Apple Goes After Latest Competition: Adds Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Note 10.1 To Patent Lawsuit


We all know the story: Apple launched a holy war on Samsung for violating their trade dress and design/software patents — and won. A jury in the US ruled in favor of Apple last week, causing widespread panic and general angst among the Android community. Never one to rest on their laurels, Apple is now going after a few of Samsung’s newer devices (read: competition), alleging that Samsung’s Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Note 10.1 infringe on their ‘721, ‘604, and ‘647. These how-the-hell-did-they-get-granted patents deal with slide-to-unlock, universal search, and clickable links inside of emails, text messages, etc. (which you may remember caused “the great banning of HTC devices” a few weeks back).

It’s official. Apple hates competition and they wont rest until their competition is dumbed down enough to claim some soft of sick victory. Somebody, please. Make this all stop and let’s get back to innovating.

[Complaint PDF | Reuters]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. definitely no hardware patents were infringed. what are they gonna get them on? bounce back scrolling? take it. I don’t need it and wouldn’t notice of it were gone

    1. The funny thing is, it’s been gone in stock Android devices since Gingerbread. :p

      1. Yeah, and I actually miss the clickable links. I found them very useful. I wish there was a way to add this functionality back on my Galaxy Nexus >.<

  2. You have got to be kidding me. “Clickable Links”? Now I seriously just want to break every iPhone & iPad I see. I really hope Samsung sends them a billion dollars worth of nickels. Hell give em pennies because that’s all they are worth to me. The world will eventually see what a no-good P.O.S. company they are and I really hope it’s sooner than later.

    1. A billion dollars worth of nickels would be approximately 84% of nickels in circulation.

      1. Because knowledge is power!

      2. I didn’t know that. Thank you for sharing that.

      3. Proof please.

    2. They already forced HTC to do the same on the latest versions of Sense. Ruined the functionality of it for no reason. I doubt anyone went into a phone store and said “I want a phone that can launch the dialer from a phone number in the browser.”

      1. I do miss that ability.

        1. It’s easy to add back with root and a build.prop mod.

    3. Custom AOSP ROMs/kangs should add one more checkbox to their feature lists:
      [X] Bogus Patent Features Re-Implemented: FvckAppleEdition (they can’t sue us)

      That’d sure get a lot more people rooting and rom’ing. :)

  3. OMG, imagine you could click links on a website, and even worse: on an Windows-PC! I wait for Apple to open a lawsuit for that, too. That is all ridicules. Looks like Apple paid the US-patents-registration a good amount of money to get those patents granted.

  4. I thought prior art was shown on slide to unlock?

    1. I though it was shown on pretty much all their ridiculous patents they have?

  5. @ John.. Yeah im with you. Complete bullshit.

  6. Universal search will get thrown out because of the updates Samsung released. Clickable links? What Da Faq?!?!??!!? Slide to Unlock should be thrown out too because Apples slide to unlock feature slides from left to right while the GSIII can move in any direction. Apple is seriously bouncing on my last nerve. I swear, as long as im on this Earth, will try to sway as many people away from Apple to Android.

    1. I will sway people from Android to iPhone and Windows phone, who want’s a crippled ecosystem?

      1. apparently you

      2. you like it in the back from apple…and a dumbass arent you?

      3. You mean a crippled ecosystem like the one created when Apple locks stuff down in their OS and then tells it’s consumers what they can and can’t do, and further, what they like and don’t like?

    2. i do, since 1989, long story when i was a purist Amiga user, they didn’t change much since then, in attitude

  7. When will logic…I mean whoever granted the patent for ‘clickable links’ needs to be slapped seriously

    1. Bitch-Slapped more likely….

  8. This sucks a fat one. Somebody please say everything’s going to be alright : (

  9. 1. How the hell were these granted?
    2. Apple REALLLLLY hates competition!
    3. How the hell were these granted?
    4. clickable links…. REALLY????? I was doing that in 03 on my samsung flip phone

    So the tech world and consumer must suffer while Apple’s ceo will still be as rich as ever with goals to get richer by knocking off the competition; using the courts as muscle. They want to gimp or ban all the devices us android customers either want or own.

    These patented “ideas” are standard IDEAS! Not some technological marvels…

    If you still support this company known as Apple you’re a douche!

  10. What a nasty vindictive POS company.

  11. Surely you mean “somebody make Apple stop”? They are the only ones who are destroying innovation by their absurd legal litigation. Clickable links were around on windows mobile phones for ages. It’s just crazy

    1. Too Funny!!!!

  12. Just did a quick google news search about anything related to crapple or samsung……..seems people are finally getting the picture and seeing crapple for who they truly are. People (mostly tech heads) are getting angry, (ex)crapple product owners included! Hopefully this is a sign of things to come and consumers shift away from all things cuppertino. A big ask yes, as there are too many ill informed, jaded people out there towards crapple all over the world. Todays news is just fresh, and as this news powers ahead in the coming days, i guarantee more an more people will become fed up with them. They just need to realize they cannot control consumer choice!

    1. I just hope the uneducated masses get a clue. I’ve had several people ask me if I was going to have to get rid of my Galaxy Nexus now.

      No, really.

      1. Really?

        “So now that Darth Vader’s empire has threatened you with a _potential_ ban hammer, are you going to leave the android rebellion and join the dark side?”

        Really? :)

        1. Seriously. I try to fill them in on what’s really going on, but their eyes start to glaze over after a minute or so. Thankfully, many of them are already Android users, just not Samsung.

    1. Only problem is that they are suing in Cali again. We saw how well prior art went over when it would have worked against Apple. O.o

  13. This is now a joke. It would be like Microsoft saying we made IE and it has an address bar on top and no one else can have that. Or like a car company cant have a stereo in it due to some other car company had it first.
    This is the reason i hate Apple for stupid things like this. Hopefully the judge will see this and kick it out.

  14. go to hell

    1. Samsung and its stolen products will go with me!

      1. At least you’ll finally meet Steve Jobs as you know that’s where he resides.

        1. Well said, if it we not for ignorant consumers there would be no Apple. Why the Hell did Gates save Jobs back in 96? Give the devil a break and he will roast you for eternity.

          1. You seem upset because of the success, remain pressed monkey, Apple is always winning.

          2. wow you really are the definition of an oxygen theif

        2. Right along with Android cheap plastic products.

          1. I’m assuming you are a PROUD iPhone owner. In that case how is your tiny screen, limited memory, blazing 3G, irreplaceable battery, and closed ecosystem doing? (Sorry, your previous posts annoyed me.) But almost all Apple people are the same, you talk of how terrible Android is without facts. Truth is Android has had more features than Apple’s iOS since 2.2, and 4.1 makes Apple scared. iOS6 is going to be mediocre, no Google/YouTube native, Apple’s “purchased” mapping system, and a Siri upgrade. The “taller” iPhone5 screen of 4″ is still to small and the only great thing about it is they finally have LTE, that’s it!

            The only reason that Android’s OS has a bad name is because it is open source. This means unintelligent people put a good OS on terrible devices and expect it to run perfectly. I dare you to use a Galaxy S3 for a week and honestly compare it to the iPhone. Overall, the iPhone is now more than ever purely a fashion/design piece. Couple all this with Apple’s suing spree and it won’t be long until they are a small 15-20% of the market again.

            Lastly, if you can’t try a new Android phone watch these videos instead:

          2. “The only reason that Android’s OS has a bad name is because it is open source, just like Windows”
            I agree with everything else except the above statement. Windows is NOT open source.

          3. Yeah, sorry typing too fast. Windows is able to be put on any computer though and that is what I meant.
            Interesting how the other guy didn’t post back though; he must not have any ammo.

  15. Apple winning again….

    1. They may win this trial too but they are losing. They just keep wetting their pants to stay warm :-)

      1. Losing what Fag? Their bank account says otherwise; fact!

        1. They were hot a few years ago and build really big pockets. From their actions since they look like they have no clue. You can be clueless and rich at the same time :-)

          1. You’re an idiot.

        2. Fag? Boy you A in the bank from morons like you?maybe youre a fag like the boss tim cook…not thats theres anything wrong with it…just with morons like you and companies such as crapple.

          1. You’re on the losing team monkey, how does it feel spending your money on cheap plastic products, gonzo nose.

  16. I knew Iphones and iPads were shitty, but since watching a comparison by a guy named Arnondo on YouTube, saw that they are even more shitty than I first imagined. Screw you Apple for being a bastard and not competing in the marketplace fairly with your inferior devices.

    1. Maybe we can start a petition against the US Patent Office granting these ridiculous patents?

      1. Maybe get the prior art and submit it requesting the patents be invalidated!

        1. It didn’t work for Samsung now did it?

          1. Because the jurors decided to ignore it. Then there’s the judge not allowing damning prior art be entered as evidence.

      2. That’s a great idea! Let’s all sit back and wonder where Apple would be right now if the Patent Office was legitimate. :)

    2. Can you post the link please. I’m curious about this video but my search brings up nothing


        It’s called Android Vs iOS The Truth about Apple and Google’s OS. A 6 part video series.

  17. I will never buy a apple product again! Every iphone I’ve had I’ve sold and now this is some bull sh@t! I wouldn’t doubt that they gun for google and android in general next… bottom line, i buy android for the interface not because it looks like the iphone…

    1. Actually my buddy was telling me about one of the patents Google will be using against apple (via moto). A WiFi patent, that if not found to be frand or something would totally screw Apple 5 ways from Sunday.

  18. Claiming the Galaxy S3 copies an iPhone is like saying a Ferrari copies a Hyundai. This will backfire on Apple. Most people now buy these types of tech products based on the opinions of people who they know have a strong tech knowledge and most who fall into that categorie HATE Apple right now. I’m going thermonuclear against Apple going forward.

    1. Claiming the S3 copies iPhones is an insult to Android. Motorola’s OS is flexible, and user-friendly. IOS is user-hostile, and copies everything in it from other people’s work. Apple did not invent icons; they stole them from Xerox. They didn’t invent Unix. They used open-source software by Berkley. and they didn’t create their “universal search”, it’s copied from Google.

    2. yo skrill drop it hard

  19. And just a word of consolation for those worried about Apple’s pathetic display of inferiority… just wait until Google unleasheshes all of their newly acquired Motorola patents. That should put Apple back in their place quickly.

    1. They appear to have some REALLY good patents waiting for the spotlight.


    This is why Apple probably decided to go after the S3. The S3 has been rated the #1 phone since it came out and carriers are selling out on them. Even AT&T, who is Apple’s #1 carrier cant hold on to this phone. Apple cant stand that someone would rather have Android than an IPhone

    1. People arent buying iphones right now becuase its to cose to the rleease of the next one and Samsung got into that space perfectly with the SGS3 to be honest they were int he right spot at the right time. That is why the S3 is selling so well. Iphone sales always drop off a few months before the release of the next one and since these lay suites started people are seeing apple for what they really are and choosing to buy android powered devices instead of waiting for the next iphone.

      1. I’m so sick of hearing people completely discredit GSIII sales by saying it’s only selling because it’s so close to the new iphone drop date…yes, there are many isheep who are waiting in anticipation to buy the new iphone, but people are still buying the Galaxy S III because it’s an amazing phone….and they like it. If they didnt like it and it truly wasnt great, the people buying it would just wait for the new iphone too….Different strokes for different folks….People make these claims like its some sort of iphone exclusive….the same can be said for anything for sale in any industry. Sales for a new 2011 Mercedes will fall off just before a 2012 model is released, and weeks before the Playstation 4 is released, you will see a drop in PS3 sales, etc…

        1. whatever generation of iphone apple takes to the market I can bet you it will not beat GS3

      2. Suuuuure. That explains why Samsung is selling millions of S3’s. *wink

      3. that would be a good point if it made any sense. it would be a good explanation of why the current iphail isn’t selling, because people are waiting for the next one; but as an explanation of why people ARE buying a competing device it holds no water.

  21. The galaxy s3 is no way close to the iphoney. It is 10x better and you can unlock the screen by tilting the phone etc.

    1. Samsung has tilt to zoom and swipe too. Thats what I call innovation.

      I so hope someone has a patent for tilting to zoom and swipe….and Apple tries to use it….I so hope Samsung has that patent….lol.

  22. I used to be an Apple Phanboi when they were cool; I stayed away from the grey flannel WinTel devices. Now, since Steve’s death, Apple has become the worst corporate blood-sucker I can imagine. I am in process of selling everything apple that I own and will now look towards anything other.

    1. Steve was the one who started all of this remember? He wanted to go “thermonuclear” on Android. Not Samsung, but all of Android.

  23. Why did Samsung have to include a home button on the US S3? I think it’s Samsung’s dumbest move.

    1. Samsung cant use a home button because Apple uses it too???

      Samsung has a history of using a single home button. Apple doesnt own everything for mobile phones….they just think they do. And got ppl believing they do.

    2. It won’t hurt them in court. There’s not enough bezel. :)

  24. Apple is becoming like umbrella corporation..:-P
    Dont know when this will end..
    Waiting for the day apple will get the dose of their own medicine…

  25. This is why I finally left Apple for the Samsung S III. Apple gave up on coming out with new products and went in the “sue” business. They were a great company and could be again. They just need to get down to serious business.

    1. Jim, Apple can never be a great innovative company again. Technological innovation at Apple died with Steve Jobs. The only that looks like innovation at apple at the moment is geeting morasses at the patent office and then heading to some phoney court to sue for non-existent claims.

  26. These Apple Fan Boys Disguist me in these comments. Their Brainwashed, i bet they go to church and get brainwashed too.

    1. they are like those koolaid cults..which eventually we know what happens in the end.

  27. Everybody stating they are selling all their Apple products and convincing others to not buy from Apple is the reason for all these lawsuits. Apple needs to make money somehow.

  28. “In other news, Apple made itself a new product, Apple sauce, when it dropped it’s bible of patents on itself. Apple immediately went to the patent office and is now suing Del Monte for stealing the idea….”

  29. These patents only exist because the people who work for the US Patent Office are idiots, dumber than my dog. Clickable links in email are over 30 years old. I had embedded links at MIT in 1985, and it wasn’t new then either.

  30. In 2 weeks i will buy a galaxy nexus now. Just because. I am so pissed with iPhone right now.

  31. I strongly believe that they will not win on the GS3 for those two patents are frivolous. Hope the judge sees this.

  32. i used to be an apple fan. I will never ever buy another apple product again. I went and traded my iphone in for a galaxy s3. I might add its a much better phone than iphone. Im trading in my laptops and ipads too apple. Get a life and go make some new products.

  33. Its just jealousy

  34. I am on a 30 day trial of a Galaxy S III. I just might return it and go with another phone because I don’t want litigation to affect my experience.

    #1. Software updates pushed to strip features.
    #2. Sales bans affecting availability. (warranty claims, insurance claims)

    1. The only way you can avoid that would be going with LG. And that’s cause no one gives a crap about them, Including apple. For a reason of course .. crap phone crap software. Sony seems to be getting by without being used as well.

  35. What in the HECK is with apple!!?!?! Talk about some prideful sore losers!!! They need to realize that they aren’t the best, they don’t make the best products, its a NORMAL THING when competitors start making better products and then the NORMAL THING to do is just try and beat your competitors by making something different and better. Not to be a bunch of scared sissies and try and screw all the other competitors just cuz they are making way better products!!! Its just unbelievable how this is turning out…Apple is slowly going downhill more and more and the more all of this stuff is brought to the surface for others to see (not just us phandroid users) but the people who love apple so much and don’t have a clue as to what’s going on in the real world and how they truly are. Hopefully, just hopefully peoples eyes will be opened and say I’m not gonna support a company like that no matter how good their stuff is. I know so many people who don’t even have a clue about apple and their stupid patent crap and when I say stuff to them about it, they play stupid and are so narrow minded into thinking apple is the best and always will be no matter what.! WAKE UP PEOPLE

  36. Only in America are people stupid enough to award this kind of stuff to Apple.

    1. with the last jury verdict i have to agree with you. i hope Sammy isn’t scared into a B.S. settlement.

  37. Wow, Apple spend time to dig into Samsung’s products to find ‘fault’.
    Apple’s legal department is the most well paid department of all Apple :P
    I guess all the small time iPhone copycats (whose products look more like an iPhone) are small fish while Samsung is the big fish.Money, money.
    Maybe someone can make a time machine and go back in time to revise the patent system.

  38. Apple’s in trouble, but won’t realize it til innovation leaves them in the dust. What’s gonna happen when the first bendable phone comes to market(more than likely made by samsung, cause they’re the only ones working on it), stylus pens, with Wacom accuracy get acccepted? Everybody will protect their intellectual property from now on, and will leave apple out of the loop. Apple doesn’t beleive in innovation, just control, and have run out of new ideas, they should leave the jobs years behind, and catch up, before their products are considered etch-o- schetches!

  39. We(consumers) need to boycott Apple. Spread to word to the masses to never buy any of their products again. They need to be stopped.

  40. Could be a good thing. This will expose the ridiculous patent system and force change. I’ve had an iphone 4 and i now have an S3 which is much better.I will not be forced into the apple ecosystem never going back to the Evil Empire!!!

  41. I dont go to haunted houses for a reason. If something scares me i swing! If i miss i swing more! If it lands solid, but doesnt incapacitate, i continue to swing! Sounds alot like apple, and wow they are scared!!!

  42. ifan want to hear: apple will win and banned those phone.
    Afan want to hear: apple lose.

    1. I just want everyone to make better phones instead of suing everyone.

  43. Apple iPhone 5 white leaked at IFA

  44. I think every company should sue apple if the screen is over its current size and trying to put lte n it

  45. I’m waiting for apple to sue Samsung for making the S3 available in white

  46. every company should sue apple if they get screen size any bigger and get lte

  47. In all seriousness, Apple is begging to get lawsuits from the entire industry. I would love nothing more than a consortium of manufactures and coders that would officially combine powers to oust this cancer once and for all.

  48. Crapple is nothing but money hungry! They are just mad cause Sammy’s stuff is better than theirs. Apple will always be behind the curve when it comes to android. Crapple doesnt want anyone to be ahead of them and their shitty IOS.

  49. They dont mind competition…they overall lost lawsuits against Microsoft in that famous case when they said Microsoft os looks to much like theirs in certain ways. APPLE just does what everyone with patents do, they protect what they have. Android is a stolen product….just look at all the lawsuites they have lost, moto has done nothing to help fight back, and android oems seem to only be able to fight back with SEP’S that will bring anti trust issues. So i know this is a pro android site, but its business and android oems and google should not barrow others i.p.

    1. Oracle claimed Android was stolen….. or had stolen code….we all know how that turned out….

      And lets keep it real. Apple has lost some patent cases too. Specifically….against Samsung in Korea.

  50. Oh son of a gun, will Apple stop doing that and beside I just read this from Android Authority:

    Will this crap lawsuit ever end??

  51. You apple fans do realize if the iPhone 5 Has an late antenna in it it is going to be hit with an injunction so hard you may never get your hands on one. Unlike the patents apple is suing over the one for lte Google owns cannot be fixed with a software patch. They would have to pay Google an absurd royalty, or physically remove the antenna from each phone

  52. These lawsuits are Apple’s way of telling the competition to create their own innovations.  Instead of waiting for us to create something for you to copy, come up with your own stuff!  Taking our ideas and creating similar products is lazy and not forward thinking. Move the industry forward by producing innovative products of your choosing like we did with iPod, iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air. We want you to stop hanging on our coattails. Consumers deserve and need more than one innovative company creating products that delight and please them. We don’t want to be the only developer for the industry. Our products don’t copy what was there before. They redefined them. We took what was there and reimagined it. You do the same. In the meantime, if you copy us we’re going to sue you, and we’ll be relentless. You can’t expect to come along, steal our ideas, create products that cut into our profits, harm our customers and expect to get away with it! No, that ain’t happening! So Google, Samsung, HTC, Motorola and the the other copiers, back off!  We’re going to protect our profits, our shareholders and our customers at all cost! 

    1. You do know there are more features that Apple “stole” from Android than vice versa. Google doesn’t sue for it. Why? Because Google realizes it stifles innovation to put patents on broad ideas such as “multitasking” “Close to every feature google maps has on it” “notification bar” etc. Apple isn’t really much of an innovator other than they take ideas that didn’t work in the past, dress it up and dump a large amount of money into marketing it as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Apple doesn’t like competition, especially since the ipod ran with so much notoriety. This was particularly shown with when the one company released a phone with itunes available on it, but Apple made it so you could only load 100 songs onto it because they were afraid of it cutting into their ipod sales. Steve Jobs is pissed because google stole limelight from them not that long after the release of the iphone with the release of the first android phone and started his own personal war with them, a war that he’d stated he wasn’t afraid to drive the company into bankruptcy to win.

      1. Wow! Everything you posted in your reply is wrong.  You need to do more research; then post a corrected reply. Look at the industry, and you’ll see that Apple’s the only company taking the risks in successfully redefining products and markets. The real innovating. The others are just piggy backing off their efforts (iPod, iPhone, iPad and the MacBook Air). Android wouldn’t be where it is without its designers copying and stealing just about every feature from iOS including the UI. 

        1. mmmmm… koolaid good… yum.

  53. What did you expect? This is a company that doesn’t sell physical media for their operating system. Say you buy a mac off craigslist that doesn’t have a drive, or it has been wiped(you do wipe your old computer’s drive when you sell it right). “Hey, I’ll just drop by the Apple store down the street and pick up a copy of Lion!” Nope, they want you to bring your new to you Mac to the store so they can install the OS, then you can make a time machine backup to reinstall later.

  54. Apple feels they are entitled to victory so they’ll use the government to do their work for them instead of making more advanced products.

  55. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best phone I ever had. I had it for a month and it oozes with fun and ease to use. Some minor issues with sound and battery, otherwise satisfied 9.5 out of 10.

    My take on the apple litigation reminds me of the beginning of the fall of the Roman Empire. Anyone who studies history will understand exactly what I am referring.

  56. I think someone should go and take down iTune. That’ll teach Apple a lesson for being too cocky.

  57. Ffs, this is infuriating. Moved away from Apple products a few years back sure to reliability and fragility of the products. Wouldn’t go back because, put simply, Android platform is massively better for my needs in every way. Nuff said. Hope Apple market share diggers as a result of this stupid bullying new business plan they have wholeheartedly undertaken.

  58. “We have filed for 200 patents for all of the inventions in the iPhone. AND WE INTEND TO PROTECT THEM.”~~~Steve Jobs, January 9, 2007

    I guess y’all thought he was bluffing. Betcha don’t think so now ;-)

  59. My wife (Who actually has an iPhone) even said it was retarted, so Apple is the only one that can make smartphones? It’s true… All these patents shouldn’t have been allowed to begin with… Instead of sueing samsung take down every other smartphone / android phone maker at the same time… This doesn’t make sense anymore.

  60. Apple has transformed from one of the leading innovators in the tech world to its biggest pain and the primary cause of consumers being screwed everywhere, even when they cannot hope to afford an APple product. Read a useful analysis of the situation at

  61. FU Apple

  62. All this bickering paid for with your smartphone dollar. Maybe they could charge double for your next phone and tie up all the courts and lawyers!!

  63. From comments here it is obvious that none of you value ingenuity & reaping just rewards from same? You complain of simple & obvious functionality being removed from Samsung devices by evil Apple, yet do you stop to think who originated it? Bingo! Apple did! Without patent protection & civil recourse why would anyone innovate cretin can take your original creation and make a mint off it to your detriment? It is the epitome of absurdity to attack the inventor for prosecuting the thief. How would any you feel if your invention was stolen?

    1. Virtually NONE of the functions/patents that Apple is suing for were done first by Apple; or, for some of them, the function is obvious and should never have been patent-able in the first place. Clickable address/phone number links in emails or text messages? REALLY?! Keep drinking that koolaid… moron.

  64. This has gotten so out of hand, and its time we users stepped into the fray. If the S3 is added to the list by the courts without going through a trial process, I’m going to organize a protest against the local Apple stores. I’ll foot the bill to set up a web site to coordinate picketing multiple Apple stores simultaneously, and – of course – make sure the press is all invited. Anyone interested in helping out?

  65. I will laugh when Samsung moves on to innovate the next big thing, then patents it. Then let’s see Apple get left in the dust as people realize they are just overpriced, old technology. Well, they already are overpriced, old technology. It will just finally become apparent to more people.

    Who am I kidding? The same people who buy Apple are the same ones who go buy clothes which are way overpriced so they can give those same companies free advertisement.

    Overpriced Company: “Hello dumb consumer, will you give me more money for the same crap you can buy elsewhere for half the price?”

    Dumb Consumer: “Sure, and can I give you free advertisement too?!”

    Good day. I said good day!

  66. “If you can’t beat them, sue them” is probably the poison Apple company way of getting rid of competitions. You limit us consumers on what we can buy and take away our choices. Bad move Apple, you lost my business and my respect. I don’t care for your endless iPod lines and over priced gloomy grey electronic anyway…

  67. Sorry Apple, but…
    It’s swipe to unlock. You don’t slide the screen, you swipe it. Take a look at the screen next time.

    There are buhgillions of software that has a universal search. Why would ANY programmer make a search that only searches one database knowing the device or software will have access to multiple databases? Really? That’s like coding 101

    On my computer, I have clickable links in my email. What makes yours different? I have clickable links in my text messages, apps, browsers, and every other place on my phone. Leave my sight thinking you created any of this.

    How HTC got banned on this, I will never know. I’m also sad that I’m like 6 days late. =.[

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