Sears giving up free keyboard dock with purchase of ASUS Transformer Pad TF300


If you’re in the market for an ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 soon why not get one from Sears? It’s not that I think they’re this super awesome retailer or anything, but they’re offering a really sweet deal if you decide to get it from their store shelves.

You will be walking away with a free keyboard dock, an accessory that will currently run you anywhere between $100-150 normally. It’s a great deal when you get anything for free, so there should be no reason to look anywhere else if you were already looking to purchase the tablet or tablet + dock elsewhere. Get two in one and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. The tablet itself is $400 and you can find it at the link ahead. [Sears via Droid Dog]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Wow yu can still buy things from Sears?

  2. All day ‘ery day

  3. the offer is BS because the keyboard isn’t even available for purchase.

    1. Its offered on their website under special offers to the right of the listing

      1. Right, but the keyboard is out of stock…. so where’s the deal?

  4. ehh…thanks to a lazy Best Buy employee I was able to price match and get the Infinity for $348…

    1. What?? How?

      1. Best Buy price matched this: …some other people had success and others didn’t…

    2. Upvoted for successfully kicking Best Buy in the balls

    3. With the keyboard??

      1. didn’t get the dock but if I wanted to I could’ve gone for the double whammy and see if they would price match Amazon which had it for $132…if I tried I might have being able to get the pad and dock for less than the cost of the pad alone…

        1. Best Buy priced matched the TF300 for the $359.99 and I also got the keyboard dock for free! Although sales tax is annoying I can’t complain about the free dock.

  5. Love Android…but can’t justify paying that much for a tablet + keyboard when you can get a nice ultrabook that is just as portable for couple hundred more.

    1. couple hundred… so $550 nets you a touch screen ultrabook?

      1. My friend got a HP sleekbook 6z-1010us (which is an ultrabook w/o an SSD) for $485. Just saying.

  6. Hmm might just have to run over to Best Buy and get them to match this deal.

  7. sears selling old stuff :

  8. False advertising. No free keyboard.

  9. Sears is out of stock on the keyboard so Best Buy refuses to price match.

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