Leaked: Motorola DROID M Press Shots and Specs – 4.3-Inch qHD Display, S4 Processor and NFC


For those that like a little kick in their mid-range devices, Motorola might have exactly what you’re looking for. Bound for Verizon Wireless, the recently rumored Motorola Droid M is once again appearing before an official announcement in a set of leaked press shots along with full spec list.

The LTE equipped device will come with a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED “bezel-tastic” qHD Gorilla Glass 2 display, the now standard Qualcomm S4 dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8MP rear with complimentary 3MP front facing camera, global roaming support, micro SD slot (I can hear the cheers already) and NFC on board. The above promo shot also shows software making Ice Cream Sandwich a shoe-in at launch.

Motorola is throwing an unveiling event scheduled for September 5th, where it’s more than likely we’ll see both this little fella, along with the RAZR HD, make an appearance. Expect the Droid M to hit with an affordable $150 pricing. What do you guys think about the DM? Is it a nice enough upgrade from the OG RAZR for those that wont commit to the RAZR HD?


Chris Chavez
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  1. $150 full retail?

    1. With a 2-year agreement, yes. O_o

    2. oh jeez i wish xD

  2. At this point; New phones released with ICS is just embarrassing.

    1. Yea really. Its embarrassing that my vzw gs3 is still on ics

      1. Your phone was released about two months ago and you already expect it to have Jelly Bean? Everyone with a stock Gnex doesn’t even have that.

        1. The unlocked nexus had JB the DAY google released JB. So; yes he should expect verizon to role it out before 2 months later. Releasing a new phone several months later with ICS is just stupid.

          1. Google doesn’t handle updates for the SGS3. These new phones were developed before Jelly Bean came out.

          2. And your point is? Mine is that its embarrassing to release a new phone now; months after JB is released with ICS. And additionally that verizon has taken months to Not rollout JB for on a NEXUS phone. Its a pretty big problem.

          3. The phone was tested with Ice Cream Sandwich, it would be stupid for them to wait to put Jelly Bean on this phone because by then the hardware would be even more dated. Sometimes you have to sacrifice hardware for software and vice versa. That’s just how it is sometimes. I do agree that Verizon should release updates faster however.

  3. lame phone is lame

  4. Bulky?

  5. Same phone different name. Learn from Sony, they made the best looking phone. But they did poorly on os support.

  6. Congratulations moto, this might be your ugliest phone yet!

  7. Y create a mid range phone? The original razar should b considered mid range with the maxx n hd following it. It should cost $99. Hell the galaxy nexus is $99 y not get that? Qhd display? Stop it moto

  8. Only. 4.3in screen ? What are we in 2010?

    1. Can’t wait for the 6.5 inch Nexus phone. Take my money!

    2. It’s still bigger than the iphone5.

  9. Seems they only swapped processor/radio in Razr to S4. How big is battery? If the same as OG Razr battery size, no interest in this one.

  10. Remembered the rumoured moto intel phone looked just like that

  11. Those are quite handsome specs. I hope the 3mp front facing camera is as good as it sounds.

  12. I don’t see why everyone is complaining. They are very good specs.

  13. Can’t say it looks great, but but that bezel looks pretty nice

  14. I like that the didn’t put the hump on the end, and that it has a tiny bezel. Otherwise it’s mediocre.

  15. No HDMI port? I like my ladocks/mirroring to much, I still have 10 months left. I’ll consider a new Moto then.

  16. Just saying, this phone isnt going to have a lot of root support for a notorious reason, unless Motorola keeps true to their unlocking tool….

    Personally, I won’t buy their crap anymore specifically because of their now current trend of lieing, but to each their own.

  17. Gaaay… Come on no 2GB of RAM or bigger screen? And the battery isn’t even gonna be that big…

  18. I hope Motorola doesn’t go the way of naming their devices with letters. the Droid M. The Droid S. The Droid T. Ugh. What a lack of originality these recent names for other recent smartphones.

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