Splashtop 2 now available, provides remote access with an annual subscription


Splashtop has released a new version of its Android application. They’re calling it Splashtop 2, natch, and its purpose is to make it easier to mirror your desktop/laptop computer on your tablet.

With an easier login system (using a simple username and password setup instead of cumbersome account codes, IP addresses, and the like), optimized support for the latest hardware, pinch to zoom support, better remote performance, and a new user interface they’ve created a really interesting experience.

There is a downside that’s earned the company just 2 stars in the Google Play Store. The app is free, but there is a catch: the Anywhere Pack, which includes optimized 3G/4G performance and remote access, will now require an annual fee that will be charged to the user via an in-app purchase.

We can see why those who paid for the original Splashtop apps would be angry. We can also see why they’d be angry that iOS users aren’t subject to such charges.

While we can’t be certain of Splashtop’s motive for going this route users have every right to express distaste for the change. For those who don’t have a problem with Splashtop’s new model you can find the app in the Google Play Store.

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  1. Lemme guess…they’re gonna play the piracy card…

  2. Wow. Really makes me want to switch to something else.

  3. I originally downloaded splash top from amazon as a free app. I assume this has a part in making android users pay the fee. I can only imagine how many snagged that when I did. I’m wanting to say the app is normally pretty expensive for what it does. What really sucks is I bought it for webos on my touch pad. I’ll bet almost anything I don’t get an upgrade.

  4. Screw splashtop.

  5. i got the amazon FAotD version as well, and i really like it. will the older versions still work free of charge?

  6. yep. I bought Splashtop HD for almost $20 almost a year ago and now they do this??? I don’t care about the “free” year they are giving me while iOS users get it free for life. Never buying another product from them again.

    1. This is screwed up.

  7. This update is significant. Very excited to have it on Android. Android users typically don’t want to pay for anything and ya’ll need to get over it. I’m not sure that the pricing model is different than iPad. We’re talking Spashtop 2. Someone please confirm this before we get all in a rage. Splashtop 2 is one of the best products out there and we should look at the details before passing judgement. What are the prices for the subscription and what does it cost on iPad as a 1 time charge.

    1. is this josh?

      1. No it’s not.

        1. my bad

    2. I researched myself and found that it’s an annual subscription for the Access Anywhere Pack. I purchased it for an iPad 3 a month ago and it was 9.99/year. I can supposedly use that same account for all my devices. I hope that means I can use my Galaxy Tab 10.1 for it. That is my main device.

      1. I was wrong! This is free for life deal is for pre-existing ios users and Android users get screwed. I signed up for the splashtop 2 after not before on ipad 3 so I don’t get the free for life.

  8. Correction! The rules are the same for everyone both iOS and Android users. Please research before you write.

    1. That’s cool and all but not everyone thinks like you.

      1. Please tell me how you think. I just want the whole story out there and not just 1 side which is the slant of this phandroid article. It make everyone think to use splashtop you have to pay and ios users don’t. That’s not true.

        1. In my short response to your long winded one, howd you not see my point? Not everyone thinks like you. It’s that simple man.

          1. It’s pretty obvious that not everyone thinks like me. I didn’t say they do. I’ve deleted my rant from earlier. I didn’t need to be such a windbag.

    2. You are 100% wrong. Perhaps you should do the research before posting like an idiot. iOS users get free lifetime use of the new app. Android users only get 1 year of free access. If you don’t believe me read the comment replies by Splashtop on the Play Store.

      1. Thanks for correcting me! I thought this was free for ios users regardless of when they had the app. I now see that it’s only for pre-existing ios users. I’m such and idiot! Hand hitting head. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! And now I’m mad at splashtop.

    3. They are only same for new customers of splashtop. It was if you were a pre-existing iOS customer that you got the free access pack for life and pre-existing Android didn’t. I was not a pre-existing user of splashtop on iOS. I SHOULD RESEARCH BEFORE I WRITE and especially before I correct someone else.

  9. team viewer is the same thing

  10. Ditto. They never fixed their other apps I paid for, not about to go annual with them.

  11. hrm… pay for this again… or TeamViewer for free… tough choice, no>

  12. I’ve been using SplashTop from the FreeApp on Amazon. Sadly SplashTop only runs good if my device is on the same WiFi network as my computer. If it’s not, SplashTop always disconnects. TeamViewer never did. Sorry SplashTop, but TeamViewer is just better. I’d rather give them my money.

  13. That is bull $hit that iOS users get a free lifetime upgrade and Android users don’t. They claim “we ran into technical difficulties in the App Store that forces all iOS users to upgrade so we offer it to them for free” yeah, while the Play Store (which apparently is better) gets to charge all users a subscription fee. F dat. If they don’t change their policy I’m never using any splash top product again!

  14. I bought the original and it was great, every subsequent update made it more unreliable. Now to the point that i barely try and use it anymore. Will not be re-buying it.

  15. welcome to the

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