Aug 27th, 2012

Another exciting development (well, exciting for us spectators anyway) has taken place in the ongoing post-trial happenings between Samsung and Apple. The latter has filed to have 8 of Samsung’s devices banned from the market.

These include the Samsung Galaxy S2 for T-Mobile, AT&T, the Epic 4G Touch, the Skyrocket, the Galaxy S Showcase, Galaxy S 4G, the Samsung DROID Charge, and the Samsung Galaxy Prevail.

The chart you see above breaks down which phones are violating which patents. A hearing to discuss the injunctions is going down September 20th, and Apple would have to prove that letting these devices exist in the market will lead to irreparable damage for Apple’s brand and sales.

Considering many of these devices are still available — and selling well for very cheap prices — Apple no doubt targeted these devices as part of a strategic play. We’re sure Apple’s eyes are on Samsung’s hot new seller known as the Galaxy S3, but there’s very little for Apple to nitpick about as Samsung cleaned up most of what these older devices had causing them to be cast to the fire in the first place.

If there was anything for Apple to go after in that regard they’ll need a lot more time to build up a solid case. But regardless, these devices remain a big part of Samsung’s current offerings and it would be a big blow should Apple convince the courts that they need to be banished from store shelves. You can read the filing in its entirety here if you wish. [via The Verge]