No Ice Cream Sandwich for LG’s Optimus 2X?


According to LG Canada, the Optimus 2X won’t receive an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich as originally stated. The statement was issued on response to a tweet asking about the status of the update, or what we assume is asking about the status of the update — the actual phrasing doesn’t make much sense in terms of standard English. Regardless, LG Canada offered no explanation for the change of heart, only stating “the original announcement was a general statement issued from HQ.”

If we want to find a silver lining in those words, we may be looking at a situation where the update isn’t currently planned for versions of the device tied to Canadian carriers, but that a rollout in other locations might still be on the table. This seems unlikely, however, as it makes little sense for LG to spend the man hours developing the update only to not deploy it on all compatible handsets. Things aren’t looking good for Optimus 2X owners at this point, but manufacturers have been known to flip-flop on these decisions in the past. The 2X certainly has the hardware credentials to support Android 4.0.

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  1. People who moan about HTC for not providing ICS for HD2 and also the one at Sony for not providing JB should read this and realise that they are even lucky to have major update. Once or twice!!

    1. Are you sure you wanted to write HD2? :)

      1. Lol yeah if I was on Sony side I wouldn’t have mentioned HTC and that too at first no ways! -_- :|

        1. Desire HD

    2. He means because HD2 is a windows mobile device. Think you meant a different phone.

  2. If HTC can do it so can we (referring to the Desire HD)

  3. Ran a ICS rom on the x2 for awhile, Generally it ran better the GB. That said while the CPU is more then capable the RAM is a little limited.

  4. Fragmentation is big problem weather you wanna admit it or not

  5. Just one of the MANY phones not getting updated :'(

  6. i hate lg i got the g2x and i wont be getting ics too i wont recommend anybody getting an lg cellphone. their not reliable point blank.

  7. Shame on LG

  8. Because of this, my G2x will be the only phone I will ever have from LG. The support of it has been pathetic at best. The fact that Devs can get a rom for ICS on the G2x shows that LG has no interest in giving their customers the best experience that they can. Personally, I’ve been running ICS on my G2x for a while now. Sticking with the EGB rom until I can afford to get a new phone. I guarantee, when I do, it won’t be an LG created pile of crap.

    1. I was in the same boat. The G2x was my first and last LG phone. I sold it last week and bought a Galaxy Nexus directly from Google and I never looked back.

      1. Yeah. That’s not really an option for me right now. I doubt this phone will sell for much anymore. However, I do know that EGB devs have already put out a pre-alpha of JB for the G2x. I tried it, and my phone ran it fine, but there were things missing that meant I had to go back to the EGB ICS.

        Not really sure what my next phone is going to be really. Thinking about the Asus Padfone system. I really like the idea of a phone/tablet/laptop combo. :D

  9. I’m getting sick of this. I don’t even own this phone, nor live in Canada, but how can you buy a phone that is meant to be the co’s flagship never knowing if you will get an update.

    (And Nexus devices aren’t as cheap and readily available outside the US, as they are in the US)

  10. I’ve so far only owned Motorola and LG Android smartphones, my Thrill already had an official GB rom released when I got it a few months ago, but ICS was already out, don’t see why they’d release an out of date update. I still don’t understand how at home developers can put roms together in a month or two without all the necessary resources from a manufacturer and no income, yet a large company with all the resources can’t spend a few thousand dollars to get a rom coded and tested for a phone in a few weeks. I’m going full Google next time.

  11. I don’t think it can handle it anyway. G2X couldn’t handle gingerbread. Kept freezing up. I think it has to do with the RAM

    1. Actually TBN27, I’ve been running an ICS Rom on my G2x for a while now. It runs pretty damn well. :) There are issues with the Rom, but that’s not because of the phone. that’s because the Devs don’t have the proper information to work with to make it right. Personally, I never had a ‘freezing up’ problem with GB.
      You should think about rooting and dropping an ICS Rom on your G2x. It’ll make a world of difference. (I would recommend the EGB(That’s Eaglesblood) ICS Rom.)

      1. Thanks for the input. I didn’t root because the last phone i rooted didn’t function well so i had a fear of doing it to the G2X.I upgraded via ota and since then my G2X was freezing constantly. I was planning on deleting apps to see if it would quell the problem but i got frustrated and went for a GSII. I do miss that G2X and will give LG another shot if they release a high end smart phone on T-Mobile in the future. Hopefully they have somethibg in plan for the upgraded LTE and Hspa+ network.

        1. No problem. Always glad to help if I can.

          However, I’m not in the same boat as you. Even if LG comes out with the ultimate-uber-phone. I won’t trust that they won’t do what they did with the G2x. Personally, I think it’s disrespectful of the customers that paid as much as we did for this phone to not get an ICS update. But that’s just me. I’ll get off my soapbox now. ;)

          1. I think exactly like you. I got mine to run GB through Cyanogenmod, and it never rebooted froze. The problem wasn’t the hardware, it really was LG’s version of Android.

            I also feel disrespected, never LG again, for anything at all. And I will only follow what LG does for new smartphones for one reason: comment on the article and inform potential newcomers of LG’s performance at updating.

            G2X was a flagship less than a year before ICS came out. And yet, it’s not worth updating. Seriously?

  12. No support and all but forgotten by LG.
    Their announcing their new one today, they don’t give a frak about their earlier releases.

  13. Seriously I’m starting to hate these companies for not updating their phones to 4.0. a Lot of people pay lots of their hard earn money on these phones but they so no we can’t just because their sales didn’t have a LARGE MARGIN still doesn’t give them a right NOT TO UPDATE their phones. just glad I never buy a LG PHONE

  14. This is the biggest reason I will never buy an lg phone. They are near the bottom when it comes to updates.

  15. I’m extremely disappointed. This was their flagship less than a year before ICS was released. But that’s old technology enough to forget about that phone, their money is made with that, why bother?

    How about keeping customers? We’ve been lured into new technology prowess (first dual core phone to hit the market) to then be left aside like a spoiled tissue.

    I will make sure to follow articles on new LG phones and comment on how unreliable LG is with updates, to help new customers not to be fooled like I was. Being lazy should not be deemed profitable.

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