LG Optimus 2X to receive Ice Cream Sandwich after all


When it comes to Android 4.0 and the LG Optimus 2X, signals have been mixed. After initially promising Ice Cream Sandwich for the device, LG seemed to backtrack by posting to the Twitter account of their Canadian branch that the handset would not receive the new Android version. Now the company’s main  branch in Korea is telling us the opposite, informing us that the Optimus 2X’s ICS update is currently in the testing phase.

We’ve said before that there is a chance that some regions won’t see the update while others will, hence the conflicting reports from different local LG contingents, though it’s hard to imagine LG would put the resources towards creating the update only to not send it out to as wide a group of Optimus 2X owners as possible. Regardless, the news should provide some hope for those hoping to see Android 4.0 on the device. When that might actually happen is another matter altogether.

[via AndroidCaotic]

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  1. This is welcome news. :) I hope it actually happens….and soon.

    1. What are u people talking about … i bought mt lg like almostva month ago n it came with the 4.0

  2. Oh that is awesome news! Once that drops that means ROMs for all O2X and T-Mo G2X with REAL hardware support and acceleration. Hell My G2X will last me another 2 years!

  3. Old news, when LG Canada said, that no LG update, after day LG Korea on twitter said this. Look at XDA thread, I think we still have to wait long time.

  4. LG just enjoys yanking people’s chains. They’re laughing over there in Korea about how gullible everyone is, as they shove out new phones with absolutely no intention of supporting them either.

  5. haha, been getting jerked around so much, not going to hold my breath

  6. Sure, we might get Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” eventually, probably by the time everyone else is using Android 4.2 “KrispyKreme”, Android 4.3 “LycheeLollipop”, or Android 4.4 “MangoMeringue.”

    Well, I for one am not going to be dumb enough to buy from LG again.

  7. we have heard this since last year december. im not falling for this again until it happens. LG has lost a customer forever along with Nvidia…

  8. It will only make a crappy phone a little less crappy.

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