Google Goggles gains support for phones lacking auto-focus in latest update


Google Goggles has been updated today with a selection of improvements, including one that should make owners of lower-tier smartphones quite happy. The app, which was once relegated to devices with auto-focus cameras, now supports phones with fixed focus image snappers. Google has also made object tracking in Goggles’ continuous shooting mode “faster” and “more robust.” The full list of changes is as follows:

  • Search-from-camera no longer requires search history to be enabled.
  • Faster, more robust object tracking in “continuous” mode
  • When scanning a QR code that has a URL encoded:
    • The thumbnail of a page is shown
    • URL is checked against a malicious URL blacklist
    • More complete barcode coverage
  • Support for non-autofocus cameras
  • When Goggles fails to find an exact match – search for products that look similar.

Head on over to the Google Play link below to snag the latest version of Goggles. But I will leave you with a question: who actually uses Goggles in their daily lives to perform visual searches?

Download from Google Play: Google Goggles

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  1. Am i the only one? whenever i try goog goggles it spews forth incorrect info

    1. No dude… no

  2. I think auto focus is the least of the problems that G-goggles has. How about simply working period! I mean it is an awesome concept but why did it need my camera history in order to search for info regarding a NEW photo that i have taken??? This app sketched me out in the fact that you couldnt get any results unless you gave google access to your photo history and then you STILL didnt get any results after doing so.

  3. I only use it as a barcode/QR-code scanner and to see if it can find solutions to sudoku’s.

  4. Agreed, it has never given me a correct response. So they can fix the auto focus thing all they want, it’s not getting installed until it works.

  5. Who the hell doesn’t have auto focus on their phone camera?!?

    1. Me.

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