Aug 24th, 2012

Looks like the jury didn’t need the extra time after all, as reports are emerging from Judge Lucy Koh’s California court room that a verdict in the Apple v. Samsung patent trial has been reached. The jury of nine is set to announce their findings shortly after deliberating the case since Wednesday morning, a day after Apple and Samsung presented their closing arguments in the case. The final verdict could be a mixed bag that would result in product bans on both sides as well as damages that could reach into the billions. Stay tuned for the final word as this story develops…

UPDATE by Chris Chavez

Samsung has been found guilty of violating Apple’s software and hardware design patents, as well as trade-dress dilution. The good news? Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 managed to come out unscathed, not found guilty of copying the iPad. Still, Samsung will now have to pay Apple $1.049 billion in damages that can be broken down by the offending devices as follows:

  • $57 million for the Samsung Prevail
  • $44,792,974 for the Infused 4G
  • $53,123,612 for the Mesmerize
  • $3,350,256 for the Replenish
  • $954,060 for the Transform

When it came to Samsung’s patents, Apple got off completely scot-free. The iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, iPod, and iPad were not found infringing on any Samsung patents.

Whether or not you feel that Samsung willfully copied the iPhone 3GS and elements of iOS, one things for certain. After this win, Apple’s going to have a much easier time going after, and possibly winning cases against various other Android OEM’s. Looks like they’re all just sitting ducks now. Let’s hope the brilliant minds at Google have already got something up their sleeves, Lord knows Android is going to need it.

[via CNET | TheVerge]

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