suits you it means you care very little about personalization and being able to have freedoms Apple will never give their customers. And maybe it’s doing good for your ego. But for people who want a phone that will do want they ask of it and not what a company decides what it will do for you, no argument is going to be logical or convincing.

    Just as a side note… Ice Cream Sandwich officially surpasses iOS… iOS undeniably is sleek but ICS is simply beautiful. And if Apple were intelligent enough to steal one idea from Google it would be to make a dedicated space for apps and allow for customization. The new iPhone doesn’t seem any better suited for it than previous incarnations and their app layout seems so basic I’m unsure I could ever EVER go back to iOS until it gets a total overhaul.

  38. I uses both. If you are concerned of how it looks and the feel of it, Go for the Iphone. But if you focus on Functionality, Samsung is far Superior. Just the simple tasks of organizing applications, going back and displaying options, when browsing or navigation, Samsung is an absolute winner. Comparing apple-to-apple, the best applications are in Android, more choices, more quality and more free. That is why, Apple phones are proned to be jailbroken though I never did that. The fact is it conveys that Iphone is very limited.

    My other basic measure or consideration is the battery. Ofcourse both uses a lot if you are multitasking. With 3 extra samsung batteries on hand, wow I am 24/7. I do have one spare alternative Chinese battery that you put on the Apple port. Grrrr!! It destroys the Apple image as my Iphone seems to look like an illegal parking ticketing machine.

  39. What can we do as individuals to cut this crap out? It’s only stifling innovation.

    1. actually a lot for instance stop buying crapple products and get android and Microsoft pcs instead.

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