Apple files to have 8 Samsung phones banned in the US, including most of the Galaxy S2 line


Another exciting development (well, exciting for us spectators anyway) has taken place in the ongoing post-trial happenings between Samsung and Apple. The latter has filed to have 8 of Samsung’s devices banned from the market.

These include the Samsung Galaxy S2 for T-Mobile, AT&T, the Epic 4G Touch, the Skyrocket, the Galaxy S Showcase, Galaxy S 4G, the Samsung DROID Charge, and the Samsung Galaxy Prevail.

The chart you see above breaks down which phones are violating which patents. A hearing to discuss the injunctions is going down September 20th, and Apple would have to prove that letting these devices exist in the market will lead to irreparable damage for Apple’s brand and sales.

Considering many of these devices are still available — and selling well for very cheap prices — Apple no doubt targeted these devices as part of a strategic play. We’re sure Apple’s eyes are on Samsung’s hot new seller known as the Galaxy S3, but there’s very little for Apple to nitpick about as Samsung cleaned up most of what these older devices had causing them to be cast to the fire in the first place.

If there was anything for Apple to go after in that regard they’ll need a lot more time to build up a solid case. But regardless, these devices remain a big part of Samsung’s current offerings and it would be a big blow should Apple convince the courts that they need to be banished from store shelves. You can read the filing in its entirety here if you wish. [via The Verge]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. *obligatory innovate don’t litigate comment

    1. winner.

  2. Not the Droid Charge! Apple’s gone too far this time.

    1. Haha yea they are doing us a favor getting rid of the droid charge.but sucks for the galaxy 2 they are good phones can’t they just update ota to get rid of the stuff they “copied”

      1. Not possible with the crappy design patents still hanging over them.

        1. Have Samsung send out small stencils and a little paint to owners of the”offending” devices, and tell them they have to stencil “NOT AN IPHONE” in small print on the back. Tell them if they don’t comply, their phone will stop working.

          According to Apple, anyone who bought these phones was too stupid to know the difference between an iPhone and a Sammy, so Im sure they’ll believe the stencil thing.


      2. as if consumers needed another reason to choose to buy the s3 over the s2…

  3. I’m glad I live in the UK because soon all you will be able to get in the us is crapple phones

    1. And crapberry + windows phony…

    2. >.> maybe i can buy them off amazon or something ? I would rather have a dumb phone then a dumb smartphone(Iphone)

      1. Priority
        Android, Blackberry 10, WebOS, Windows Phone 8, and iPhone never. I’m so glad that I will never have to own an iPhone.

        1. I’m with you on the list I made a post like this on another link but I dident put web os but BlackBerry is my second preferance. I loved the BlackBerry os what drew me to android was I wanted a better app selection and the iPhone already had two stokes on it the first was it was at&t exclusive and two apple already pissed me off in the iPod days. it was way to locked down for a mp3 player.

  4. “Cat Lauer reporting. We’re here we’re live. Apple, go f*** yourself.”

    1. =3 ftw :-P

    2. Equals three ftw :-P

  5. Well, then Samsung shouldn’t have tried to make their early phones look as much like iphones as possible. I am getting a little tired of this verdict being blown out of proportion for what actually took place. Any fool could see that Samsung was copying down to minute details. Doesn’t matter anymore because the S3 doesn’t look anything like an iphone. It also happens to be the best phone ever made.

    1. The only fool is you.

    2. funny lil guy.

    3. Yep they copied everything from the design of the phone down to the icons lol

    4. dude just Google the droid charge lol it looks nothing like an iPhone

      1. Right the phone doesn’t look like it but it uses that garbage TouchWiz which copies everyhting possible. Stick pure Jelly Bean on it and it’s a different story.

      2. You can probably blame Touchwiz for that. Anything with older Touchwiz is going to get flamed.

      3. He was referring tongue original gs1 phones that they always show in images.

    5. And by earlier copies, you mean the ones that were out before the iPhone was even invented? So they just slightly changed from that. It’s not Samsung’s fault that the same design from the past looks like the iPhone today.

  6. If apple ban old Samsung products and cannot ban the hot selling S3 then it helps Samsung. If rumours of S3 mini are true it will help fill the void of S2

  7. If this ban becomes a reality, will theses phone prices come down as retailers attempt to sell their inventory before they aren’t legally allowed to sell the phones anymore? I’m about to buy a new phone and I’m thinking maybe I should wait a few more weeks…

    1. Quite the opposite ban devices present a sort of rarity and GS2 is still a capable device. Apple will never get away with this hope of banning. I don’t believe anyone has or could possible have mistakenly bought a GS2 thinking it was an iPhone.

      1. Ooo!! So if my E4GT get’s banned, it’ll raise in price? Then I’d be able to easily sell it and get the Moto Photon Q!! =.D

        1. Well if its a device people actually want then.. yes Sorta like how HTC One X was stopped for a short while when it came out the demand for it improved of course that was new device so the effect may or mayy not be as good

  8. I’m pissed

  9. time for samsung to innovate.

  10. OK, Apple is getting a bit ridiculous. Wanting to ban Samsung phone is just pushing it too far.

  11. My question is the phone may look like crapple because of the shape rectangle but so are remotes and index cards. But most Samsung phone have a removable battery and crapples are not so other than shape and a touch screen those are the only.two things in common. If apple were ever to ban all phone other tha tscankphone I would go back to a dumb phone and never buy there trash. Plus I guess you could still buy the in countries that will not follow us copyrights or laws

    1. My biggest thing is that Samsung phones are huge. Seriously, they have some size envy going on, but that’s ok because I like em big. Ok this isn’t coming out right, I guess what I’m trying to say is that any moron with eye sight can see the difference between an iPhone and a Samsung phone from a mile away. My SGS2 towers over the iPhone.

      1. Exactly. The screen size is so different that you’d have to be blind to think it was an iPhone copy.

  12. Karma is a B%^&h. Steve Jobs found that out the hard way. No doubt Tim Cook will be next.
    Banning Samsung phones because Apple has an outdated design with fewer features may win this round for Apple, but at what expense? Time will tell: Tic toc tic toc tic toc. Glad I’m not Tim Cook.

    1. Yes, Karma is a b!tch. However, you definitely got it backwards. Samsung for the past couple years made a ton of money by knowingly rubber-stamping Apple’s products and brazenly ignoring Apple’s demands to stop it. Now, Karma came and wiped Samsung’s backside all over the floor, and they deserved it.

      You guys are simply behaving like the kids in school kicking-and-screaming after getting getting busted for copying from the smart kid, and having to suffer the consequences.

      It’s about time this happened. It needed to happen. Let’s see what Samsung can “innovate” without Apple being its R&D department.

      1. Let’s see what Samsung can “innovate” without Apple being its R&D department.”

        The Galaxy S3 and Note 2 look leaps and bounds more innovative than the longer boring iphone 5 design.

        P.S. Apple didn’t invent the rectangle even though you probably feel that they did.

      2. Your a idiot and a I sheep how much does apple play you to speak such gibberish?

      3. Apple innovations: glossy icons made in photoshop, a talking bot for lonely people (powered by pandorabot and Wolfram).
        Samsung innovations: s-amoled+ 4.8″ screen, LTE, NFC, Wacom digitizer built into tablet, split screen multitasking…

    2. not a huge fan of Apple here but to insinuate that these people have or will lose their lives over consumer electronic business policies is pretty absurd

      1. Several Foxconn employees lost their lives because of consumer electronic business policies.

        1. No they lost them due to foxconn’s policies. every company in the world is indirectly responsible for the death of someone. by you buying into theseproducts it makes you just as guilty

    3. Really .. 6 people liked this idiot.

      Trash talk Apple all you like, but to talk about people dying like its payback for litigation over a phone is seriously infantile.

      You should be ashamed of youself.

      1. Many hard working Samsung employees will get screwed because of this. Some will lose their jobs or get cuts in pay in order to make up the $1.05 billion.

  13. they just mad because the Galaxy note 2 is going to debut this week >.>

  14. Nexus is the only Android phone I would buy moving forward.

    1. agreed

    2. Yeah, I went g1, samsung vibrant, nexus s, and now galaxy nexus(t-mobile) and I can say having the stock Android and getting timely updates is the best. Like getting a new phone once or twice a year without spending any more money.

  15. If this only affects older phones that no one really cares about then whats the big deal? What this really does IMO is infuriate the carriers which might begin to push phones other than iPhone.

    What Apple is basically saying is that the only phone on the market you should want or need is ours. All others are inferior and should be banned.

  16. and the GS3 is still selling circles around the iPhone. Probably will after the 5 release as well.

  17. I can’t wait to hear the argument that the Charge is causing irreparable harm to iPhone sales.

  18. I would like to see how much Apple really lost since Samsung S been realesed?

  19. So what if these get banned? They are pretty much all last year’s phones. Most of the carriers will stop selling them in a few months anyway.

  20. If you guys would look up the patents being claimed then you would understand what these phones are being banned for then just sounding like a numnuts.

  21. hey Apple can Android get it’s pull down notification bar back? after all you want to complain about how on Android copies you so much but last I’ve been seeing you have been taking ideas from Android And BlackBerry and many other phones just remember 1 thing I highly doubt any of you iPhone users what have any of the features you have now if it wasn’t for Android coming out with it first who’s copying who competition is not illegal live with it

    1. Apple said that 7 inch tablets and 4 inch phones are stupid. What’s coming out later on this year?

  22. If you hate Apple, stop buying their products. What happened in court is unfortunate but Samsung just needs to move on to bigger and better things. Samsung isn’t going any where, even if they ever stopped making phones. They make chips, screen, LTE equipment. No ipad’s no ipods, no macbook etc etc. It will collective make a dent in their bottom line. I am so proud to say, I have only spend money on Apple product once and it wasn’t for me, it was a gift.

    1. Apple isn’t going to stop just because they won this case. They’ll continue to go after Samsung and every other OEM until Android is dead.

      1. Do you seriously believe that Android is going to die?? I seriously doubt that.

  23. So here’s the deal Samsung. You have the next gen display tech with the bendable displays. Have some artists and ux people take that technology and change the game completely. I would image the possibilities are endless. Step so far into the future Apple will look antiquated.

  24. T-Mobile will lose the biggest in this. They don’t have an iPhone and now Apple is encroaching on their ability to compete.

  25. If I were Samsung, for sweet revenge I would pull those phone models off the shelves with widely spread disclaimers that the phones are crappy as they were proven to be “copied” from iPhone and they are not up to Samsung’s newest and best creations.

  26. Apple is stating that their customer are mentally challenged because they are buying a Samsung phone thinking it’s an iPhone, even though EVERY phone carrier that carries the iPhone has an area for the iPhone. This is ridiculous.

    How is Apple allowed to say that? As if an employee wouldn’t tell that customer that the phone isn’t an iPhone.

    And my E4GT. How will I warranty it. My mom had to warranty hers. Grr!!

    1. and by law their is a 14 day grace period to return the phone for any reason as longs as its not damaged. I’m sure anyone who bought one by accident would have just exchanged it.

  27. Here’s a link of someone talking about the patents more thoroughly.

  28. Can’t we just ban this bad , competition and development hating, troll ?
    If car industry was anything like apple, we’d still be driving T-fords, and there would be no common user-interface between brands.

  29. I was thinking about the whole android vs apple thing. maybee is because android is becoming so much more than just phone interface whitch apple is still at but, if put on one of the all in one touch PCs it can beat their desktop os. at that point people would really notice andriod and see what apple really is. it would be at the point where Microsoft left them when widows caught on. I hope I am right then linux will finally be on top!

  30. There is just no way I would have bought an Apple iphone over my Samsung galaxy S2 Skyrocket. My Android phone has WAY MORE functionality than an iphone. I would never buy a phone just because of the way it looks. Functionality is WAY MORE important. EG. Ability to change the skins on my phone to change the entire look and feel of the phone. The speed of the phone with applicaitons compared to an iphone. The ability to add an SD card to the phone in order to increase the memory. The iphone has none of these functional items, yet they want to claim missed sales on these phones? This is just Tom ‘Apple’ Foolery.

  31. Dear Apple,

    We’ll be happy to stop selling these out of date, no longer produced devices in America… After the appeal in 2014, of course…


    Edit: yes, I know this sets precedence… :p

  32. I would like to thank Apple, actually. Because of this settlement and continued harassment by Apple, maybe it will push Samsung to stop screwing with what Google is doing with the OS and just leave it as open source. Then Apple can do nothing about it.

    So, thank you Apple. Thank you for discouraging screwing up the Android OS by manufacturers.

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