Google Play Store Updated To 3.8.15 – Play Store Gift Cards and Wishlists Coming Soon [Download]


We’ve been talking about for years now, and following the transformation of the media rich Android Market into the Google Play Store, it seems Google is finally ready to give us what we want — gift cards. Today the Play Store was updated to version 3.8.15 and while changes weren’t immediately apparent, a quick decompiling of the .apk revealed a few hidden images, giving us a good indication that Google will soon be bringing bringing gift cards to the Play Store. But that’s not all…

I’ve been screaming since the G1 days for Google to finally add some kind of bookmarking for apps in the Play Store (then Android Market). I literally have hundreds of of apps listed in an Evernote folder with an endless amount of lists for apps I wasn’t quite sure about downloading — or didn’t work with my then Android device — in hopes that I would later revisit and give ’em a good install. Well, hidden inside this new version of the Play Store were, once again, hidden .png’s referencing “Wishlists,” along with some code.

Download Google Play Store 3.8.15

Exciting? You better freakin’ believe it. The addition of Wishlists and finally being able to buy friends and family gift cards for use in the Play Store is something the Play Store has been desperately lacking for ages (and will help it better compete against rival market places). It is time. Let’s cross our fingers that the next update will finally separate our previously installed paid apps, from the free ones. Thanks, Googs!

[XDA-Developers | Google+ | AndroidPolice]

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  1. Let’s cross our fingers that the next update will finally separate previously our previously installed paid apps, from the free ones.

    ^PLEASE that.

    1. Amen

      Frankly, I’d like to see the fee apps go away from my list of apps in Google Play. If I uninstall a free app, I don’t plan to reinstall it again. There are dozens of apps clogging my “ALL” list.

      1. Nah, some of the free apps I uninstall I do want to install later, but there are definitely a lot that are clogging things up. Simply a remove app from list feature would suffice for me

        1. Remove from display and reinstall list.
          The mess that is my market list makes the auto restore useless.

    2. Google NEEDS to bring back the ‘purchased apps’ list. There is no way to see the entire list of apps you bought on the mobile version of the store (only the desktop version).

  2. A wish list is a great idea. Something where I can bookmark an app and come back and install it/ test drive it later.

    1. There’s an app called Market Marks that allows you to bookmark apps, and can help you keep track of updates and changes in price

  3. No wishlist found :( next update then?

    1. Only signs of these changes. Will most likely come in a later update (possibly when the web store is ready to follow suit)

  4. I am really glad to be android user, google is really trying their best to satisfy their customer not “only” their wallet

    1. This was how companies use to line their pockets, but now corps can treat the customer like sh!t and get away with it because theres no competition or the competition is just as bad.

  5. if i make a wishlist, none of my families or friends would know because im the only android user… *foreveralone*

    1. I was the same way for a long time! Then my sister got a cheapy Android, and my parents ended up getting my hand me downs. Soon, my friends got sucked into the “Droid” craze and now, I only have 1 friend with an iPhone (he’s lost). :p

    2. Hopefully they’ll still be able to use the Web site to make your wishes come true.

  6. I use The Diigo Power Note App and “share” apps from Google Play with Power Note. I have them all nicely listed in my “Android App Wishlist” on Diigo.

  7. YES! So happy they are finally doing this. Maybe I can finally start yelling at people at get the point across that I don’t want iTunes gift cards anymore. Gimmie my Google stuff please, and let me rightfully support Google.

  8. phandroid should do some gift card giveaways to celebrate this.

    1. We most definitely will (once they actually come out). Lol

      1. THANK YOU :D

  9. Am I the only 1 wondering why there’s screen shots in the apk taking up space in the first place?

      1. Preparation for what? I’ve never seen any screen shots through using the app and the help section is on the web so can’t be for that.

  10. So basically sex. yup.

  11. Watch out Google! Apple may sue you for using gift cards… They DID come up w gift cards, right?!

  12. Is there a particular reason that the three dot drop down including “wish list” is not on either of my devices after the update? Or is it just me? :(

  13. Google Play store updated to 3.8.16 on my Huawei Ascend II just a minute ago ,and I don’t see anything new yet .

  14. My version of the Play Store is still at 3.7.15 (Google Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Bean). Is this within the usual rollout window?

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