BREAKING: Verdict reached in Apple v. Samsung patent trial – Samsung found guilty, must pay Apple $1.049 billion in damages


Looks like the jury didn’t need the extra time after all, as reports are emerging from Judge Lucy Koh’s California court room that a verdict in the Apple v. Samsung patent trial has been reached. The jury of nine is set to announce their findings shortly after deliberating the case since Wednesday morning, a day after Apple and Samsung presented their closing arguments in the case. The final verdict could be a mixed bag that would result in product bans on both sides as well as damages that could reach into the billions. Stay tuned for the final word as this story develops…

UPDATE by Chris Chavez

Samsung has been found guilty of violating Apple’s software and hardware design patents, as well as trade-dress dilution. The good news? Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 managed to come out unscathed, not found guilty of copying the iPad. Still, Samsung will now have to pay Apple $1.049 billion in damages that can be broken down by the offending devices as follows:

  • $57 million for the Samsung Prevail
  • $44,792,974 for the Infused 4G
  • $53,123,612 for the Mesmerize
  • $3,350,256 for the Replenish
  • $954,060 for the Transform

When it came to Samsung’s patents, Apple got off completely scot-free. The iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, iPod, and iPad were not found infringing on any Samsung patents.

Whether or not you feel that Samsung willfully copied the iPhone 3GS and elements of iOS, one things for certain. After this win, Apple’s going to have a much easier time going after, and possibly winning cases against various other Android OEM’s. Looks like they’re all just sitting ducks now. Let’s hope the brilliant minds at Google have already got something up their sleeves, Lord knows Android is going to need it.

[via CNET | TheVerge]

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  1. I hope Apple is banned

    1. From where? Last thing I heard Samsung was the one that lost the case lmao

  2. least you could’ve waited until the verdict was announced before telling everyone a verdicts been reached….

    1. SOMEBODY doesn’t know anything about SEO

      1. Oh I Know, but SOMEBODY ELSE thinks they’re a know it all….

    2. I followed the source link and read the live feed. I was able to read the actual verdicts as they were read. I am glad phandroid posted this before hand.

  3. if the reports are coming in from cnet, i fear that it may not be good news for samsung…its pretty well known that cnet are huge apple apologists…hopefully google/motorola tear apple a new one…or at least put them in their place so that all tech companies can go back to innovating rather than litigating.

  4. I hope its good news for Samsung, as I am about to buy a Galaxy Nexus.

    1. Buy it! It’s a great device.

      1. I really want to but I’m $100 short and can’t convince my parents to lend me the money.

        1. Do *NOT* buy the Galaxy Nexus. Yes, it’s an amazing phone, but hear me out:

          Nexus One launched January 2010
          Nexus S launched December 2010
          Galaxy Nexus launched November 2011

          The next Nexus phone will probably be launched in September or October. Wait a couple months and get the next one!

          1. Uhhhh….score board? Apple is only suing because they’re scared. How many Chinese rip offs have there been? Apple sues Samsung because there is actual competition. Even if you were an isheep you should appreciate the competition because as the end user you benefit. If apple is as good as they say they are the proof would be in the product.

          2. It may not be the best anymore, but its still one hell of a device
            And you can’t beat free on Verizon from best buy.

          3. @Mitchsamuels:disqus : It’s not free. It’s $0 up front but with a 2-year agreement. And you can beat that: wait a month and get a much better phone that you’ll be using for the next two years.

          4. I don’t need the most updated stuff. If I want a new phone, I find something to trade on craigslist.

          5. Fair enough. To each his own, right? :) And you’re awesome for commenting on this old thread lol

          6. Haha. Usually I just ignore the Disqus emails from old threads. Not sure why I decided to reply to this one!

      2. Yeah….its better than getting laid. Once you have one you’ll never need for anything again.

  5. The news is that there will be news eventually!

    1. BREAKING NEWS!!! We’ll have news for you later. Stay tuned……
      wtf o_O?

  6. Pretty sensational reporting going on here. Yes, there could be product bans, or fines in the billions. Or there could be no bans. Or fines in the millions. Or a million other possibilities.

    1. So much for sensational reporting…

  7. Ive already banned Apple from my house. So, the court decision is just entertainment.

    1. I can no longer recommend an apple product. I can’t support this type of nonsense that breaks innovation and continues to further ruin our patent system!

      1. if the people could only understand apple nonsense the world would be a better place

    2. I don’t allow apple products to be purchased in my office.

    3. Like that’s gonna make a difference lol, Samsung had it coming, I knew they were gona lose this fight, no one told em to go and rip apples phone deliberately, I’m glad they were found guilty, you mess with the bulll you get the horns!

      1. Samsung was just following Apples example.

    4. Good job, you took .000000000…..0000000001% profits from Apple which is the most valuable company in the world right now. & Google executives Eric Schmidt and Marissa Mayer both use MacBook Pros, they could have bought the best high end PC laptop anywhere but in spite of being sued by them they wanted Apple products for their innovation and high quality.. They laugh at your ridiculous Apple ban.
      And it doesn’t seem like a major fine for Samsung, they made $348 billion and paid $1 billion here. Could be worse, they could be Blackberry.

    5. Too bad – your house is rectangular and that shape is now patented by Apple. Get out!

  8. Bah.

    Samsung lost on most counts.

    Consumers lose.

    Smug Apple maggots and dumb jurors win.

    1. definitely not a jury of our peers….so far seems like its full of sheep..

      1. Yeah, iSheep.

  9. Quick turnaround is NOT good news for Samsung.

    At all.

  10. not looking good for samsung.

  11. so depressing….they r all isheeps….

  12. Sold my Macbook, lost my iPod touch and convinced the other 4 members of my house to buy Gnex’s instead of 4S’ just because of this patent bullshit. They may think they’re protecting their “intellectual property” but really they are just forcing open minded, fair customers like myself to buy Android. I was in the middle before this. I could appreciate what both companies had to offer. Ever since apple decided to sue and cry like children instead of innovate and try to prove why they’re the best, I’ve learned to dislike Apple as a company. They will NEVER be the same without Steve Jobs.

    1. This started with Steve Jobs so technically no this won’t be the same because eventually (well hopefully) the next guy running the show will have more common sense than to beat r competition by spending all your money to destroy them instead of innovation.

    2. So in a way maybe Samsung has manipulated you. Your purchasing decisions are being made on things other than what is the best device option for you/family.
      Not saying who is right or wrong in this case (patents suck, copying sucks, APple sucks, Google sucks, MS sucks) but when you go looking for a job in the tech industry hope you got that plane ticket ready to move to Korea/China/Taiwan.

      1. Your right. That’s exactly it. But are you telling me that you want to feed the war machine? What in the hell would that accomplish… When I hold an Apple product, it feels like blood in my hands because of the way Apple has senselessly and carelessly sued anyone in the tech industry who achieves a little success more than they want. There’s a lot wrong with that. Don’t line the pockets of a malicious company like Apple. There’s nothing wrong with standards and standing up for what is good and right.

    3. Steve Jobs is precisely what you’re seeing here. You need to review your Apple history.

  13. Well Googled warned Samsung but they didn’t listen.

  14. Balls… I’ve said this before… Never estimate a jury’s decision.. Sammy better get new lawyers, and get their evidence straight in the appeals process

  15. Sure Samsung will be appeal and this time get all their evidence in on time.

  16. Poo poo platter…..

  17. o far:o far: * Jury finds Samsung infringement of Apple * Jury finds Samsung infringement of Apple utility, design patents for some (though not all) utility, design patents for some (though not all) products products * Jury finds willful infringement on 5 of 6 * Jury finds willful infringement on 5 of 6 patents. patents. * Jury upholds Apple utility, design patents * Jury upholds Apple utility, design patents * Jury upholds Apple trade dress ‘983 * Jury upholds Apple trade dress ‘983

    Via cnet

  18. why couldn’t i have had jury duty for this trial….hung jury for sure…ahh

  19. Kevin, mind paraphrasing the verdict for us once the jury of Apple’s Sheep finish talking?

    1. Samsung infringed almost all apple’s patents and did it willfully in some cases damages 1.05bn. All apple patents are valid. Samsung infringed iphone trade dress, ipad trade dress is not protect-able.
      Apple did not infringe any samsung patents, damages 0, all samsung patents are valid.Samsung is not guilty of anti-trust violations

  20. 1 billion, 51 million 855 thousand dollars!!!!

    1. Oh… it’s high over nine thousands…

    2. I wish I knew how to add Gifs. This definately calls for Dr. Evil’s pinky to the mouth.

  21. 1 billion, 51 million 855 thousand dollars in damages… Are you crazy??? Apple never showed how anyone would buy a samsung phone over an iphone. If you go to a store for a phone you can’t even pick one up and walk out the store. You have to ask a sales rep to get it for, have them bring it out and try to sell you accessories, then setup the phone for you and then you get it. If in all that time you are getting a Samsung phone thinking you’re getting an iphone you’re can’t be that bright.

  22. i guess it might be time for samsung to raise the production costs of the many apple parts they produce to cover these ridiculous damages

    1. Place all the burden on Apple fanatics, LOL. That would be the ultimate irony.

  23. I will NEVER buy another Apple product. I actually like the ipods but they lost ALL my business. So, tell me Apple. How does all this help you when people are beginning to personally ban your products from their lives? I am enjoying my SGS3 and will co tinue to enjoy Android only products. I will do my part to purchase MORE Samsung products as well. Apple, you’re an idiot!

    1. Good! Samsung need your money now more than ever.
      They do have to give Apple over a billion.
      Tim promises to spent your money wisely once he gets it from Samsung.

  24. Wow, More than Half of the Jury are iSheeps :D

    1. Well the jury pool was in the san jose area. Mind as well be apple HQ’s parking lot.

  25. No across the board. Wow. Nothing on Samsung’s utility patents.

  26. this proves that not only is the patent system a load of crap, but the court system has major issues.

  27. $1 Billion. WOAH!
    Edit: now it’s up to $2.3 billion “and counting”
    Edit 2: and somehow it dropped down to $1.049 billion…

  28. iSheep indeed, they find Samsung guilty of $1,051,850,000
    Then have the balls to claim Samsung proved NONE of their claims!!!!

    1. its at 2.3 billion now…
      source: CNet

      1. Source please?

        1. CNet posted live 2.3 Billion+, now has it listed at 1.05B Total

          1. Thanks

            So they temporarily made the mistake of adding the detail for each phone to the total amount, given before.

    2. Jurors: “Yay we get to go home for the weekend”.

  29. Samsung, just end production of your chips for Apple.

    1. And the screens

      1. LG and Sharp are making their screens now anyways…

        1. Ahhh didn’t know that. Thanks.

        2. I hate to use the word irony so many times in one day but, LG got caught stealing (a different type of tech) from Samsung recently.

          Plus Samsung make too much money to stop selling them chips, invested ~4x more that they had to pay following today judgement on upgrading the plant.

    2. This is why you will never run a multi-billion dollar corporation.

    3. Better idea – keep making chips for Apple, but make sure they’re slightly less good than the chips you make for yourself and other customers.

  30. I wonder how much Apple paid the jury for this. Also, $1 billion dollars? What the goose man.

  31. If there is anything good to make out of this it is that we now have clarity. Apple doesn’t want to compete with Android; they want to destroy it and it is about time that Android partners (especially Google) realize they’ll need to fight back instead of being so bubbly and naive.

  32. High tech case on the hands of 9 idiots don’t even use technology. Wondering how they came up with the verdict.

    1. I bet they call tech support with questions like: I cant remember my email password, do I have to make another email? My son wants to play a new game, where can I download a graphics card, and I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S3; how do I talk to Siri?

  33. disaster…
    Apple curbs innovation in court… quit it guys, if u cant innovate n come out with something innovative dont atleast stop sm1 from innovating..this legal outcome against samsung kills innovation & is absolutely against consumers…apple this is bad..

  34. you are so funny! how long have you had that drop down notification menu on your phone? and that voice guided navigation? and that widescreen display?

    1. Well voice guided navigation has been on the iphone for years, there’s an app for that. Several infact from all the major satnav companies.

  35. Wow, that jury went whole hog nob polishing for Apple. I love how on one side it’s patent infringement, on the other side it’s Antitrust violation…

  36. Scorecard so far:
    * Jury finds Samsung infringement of Apple utility, design patents for some (though not all) products
    * Jury upholds Apple utility, design patents
    * Jury upholds Apple trade dress ‘983
    Jury finds Samsung “diluted” Apple’s registered iPhone, iPhone 3 and
    “Combination iPhone” trade dress on some products, not on others
    * No Apple infringement of Samsung utility patents
    * Jury found Samsung violated antitrust law by monopolizing markets related to the UMTS standard

    Damages owed by Samsung:
    * $1.05 billion in TOTAL damages

    1. “Did Apple prove that Samsung breached its obligations when developing the UTMS standard?”


      “Has Apple proven by a preponderance of the evidence that Samsung has violated Section 2 of the Sherman Antitrust Act by monopolizing one or more technology markets related to the UMTS standard?”


  37. Dude, go back to Azeroth.

  38. Well if you were into smart phones / tablets pre-iphone then you would know that all of apples patents are BS. If you just got one in the last few years then you would believe everything apples says. I remember when the iphone came on and I was comparing it to 2 other phones that came out at the same time to decide which touch screen smartphone I wanted. Also I had a tablet back in 2005… So any ipad parents are just crazy to me.

  39. It’s a bad day to be a techie :(

  40. I’be said this before… never estimate a jury’s decision… Apple gets $1.05 billion, while Samsung gets $0…

  41. August 24, 2012
    A sad day for technology and innovation, wonderful day for sheep.

  42. At first I thought “Ohh, No!”

    Then I remembered my shitty GPS and thought, “It serves Samsung right!”

    It makes me feel better knowing Samsung has to pay a fine. They sold me and millions of other people a Galaxy S phone with a GPS defect and got away with it, not even a class action law suit, and not even a simple statement to customers about the issue. Past two years with a Samsung phone with no working GPS has been hell.

    Maybe now Samsung will carry out their business practices in a more ethical manner. Stop copying other companies, and address your customers when one of your products has a defect. Don’t just sweep everything under the rug and ignore your customers.

    1. What the hell does that have to do with Apple? You’re mad about a faulty GPS and somehow that relates to the biggest patent ruling in recent technology history?

      1. You missed my point. It has nothing to do with the trial. I’m just saying it feels good inside to know that Samsung who sold me a shitty phone, didn’t get to get away with this either and lost the trial. Now they have to pay a fine. It just feels a little good inside knowing that. That’s all.

        1. You completely miss the point of all this don’t you? They should’ve had you on the Jury, I’m sure the damages would’ve been in the 3B range…

          1. Actually, if I was on the jury Samsung would have won on some counts. I don’t think Samsung copied the front face design of the iPhone nor the iPad.

            Dude my poins it similar to the OJ trial. The guy got off for murder but later got prison time for something totally unrelated to murder, and that brought comfort to many people I’m just saying it feels good inside to know the bastards over at Samsung have to pay a billion dollar fine, even though the trial had nothing to do with GPS…it still feels good to know they have to pay something :)

          2. How about next time you read a review or two before buying a phone? Then you can make sense when you post comments on stories like this.

          3. I was an early adopter of the phone, the reviewers had missed the GPS problem.

          4. As a fellow early adopter, let advise you for future purposes. Early adopters sometimes get burned, it’s the way it goes.

    2. Another idiot consumer.

      1. Oh so wait a minute. I want a company to:

        A) Not copy other companies and;
        B) Address your customers with a statement when your product has a manufacturing defect

        And that makes me an idiot? You’re the idiot who thinks it is fine for a company to sell you a defected product and never address angry customers about the problem, just sweeping it under the rug.

        At least Apple always address their customers with issues in products. They don’t leave you hanging clueless.

        1. how long has that drop down notification menu been on your iphone? and those voice guided navigation (oh not there yet?) did apple invent the rounded corner?

          Apple: there is not issue with the phone you just hold it wrong

          1. I own an Android device.

            But I am seriously considering the upcoming iPhone 5

          2. because of it’s innovation? they have been playing catch up since froyo

          3. No not because of their innovation, because of App support and iOS support.

            Apps on iPhone get attention by developers, and apps on iPhone generally run flawlessly. I’m tired of problems on Android apps and force closes and other bugs.

            Apple releases iOS updates for even old devices, while Android manufacturers leave you in the dark hoping and praying you get an update. Even the Verizon Nexus was a joke.

            Buy an Apple iPhone you get excellent running Apps, iOS updates, and a company that stands behind their products.

            I’m just ready for a change, that’s all :)

          4. like that siri support for the iphone 4? or the upcoming maps that will be supported on those older devices?. well good luck with that “change” after you move to the iphone the changes you get from each of the following phones will be incremental and nothing amazing.

          5. I’m not worried about SiRi, but rather security updates that Apple provides that Android Manufacturers don’t.

          6. yes, yes….sms spoofing use imessage instead.
            that is apple’s security update. Android is so riddled with security issues that they U.S.military has decided to use an android phone as part of the soldiers equipment.

        2. You got a defective product lol.

  43. way to pay off the fucking court apple.

  44. WooooHoooooo. Finally some justice for the blatant ripping off Apple products. Samsung lost on just about all counts and will now have to pay over $1 billion for the infringement. I love this outcome. Companies will have to learn to innovate instead of leeching off the hard work of others to turn a profit.  This is good, because the true innovators can rightly profit from their hard work knowing that the competition will have to rethink now they design their products. This, I think, is good for consumers who will see products that are distinctive instead of  mere copies. 

    1. Yeah, like more circular phone screens, Samsung totally should’ve gone that direction…

    2. Back under your bridge troll!

    3. So what about Apple having a map/GPS for IOS 6 looking way too much like Google Map.

      1. I’ve seen the Navigation for iOS 6 and I think it actually doesn’t look anything like Google’s map/navigation.

        I think Googl’es navigation is much nicer.

        1. But Apple’s Map look a lot like Google Map, if Apple is suing Samsung because their phone look like Iphone, so how does Apple explain thir map looking like Google Map, how hypocritcal of them.

      2. So are you implying Google has patents on maps and GPS? Otherwise your reply is uninformed. 

        1. No, but I’m playing Apple’s logic. If Apple said that Samsung stole idea from Apple, then according to Apple, they would have so sue themselves for stealing idea from Google map and navigation.

  45. Sadly, I just saw the real America. It’s full of justice and common sense. :(

  46. I wonder how many of those juries own Iphone or Apple product? Also how many juries were bribed by Apple?

    1. even the Audience was bribed

  47. This will be in appeals court for the next year minimum, Sammy won’t have to pay for a while at least. Hopefully by the time they lose for good they have already wiped Apple off the map.

    1. Yeah, exactly. Much the same that even though the UK Judge ordered Apple to post that Samsung didn’t copy them, they have appealed and will take awhile.

      It seems like Apple isn’t favoring as well Internationally as they are domestically here in the US. Hmm.

      1. Yeah but the US market is still what makes or breaks companies/products.

      2. Were they at least able to use that as precedent in some form? Only loosely followed this whole thing.

    2. Samsung dont care about the money. Billion dollars is a drop in the ocean for them. They dont even care about the infringment coz they can easily get rid of Touchwiz. They care about reputation.

  48. This reeks of a one-sided small American town court decision of old…


    Judge Koh and the jurors will go to hell for this!

    1. Judge Koh was helping Samsung with her rulings more than Apple, so don’t blame her. It’s just that it was sooooo obvious that Samsung copied Apple.

      1. They copied their own F700 phone design that was made before the iPhone. Various other devices from other manufacturers that existed before also have the same look.

  49. oh no apple won, everyone expected a US company to lose against a foreign company.
    no sarcasm attended

  50. What needs to happen here is for the Asian companies to band together and completely drop apple of they’re books. Do not supply those bastards with anything whatsoever. Then you will see some major bend over on apples side. Apple is a monopolistic entity that is poison to innovation. And the most astonishing thing here is the decision of this case is given to a group of ignorant bias jury. The verdict in the Korean court was just as it stated that both took from each other , but this to actually say that you can’t tell the difference between an android and an iphone is pretty fucked up. Hell even a blind person can run they’re fingers through each and tell them apart.

    1. What you are suggesting is collusion, that’s pretty illegal.

  51. 8 out of the 9 probably own iphones.

  52. Tie is up in appeals until Apple files for Bankruptcy in 5 years. LOL

  53. the jury has some how awarded apple damages that are not held up by their findings, still very minimal costs but they were just throwing samsungs money at apple (this is all summary and my own
    poetic license)
    via the verge

  54. If apple doesn’t Improve it not going to help them. Win or loose

  55. Complete BULLCRAP.

  56. Great day for innovation. Bad day for corporate theft. Like Microsoft and their surface tablets, Samsung will now be forced to actually innovate instead of imitate.

    1. ROFL! Name one thing (other than the shape of a rectangle) that the surface “copies” from a iDiot device? Apple is the laughing stock of the *real* tech industry, and their time will be up soon. Mark my words

  57. Let the appeals begin

  58. So with all of the claims in this case, with how long and complicated the deliberation process was described by numerous sources, they manage to get through it all and reach a verdict in only two days?? AND it’s completely lopsided? Am I the only one that thinks this smells fishy?

    And I mean this seriously, not as a sore loser…

  59. So why doesnt apple go after the true rip-offs? I go to those “brand name liquidation” sales all the time, and the iphone and ipad are the most frequently copied and faked items there is. Wht the f#*%?????

    1. Because they don’t have any money to go after.

  60. A good chunk of this will disappear in appeals court as Samsung will be allowed to bring in the evidence Judge Koh wouldn’t allow.

  61. Apple could die

  62. This is a sad sad day.

  63. Haha nice, apple earned back the money they used to bribe.

    Well I guess I’m jumping ship when i5 released.

    1. they haven’t “earned” anything yet, Julie. This will be tied up in the courts for a couple more years. Nice try at relevance though.

      1. so many angry fanboys haha

  64. I bet Koh was smiling the whole time the verdicts were read.

  65. The article account for $159 million. Thats a lot of money…I hate Apple even more now! =0(

  66. If Samsung gets off for only $1B, and that’s before appeals and further negotiations which will reduce it even further, they’ll be pretty lucky given the size of their business. On the other hand if Samsung cut off their sales of core products to Apple tonight, Apple would be in a world of hurt for months to come. They will work something out to let them all save face and continue to do business. Watch for upcoming “working more closely” announcements before long. But no big deal to me, I got rid of everything Apple long ago and won’t ever go back.

  67. This is such an injustice. I have even more reason to hate Apple. This is a joke, at least in South Korea, they got it partially right. Patents given for stuff that they should have never been allowed to have. I’m off to think of a way I can patent the oxygen in the air, and sue everyone. The funny thing is, I could probably get a patent for it.

  68. Samsung statement after verdict.

    “Today’s verdict should not be viewed as a win for Apple, but as a loss
    for the American consumer. It will lead to fewer choices, less
    innovation, and potentially higher prices. It is unfortunate that patent
    law can be manipulated to give one company a monopoly over rectangles
    with rounded corners, or technology that is being improved every day by
    Samsung and other companies. Consumers have the right to choices, and
    they know what they are buying when they purchase Samsung products. This
    is not the final word in this case or in battles being waged in courts
    and tribunals around the world, some of which have already rejected many
    of Apple’s claims. Samsung will continue to innovate and offer choices
    for the consumer.”

    1. Sorry Samsung, but it’s really hard to see this verdict as anything other than a huge win for Apple. That’s what happens when you copy. The galaxy S was nothing more than a fake Rolex.

      1. suct mi duct you fruit

      2. Proof is in the numbers. Android will prevail and apple is loosing its grip. Hense the need for extreme rebuttle. They’re aware like the rest of us in knowing the superior product

      3. the Galaxy S now on it’s third iteration does more than the i-phone will do in it’s 5th, hardly makes it a “fake rolex”

  69. so many angry fanboys haha knew apple will win.

  70. This was a very fair decision by the jury. Samsung’s business model is to copy others, so they deserve to be punished, to pay and to have their products banned. Maybe Google can now finally stop using Apple’s patented UI elements in Android, it’s about time. The only part where the jury screwed up is that they said the Tab 10.1 didn’t infringe on Apple’s trade dress. This was a mistake.

    1. Can you even feed yourself? *** Your post made me rage! :)

  71. That jury can go F* itself for such a nonsense decision. I hope Samsung stops providing Apple with the components they need to make their douche devices.

  72. Well… not bad.. better than 2.5B… i m Anti-Apple!! I m sure, Apple’s lawyers get big $$$ and buy Smoking Crack!!! LOL! Middle Finger to Apple!!!

  73. Hit best buy for the nexus it’s $99.

  74. Apple:
    We are grateful to the jury for their service and for investing the time to listen to our story and we were thrilled to be able to finally tell it. The mountain of evidence presented during the trail showed that Samsung’s copying went far deeper than even we knew. The lawsuits between Apple and Samsung were about much more than patents or money. They were about values. At Apple, we value originality and innovation and pour our lives into making the best products on earth. We make these products to delight our customers, not for our competitors to flagrantly copy. We applaud the court for finding Samsung’s behavior willful and for sending a loud and clear message that stealing isn’t right.

  75. I like both iOS and Android and most of this was a ruling against TouchWiz not against Android. There were a couple of rulings against Android OS direct but I know that bounce back has already been removed, not sure about that tap to deal though.

    I have 2 iPod Touch’s and 2 Apple TV’s, used to have an iPad 3. I also have 2 Google TV’s, Nexus 7 and a Motorola Photon.

    I agree with pretty much all of the judgements, although I reserve the right to change my mind because I’m not a patent lawyer. I see this as more of a judgement against Samsung rather than Google, so this thermonuclear war against Android has not really started, against Samsung, yeah I can see it, but against Android, not yet.

    PS: I’m a huge fan of widgets. I had the iPod touch before I bought any cell phone and widgets and what they could do swayed me to get an Android phone.

  76. i can say i am surprised by this verdict not after judge lucy koh’s made sure Samsung didn’t stand a chance from the get go, but this stupid court trial will continued after Samsung appeal.

  77. I wonder how much of that total is just gonna be Samsung handing over money Apple is paying for components.

  78. dear sisters and brothers I have a that dream is for the world to understand that lawsuits over phones is simply about shell millions out to the starving children an people.give homes to the homeless.instead of charging a billion dollars for an apple give an apple.thank u and god bless.

  79. this trial marks the the beginning of the end……FOR APPLE!

    that $1 billion or so will dwindle to 1/10th that figure through appeals court. they werent able to bring a lot of evidence to bare in this trial due to various technicalities. this wont be the case in appeal.

    all this shows is that apple is completely incapable of innovating so they have to resort to litigating suing companies for making products that look remotely like theirs. ideas have been imitated and improved upon since their have been ideas. this would be as stupid as Wheaties cereal suing Total cereal because their flakes look alike. or if nintendo sued sony for making a game controller that was basically a ripoff of the super nintendo controller design. family guy blatantly copied the simpsons. did the matt greoning sue seth McFarland? No! matt greoning continued to improve the simpsons and they eventually took back the spot of best primetime show from family guy. they did what needed to be done to improve what they had to stay ahead of the competition.

    the patent system is GARBAGE.

    fine, lest say samsung did rip off apple and the verdicts were justified. so what? what does apple think they’re gonna get from this? if the iphone 5 doesnt do anything new or innovative to push the capabilities of smartphone technology the way the GS3 has, winning this petty trial will mean nothing when their flagship product flops. samsung is making a killing with the GS3 and planning on putting out even better products while apple is pouting about who copied who.

    apple won this batte but they’re gonna end up losing the war.

  80. I’m neither companies fanboy,, but the galaxy tab had that black trim that look Damn near close to ipads, and when the first galaxy s (captivate, vibrant “i owned”, facinate, & epic) came out it had the horizontal app pages. In any case Google’s takin’ over, especially with it implemented in camera’s but im personally waiting for the 10in. Nexus tablet to beast the iPad 2.5

  81. A San Jose courtroom does anyone realize how close this is to apples main headquarters.. 8.6 miles probably all apple employees what a joke

  82. If you want to read the incredibly biased views of a bunch of Apple fanboy’s thrilled with the decision, check out this forum over here at iFans. It makes me lol.

  83. $3,350,256 for the Replenish? What? My gf’s free giveaway phone that has a KEYPAD?
    step away from the bong put the bong down.

  84. This is not the reality I wanted!

  85. This sets the precedent, refrigerator companies, tv comoanyies, desktops, stoves, ovens, can openers, food slivers, air conditioners, home manufactures, car manufactures, fast food stores, malls, pretty much everybody needs to start suing everybody for producing and industry standard type device that somebody obviously copied from someone. You guys see the hipocrasy? Samsung was making cell phones before apple had a marketable namestsake in the computer industry. Do you think apple just decided to make a cell phone out of thin air? No they took an idea already in place and made it their own just like everyone else in the world. Samsung did the same thing.

    Also, Samsung isn’t just going to up n cut off Apple from the hardware, there are contracts, quotas, and other legal liabilities… Not to mention the money they make from Apple.

    1. I agree. The ONLY thing at this point is for everyone to sue everyone based off the standards of this verdict. This nation used to be great and just, but now all I see is dollar signs controlling every little aspect of life. For the love of money is the root of all evil. And Apple sure does love that money….

  86. I can honestly say I am shocked and disgusted by this verdict. I expected something a bit more middling. Sammy infringed here, Apple infringed there, everyone just go home happy. This was a total smackdown on Samsung. And what’s worse? The case VALIDATED Apple’s patent on a rectangle with corners. Who was asleep at the wheel when THAT patent was awarded?

  87. From this quick article, it seems like Apple won mostly on hardware, items looking confusingly like the iPhone or iPad. So, was there any judgement regarding android or Samsung’s implementation thereof?

    If not, then all android device makers have to do is to make their devices look distinctive from the iOS devices — at least until black, minimal tablets with rounded corners are seen as functional and not unique design . . . A different power button and colored rim might be enough for now.

  88. Don’t forget we have no one to blame but ourselves for the bs ruling. We let this bs go on. We allow the political bs loop holes to continue, because we let the gvt tell us what’s right. No, we can’t sue McDonalds cause they make us fat, we can’t sue Walmart because we tripped on and box of cereal and can’t sue Samsung because they coppied my “patent”. Voice your opinion w votes and wallets. Not on phandroid w disqus.

  89. The verdict was a major downer and I feel nothing but contempt
    for crapple because they’ve demonstrated (once again) that they’d rather
    litigate than innovate. The bright side is that Sammy will be able to
    present a better argument in the appeal.

    So what to do in the meantime?

    My 2-yr contract with Sprint finally rolled over, so we (my family)
    can finally upgrade. I was going to wait until Crapple released the
    iphone5, just to see what Sammy, LG, et al would release later, but I’ve
    changed my mind. I’m gonna go to Sprint’s site and promptly order 4
    new Galaxy S3s. I’m supporting Android with my wallet and you should,

    Google, it’s time to take off the gloves…

  90. Just another reason why OEMs need not modify the stock android experience too much. This trial proves why Samsung decided not to remove hardware buttons and unsort apps in the apps menu. I contemplated getting the galaxy S3 but did not because I prefer not having the hardware buttons and rather use on screen buttons. I also like my apps sorted in the apps menu. Samsung could have improved its interface without trying to do exactly what Apple did. One of the turnoffs I have with Samsung phones but then again, as the largest Android OEM maybe this is proof in itself that Apples inspiration helped boost them to their stature.

    The case also proves Apple’s hypocrasy. Apple was founded on somebody else’s ideas and for them to take someone to court with the belief that released products should be original is absurd. Let’s not mention the addition of the notifaction bar in iOS5 and the maps project they are releasing in iOS 6.

    I had a lot of respect for Apple up until, not only this case, but also knowing that they are huge outsorcers (Good ol US company that makes products overseas but charges over %500 percent to purchase)

    Steve Jobs can be considered one of the greatest innovators but to be an innovator means to take another’s idea and improve it. The iPhone was not the first touch screen phone and should have never received a patent, the design of the apps and application store is what pleased the user but then again apps on the home screen are nothing but icons on a desktop. Smart but notcompletely original.

  91. I really fucking hate you apple. please just die.

  92. Great. My Transform has done no good. It’s already a bad enough phone.

  93. I bet the HTC executives are in their jacuzzi drinking champagne laughing it up ….cracking jokes like ” what does HTC have that Samsung doesnt? Won Bwillon dowas !!!”

  94. Please watch and share it guys! Apple sucks.

  95. May God have mercy on all of us that the world has come to this. Out of nine people the court decided were competent not a single one of then could see how terrible it is for consumers to allow patents on a rectangle and icons and whatever to be validated.

  96. Why all the apple hate? If it wasn’t for apple, you’d all be using blackberryish devices. Apple is the innovator, Samsung is one of the many followers/moochers. This means people will have to come up with unique devices, which will increase innovation. C’mon, anybody that can’t acknowledge Samsung is a blatant rip off artist, is not being honest.

    1. Apple took existing ideas; touch screen smartphones, mp3 players, tablets and the like and made them better. None of those things were original ideas at all.
      Then others came along and improved on Apples improvements, that’s how things work.
      There’s no “mooching” going on, just a fairly linear development of ideas.

      As for Samsung copying the look and feel of Apple devices, check out their phones previous to and just after the iPhone. There’s a clear design ethic running through all of them, its the US legal and patent system that’s at fault not Samsung.

  97. I have just lost faith in our legal system. Although come to think of it I never had any to begin with.

  98. Some of the patents are a bit silly, but overall I agree with the verdict. Samsung’s (and Google’s) theft was blatant.

    For those that insist that Apple stole from Xerox, you don’t know the history of what happened. Apple asked for permission to see the stuff in Xerox’s lab and then compensated Xerox to incorporate its ideas into the other stuff that Apple had come up with.

    BTW, I have a Nexus 7 and my phone is a Galaxy Nexus. But I acknowledge Apple’s innovation.

  99. Do your research Christain Houston you troll. The first touch screen smart phone was the LG predates the prototypes were around way before iPhone.LG was foolish for not going after apple if they had none of their current products would exist. Samsung stole from apple what apple stole from others.its a shame that most of the computer llliterate general public are brain washed by apple to believe anything apple says without proof.
    Apple is destroying free competition because of mindless idrones like you. You are obviously computer illiterate and cannot compare hardware specs because most mid and high range android phones are superior to iPhone and you still blindly buy apple products. You have a right to be an apple drone and blindly buy their products.However that should not infringe on my freedom of choice to buy android products. LG and Samsung are still supplying apple with parts.Once their contracts are over they should get smart and start blackmailing apple by cutting them off if this nonsense continues.

  100. HEY HEY! putting steering wheels in cars was MY idea….everyone else better figure out anther way. And I called dibs on Doors too!

  101. $3,350,256 for the Replenish

    ….i bet thats more than samsung made off that pos lol

  102. Why is the Samsung Transform and Samsung Replenish up there? Both of those phones have Qwerty keyboards. I’m confused. I’m guessing it’s the software? But why isn’t the Epic 4G listed? I thought the Transform was the lower tier version of the Epic 4G? I am not completely baffled.

  103. why does apple get to sue Samsung for copying their designs when apple has copied a lot from Samsung also? like i noticed that the iPhone 3gs never had a notifications bar but any Samsung that came out after it had one pre installed. Samsung also made their cameras higher resolution and apple copied. apple has copied a lot from other companies and the companies are not suing them. Like I am sorry Samsung would easily beat apple in phones tablets and computers. apple is just an over priced paper weight that is not upgradeable the only way to make an Ipod Ipad or iPhone better is to jailbreak it and even then it cant copmpete with samsung

  104. How much did Apple pay the jury and judge in this case?

  105. Why does the headline say Samsung found guilty? This wasn’t a criminal trial.

  106. do u agree that Samsung is far better than apple? without any doubt

  107. YOu know who looks really good right now windows phone lmao

  108. This is highly tragic and beyond absurd. Please check out my blog post on the topic :

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