Ice Screen is a 26-inch smart TV powered by Android


An interesting smart TV concept has emerged from China as the brainchild of Tencent and TCL Multimedia. The Ice Screen is an Android-powered television that looks more like an oversized tablet at 26 inches. The display resolution tops out at 1366×768 and is your window to web surfing, videos, music, and games. Internally the Ice Screen is powered by a dual-core Cortex A9 CPU at 1GHz with Mali 400 graphics and 4GB RAM. The device sports WiFi, USB, HDMI, and SD card support and is designed to function in both portrait and landscape modes.

Again, the concept isn’t one we have seen executed in this manner previously, foregoing the big screen media experience for something that functions closer to a personal computer with a TV tuner. The hardware itself look well-executed, and remote control via an Android app rounds out the features. No word if this will ever land anywhere other than China, but it will be available forthe approachable price of ¥1,999  (~$315).

[via Engadget]

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  1. I like the look. it would be cool if u could run your pc through it. I would definitely try to hunt one down lol.

    1. why would you want to run your PC through a tablet? Why did you end a sentence with lol?

      1. Cause it’s hip!

        1. Not as hip as you!

      2. Because it says it’s a smart “TV” and most of the newer tv’s I’ve can double as a pc monitor. And since I have decent pc with a crappy monitor it would be nice to have a monitor, tv and android on my desk on one screen. it does say smart tv right? I ended my sentence with lol because I know how much u forum guys like to see it.

        1. I have to agree with you. 1 it would make a wonderful monitor. 2, If I can hook my Gnex and my laptop up to it as well as it having a TV tuner, that would be a perfect solution for something kind of portable that more than a few people can look at at once. I guess you just have to be in the market for one.

  2. Touchscreen?

  3. Ice screen for Ice cream!! haha

    1. Hurry up and copyright that!!

  4. The mother of all tablets!

  5. It be really cool if it can keep up with my ps3. I’ve wanted to be able to connect my tablet to a hdmi port and be able to use it as a screen for sometime now

  6. I’m holding out for the 55″ version :)

  7. Whoa is this the first android device with more than 1GB of ram? 4GB of ram would be awesome. Or is that a sad typo and they really mean 4GB of onboard flash storage.

  8. tinyurl.com/cyk9xz2

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