Samsung Galaxy Prevail is Samsung’s best-selling US Smartphone since June 2010, says court documents


This Apple vs Samsung spat has brought about interesting developments since the trial first hit courtroom a while back. The latest development is perhaps the most interesting (though it may not be very significant to the overall grand scheme of things). Samsung has released its sales numbers for their tablets and smartphones in the United States from June 2010 to July 2012.

Samsung sold 21.5 million smartphones in total in that time period here in the United States. Sprint was one of Samsung’s best carrier partner for the Galaxy S line (Galaxy S3 not included yet, of course) with both the Samsung Epic 4G (Galaxy S1) and the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch accounting for 1.9 million and 1.67 million units, respectively.

Surprisingly enough the Samsung Galaxy Prevail was the absolute best seller with 2.25 million units sold. There are a lot more smartphones on the list so open the picture above to view them all if you’re interested (you might be quite surprised by some of the phones’ performance).

It’s worthy to note that these numbers include US sales only so don’t be surprised that they seem low compared to the numbers Samsung usually tout in their press releases. Apple also released some numbers of their own.

While they didn’t go into detail about which devices did which numbers, they revealed That the iPhone sold 85.9 million units in the United States since the line’s launch in 2007. IN THE UNITED STATES. I don’t even want to see the number for worldwide sales.

If we were going by the same time period Samsung went by, they’ve sold 62.8 million units, clearly showing that a majority of their smartphones were sold on the back-end of its existence (not that that’s surprising or anything).

Apple also revealed it sold nearly 20 million iPad units its launch in Q2 2010, a number that is no doubt impressive for the tablet space that is so hard to break into. You can find those numbers below if you so choose. These charts also include full revenue from each line so you can see just how rich these two companies have become in the mobile space.

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  1. Where’s the Galaxy Note?

    1. These are sales of “Accused Products.”

      Apple must not be accusing the Note of infringement.

  2. “Samsung Galaxy Prevail is Samsung’s best-selling US Smartphone since June 2010” yeah right, if you don’t sum the S2’s, otherwise the S2 wins big times…

    1. Problem is every US Carrier has a different name, a different version until the S3 came out. Based on this alone, the Vibrant, and its very similar varient, The Galaxy S 4G…these two alone on Tmobile only sold nearly 2.4 million

      1. i dont see how thats a problem at all. iphone 3gs is a different name than iphone 4, yet those sales are lumped together all the time.

    2. I don’t even recall seeing a single person with a Galaxy Prevail in my life.

      1. The galaxy prevail is from boostmobile one of sprints prepaids. I own one myself its a nice little phone and I do mean little seeing as how its got a 3.2 inch screen.

  3. What a waste fo time.

  4. These charts obviously help Samsung. The iPhone outsells everything else. Even if Apple thinks Samsung copied, they obviously aren’t harmed by it.

    1. that’s exactly what I was thinking.

  5. Now I know how well my Vibrant did and how my GS2 is doing. I have wondered this for a couple years now.

  6. These sales actually prove something.

    People always tout “Android sells more than iOS.”
    If I am Apple… who cares? Apple is in the HARDWARE business. They have sold 85 million iPhones in the US at roughly $400 profit each. Google makes an open source OS, gives it away for free and hopes to recoup with advertising.
    I think Apple has the smarter business plan….
    For now… unless Apple loses steam as Android grows in popularity. Even so… I doubt there will ever be a single Android phone manufacturer that will ever do the sales Apple has achieved.

    1. You need to realize this chart doesn’t include sales result from any other android makers like HTC, Motorola. Also it counts iPhone sales all the way back from 2007 though android really picked up steam from around 2010. But agreed on high iPhone profit.

  7. sad how much data Samsung is forcing over (including undisclosed upcoming devices) where apple just shows up to court. Koh is an Apple-loving snooki and needs to be disbarred or removed from the proceedings due to her known love of Apple.

  8. I have a Galaxy Prevail (i’m listening to music right now while I type) and I know people are shocked but to sum this phone up in a nutshell, less is more. Its a great little android that gives me very little issues and fits well into my pocket. Plus, Boost Mobile is a really good value because in addition to their $55 unlimited talk, text, and data plan they have what’s known as shrinkage which drops your bill by $5 every six month you pay on time until it shrinks to $40 (it rewards those of us who pay our bills on time). I’m grandfathered in with the old price so my bill is actually $35 and I have no real major complaints with Sprint’s network. You just cant beat that, the only real drawback is you don’t have selections to the latest and greatest smartphones but honestly I’ve never been into keeping up with the Jones family so I don’t care. If more people thought like that so many people’s finances wouldn’t be so jacked up.

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