Aug 19th, 2012

I came upon a rather interesting story on Mashable where a restaurant in Los Angeles has offered customers a 5% discount if they would check their phones in at the entrance. The first reaction I had was a bit of a laughter at the thought of where we, the human species, have ended up. You know the usual “technology has made us so much more disconnected in person” et cetera et cetera stuff.

Then it hit me: If I were offered that discount, I’m not sure I would take it up. Of course, it’s dependent upon various other factors, but I’m uncertain of whether I would be comfortable sitting some thirty feet away from my phone, unable to hear any notifications. Heck, what would I do in all those awkward moments of silence? Play with my spoon? And what would Instagrammers do with their food? Eat it?

Let’s hear from the rest of you, vote below, and maybe mention in the comments some sort of an explanation for your choice.