HTC will give you a urBeats headset if you trade in your iPhone and buy an HTC One X


Are you ready to part ways with your used iPhone? If so, HTC is willing to make a deal with you. The Taiwanese manufacturer no longer bundles Beats headphones with their devices, but it is offering a urBeats headset (worth $99) if you trade in your used iPhone when you buy an HTC One X (read our HTC One X review).

All iPhone versions are eligible, so if you have an old 1st-gen iPhone laying around this might be an enticing deal for you. The unit simply has to be in working conditions and can’t have any type of screen damage.

This offer won’t be as enticing if you happen to have a newer device, like an iPhone 4s, as you can sell one of those for much more than $99. But if you have an older iPhone or simply don’t want to go through the complications of selling the device, you can jump on this deal by heading to HTC’ trade up page and filling out the form.

So what do you say? Would you trade in your used iPhone for some quality Beats headphones? Are you even a fan of Beats products?

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  1. For once, i wish i had an iphone xD…too bad i already have my S3, and loving it!!

  2. I’ve always preferred HTC over Sammy and Moto but after being on pure android on my gnex for so long I’m not sure I’d like the skin so much. the only thing is Miss is t9 contact search in the stock dialer.

    1. I miss that too. It’s perfect and my Samsung dialer is not, far from it. This is 1 feature I wish Samsung would copy.

      1. Honestly I don’t get why is not in stock android. Seems like such a base feature. its almost like a common sense sort of thing. it just belongs there bit its not. weird if you ask me….

    2. They have had this on Galaxy S 1 2 and 3…just nexus stock google which don’t have…:S

  3. Well, I guess that means an iphone is worth $25 since that’s all urbeats are worth. I think HTC is over estimating the value of the iphone here.

  4. This is unclear. B trade in do they mean you get money for your iPhone plus the beats or do you only get the beats? If the latter, you’d have to be a fool to trade in a working iPhone for something like this. Even the first gen, in good condition, will sell for over $100. To add insult to injury they are giving you a pair of earbuds that they were giving everyone for free a few short months ago with purchase of their newest handsets.

  5. Wish my One X came with a pair of beats. Don’t get me wrong….. I love my Klipsch S4A’s but the app to make it work sucks straight ass!

  6. Um can I get those considering I have a One X in the first place?

  7. Sniff sniff….what’s that smell???? It’s called desperation…..

  8. I’d prefer Sammy over HTC. HTC have bad battery life and doesn’t support SD CARD unlike the GALAXY PHONES

  9. so much hate for this phone… I must say mine has been a beast for me and never glitches lags or freezes. Unlike sammys big offering at the moment. My lady type even has a one x and not to say that she is tech illiterate but… she rarely asks questions and that says… a lot *ducks*

  10. what so basically they are saying a used iPhone is worth what 50 Pounds?
    htc have got this so wrong. Who in the world will do this trade in?

  11. Could you imagine someone trading in an iPhone 5 for this? Dear Lord.

    Not saying I’d want the iPhone 5, but it’s worth a lot of $$.

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