Verizon’s Galaxy S3 Bootloader Finally Unlocked – Let The Fun Begin


And that’s a wrap. After a few months/weeks of trying to crack the Verizon branded Samsung Galaxy S3, developers over on XDA are finally ready to take home that bounty. For the less tech savvy, this means GS3’s users on Verizon’s network can finally experience the wonderful world of flashing ROMs and kernels on a once locked down device.

But this new found freedom comes with a catch: once the unsecure bootloader has been flashed to a device using this method, a user will no longer be able to install official updates sent from Verizon. Instead, they’ll have flash back to a stock state or risk bricking their device forever. Pretty much standard fine print for anyone living the ROM life and as the kids say, YOLO.

The process is said to be fairly simple for Ubuntu or Mac users (thanks to terminal emulator), with a Windows version of the process available by installing Ubuntu.

Chris Chavez
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Android’s Pattern Unlock Easily Cracked Without Root, And Only A Little ADB

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  1. “…with a Windows version of the process available by installing Ubuntu.” Yeah, that’s usually my preferred solution to the Windows bug too.

  2. Awesome. Suck it VZ

  3. YOLO? wrong, i once bricked my dinc through radio flashing, but i called VZN and they sent me a refurbished to me overnight. FREE.

  4. Hasn’t root been available now for a while? Here is a video from July 16th that shows you how to root…
    and then unroot …

    1. Unlocking bootloader is not the same thing as ROOT.

    2. root =/= unlocked bootloader

      Locked Bootloader is a deeper problem and took a bit more effort because it involved either bypassing or getting an unencrypted key.

  5. There is also a forum post with how to do it via adb or the terminal on your phone, so if you’re on windows you can just do it that way.


  6. Yeaaaaaa boiiiiiiii suck on deez nutz verizon!! CM10 here we gooooo!!

  7. The above program will work on Windows 7, no need to run linux box

    1. you have confirmed this?

  8. Ding dong the witch is dead.

  9. anyone got pics of icons used in cm10…are they stock ics?

  10. ” a user will no longer be able to install official updates sent from Verizon”

    Vzw has updates?


    1. I’ve heard tale of a device receiving an update once during a lunar eclipse sent from the Verizon gods many, many moons ago.. O_o

  11. To clarify the Verizon S3 has had custom ROMs and kernels for a while now. The kernels just had to be flashed with a k-exec recovery and required a few extra (but automated) reboots on start up. This is still however great news as that nonsense (read: awesome workaround genius develop made for us) is no longer needed. Everything can be flashed normally through normal recovery now.

  12. If you can flash custom ROMs, and more importantly, custom kernels (allowing you to update yourself), why in the world would you want an update from Verizon?!

  13. The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived!!!

    What does this mean if you’re already rooted, though? Would you need to unroot, then root again using the new method?

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