Aug 10th, 2012

This Apple vs Samsung spat has brought about interesting developments since the trial first hit courtroom a while back. The latest development is perhaps the most interesting (though it may not be very significant to the overall grand scheme of things). Samsung has released its sales numbers for their tablets and smartphones in the United States from June 2010 to July 2012.

Samsung sold 21.5 million smartphones in total in that time period here in the United States. Sprint was one of Samsung’s best carrier partner for the Galaxy S line (Galaxy S3 not included yet, of course) with both the Samsung Epic 4G (Galaxy S1) and the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch accounting for 1.9 million and 1.67 million units, respectively.

Surprisingly enough the Samsung Galaxy Prevail was the absolute best seller with 2.25 million units sold. There are a lot more smartphones on the list so open the picture above to view them all if you’re interested (you might be quite surprised by some of the phones’ performance).

It’s worthy to note that these numbers include US sales only so don’t be surprised that they seem low compared to the numbers Samsung usually tout in their press releases. Apple also released some numbers of their own.

While they didn’t go into detail about which devices did which numbers, they revealed That the iPhone sold 85.9 million units in the United States since the line’s launch in 2007. IN THE UNITED STATES. I don’t even want to see the number for worldwide sales.

If we were going by the same time period Samsung went by, they’ve sold 62.8 million units, clearly showing that a majority of their smartphones were sold on the back-end of its existence (not that that’s surprising or anything).

Apple also revealed it sold nearly 20 million iPad units its launch in Q2 2010, a number that is no doubt impressive for the tablet space that is so hard to break into. You can find those numbers below if you so choose. These charts also include full revenue from each line so you can see just how rich these two companies have become in the mobile space.

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