International One X receives update to bring legacy menu button option


HTC has been upgrading all its HTC Sense 4.0 phones to bring some much needed changes to the way legacy menu buttons work. Since HTC’s device features capactive navigation keys instead of virtual ones they needed a sensible way to allow users to access Android 2.x menus.

The original way forced users to put up with a huge, black bar which took up prime real estate at the bottom of the display. This new update eradicates that issue by giving users the option to use a long-press of the recent apps button instead.

HTCInside also notices a new tab button that can be accessed without going into the browser’s menu, better performance, tweaked homescreen animations, and more. This 148.13MB update (which brings build 2.17.401.2) is said to be headed out to devices right now so check for it in the settings menu.

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  1. Good. Google got this one wrong. I HATE the placement of the software menu key. And don’t get me started on the bar at the bottom of my screen if Menu isn’t properly implemented. I much prefer an easy to access a capacitive button at the bottom of the phone.

    1. This was HTC’s fault for not making a menu capacitive key. Either all of them should have been capacitive, or all of them as software keys.

      1. how is google eliminating the menu button HTC’s fault? Or do you mean its HTC’s fault for following Google… so then everyone could complain when they dont follow Google?

        1. Even though Google stated to hardware dev’s that they need to move away from the Menu key, the OS still uses the menu option throughout, and so do most apps. It was HTC’s fault for not putting the menu key as a capacitive key, they knew and still know that majority of apps need the menu key.

          EDIT: Yes, Google dropped the ball for telling OEM’s to rid the menu key, but HTC didn’t have to listen. 2 wrong’s don’t make a right. All other OEM’s are still putting the menu key on the phone, such as the GS3….

          1. So is it samsung’s fault that the Gnex doesn’t have a menu key? The 3 dots still acts like a menu button, so you arent losing any functionality, it just doesn’t look as pretty when the app hasnt been updated for ICS. Or are you saying its HTC’s fault for following too closely to the Nexus? Or its their fault for not anticipating app developers dropping the ball on updating their apps? I just simply don’t see how they are to blame for the one time they decide to follow google’s layout.

          2. If you can’t see it now, then no matter what i say, you still won’t see it. You must have that vision about HTC, that they can do no wrong.

          3. lol i love you guys. If i don’t think one decision they make was dumb, then i love every decision they have ever made? Do you think it’s dumb for LG to have a removable battery? No? YOU’RE AND LG FANBOY. Its a silly argument. But i wasn’t asking a rhetorical question, I am actually interested in understanding why you think it was HTC’s fault for Google changing the design. I think HTC has made plenty of mistakes, small battery in One X, not releasing all versions at the same time to give it a big head start over the GS3, and the multitasking tweaks. I’m generally pro, OEMs leaving things closer to nexus. And I don’t mind a few tweaks if its done right. I just in tern don’t get mad at the OEM for following Google.

          4. For me, what they did was reason enough to say they made a mistake. If you don’t agree, oh well…..

          5. yeah i know we disagree n that’s fine, i was just asking for the reason you felt that way so i could understand why you felt that way.

          6. I said it twice. I’ll repeat again. I think they messed up for leaving out the menu key. I understand that they followed Google’s recommendation, but it doesn’t change the fact that they left it out even though majority of apps still use a menu key. – This is my reason. I know that you think this is not reason enough to blame HTC, but for me this is.

  2. That’s how it should have been in the first place. Samsung got it right with the Galaxy S3.

    1. Samsung purposefully ignored Google design guidelines, which will make it so app developers don’t update their apps to eliminate the legacy menu button.

      While I don’t think HTC implemented it right, it wouldn’t have been an issue once devs updated their applications.

      1. well said.

      2. Even though Google wants to get rid of the menu key, there’s still the problem that almost every single app in the Play store requires a menu key for full functionality. Google made a mistake here, they should have got the app developers on board first.

  3. The update is also for the AT&T HTC One X

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