Square Enix is Banking a lot on Multi-platform Titles


Just a couple of months after the launch of its highly-anticipated Final Fantasy VII remake sequel, Japanese gaming giant Square Enix (SE) recently announced that it was focusing its efforts towards a new medium-term business plan, which the company hopes will allow it to overcome challenges which have plagued the company recently.

According to SE, the new plan rests primarily on four main pillars which include focusing on titles which include rebuilding overseas business divisions from the ground up, striking a balance between shareholder return and growth investment, rolling out initiatives to create additional foundational stability, as well as enhancing productivity by optimizing the development footprint in the Digital Entertainment (DE) segment.

While all of this sounds like boring corporate speak, Square’s new business more interestingly adds an extra focus on multiplayer availability for upcoming titles. This essentially means lesser platform exclusives, as opposed to games like the Final Fantasy VII remake series which is currently only available on PlayStation. The company also intends to revisit some of its older IP for possible future titles.

A while back, the company also announced that it was going all-in with AI, with company President Takashi Kiryu stating that SE will be “aggressive” in applying AI technologies into its content development and publishing functions.

Source: Gematsu

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