DEAD TRIGGER tightens up 1.5.0 release, celebrates with new trailer


Just last week MADFINGER GAMES updated their zombie FPS Dead Trigger to version 1.5.0, which included new arenas, weapons, and items to use as you fight off hoards of the living dead. Today, a much smaller update to version 1.5.1 has gone live to clean up a few bugs found in the prior release. In addition to a few AI bugs, the patch fixes a problem that saw the game crash after the initial loading screen as well as adds in Back button functionality throughout the GUI. Dead Trigger will also now support GamesStop wireless controllers.

As an added bonus, MADFINGER has unleashed a brand new trailer showing off some of the elements added in version 1.5 of Dead Trigger. Check it out above.

Download from Google Play: Dead Trigger

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  1. So excited about the GameStop controller support! Will have to test it after work.

  2. Fantastic game and it only gets better with every update!

  3. Anyone getting “delta” updates with this game? It keeps downloading 126 Mb everytime there’s an update.

    1. Delta updates likely don’t apply to anything but the core app. Dead Trigger is likely using that post-core app 4GB limit they added a while back so games don’t have to host their own content to download.

  4. does GN support mouse and keyboard?

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