PSA: No, This Is NOT The Samsung Galaxy Note 2


There’s an image floating ’round the nets that’s sending phoneblet/phablet lovers into a frenzy. Popping up sometime over the wee night hours on Samsung’s official Pakistan Facebook page, was a render of a phone nobody had seen before. The dimensions of the device naturally led some to believe that it was a mix up, and Samsung Pakistan had mistakenly posted an official image of the Galaxy Note 2. That was not the case.

Being the fact-checking, cross the t’s and dot the i’s kind fellow that I am (there’s a lot of sarcasm in there), I wanted to make sure our readers knew that the purported rendering is nothing more than a concept image for the Galaxy S3 no less, one we’ve actually used a few times, many, many moons ago. Don’t feel bad, as a rookie, my hearts been known to jump on purported images too.

[Everywhere | Image Originally Found Here]

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  1. It’s going to look like a bigger S3.

  2. bout to say…ive seen that thing on here before LOL

  3. *slow clap*

  4. that image has been floating around the net for a year, they first called it the galaxy s3 now its being called the note >.>

  5. The Note followed the design cues of the GS2, so i predict the second version will follow design of GS3. the “inspired by nature” look. < LMFAO

    1. …and made for humans. O_o

      1. Wish they would clarify what they mean with these gimmicky one liners….

  6. “image originally found here” link seems to be broken.

    anyway, i do wonder… how could a Samsung employee have posted a wrong image? and like what was in the engadget article, why was a fake image in Samsung folders?

    i’d love for this to be the Note2… but it’ll be breaking the tradition of Note following the S designs. s3 is curved/ rounded, so i’m expecting note2 to be the same, which will be actually be a disappointment for me. i really dun like that curved design.

    1. All of those questions are neither here, nor there. Lol

      We found where the image originated from — it wasn’t Samsung. It was some kid’s imaginings of what he wanted the Galaxy S3 to look (not even the Note 2).

      Whoever was working Samsung Pakistan’s social media at the time, probably Google searched the Galaxy S3 (the post made was in reference to the S3) and came across that image, thought it looked cool, and used it.

      A Freudian slip. Nothing more :p

      But as you said, the Note 2 will most definitely share a similar design to the Galaxy S3 (more rounded corners) and a glossy back. I’m pretty excited for it :)

      1. again… i hate that curved design… lol…

        as for the samsung employee having to google for an image to share on the FB… that’s really… weird. shouldn’t their marketing people have provided them with official materials?!? :D

        but yes… expecting the note2 to also be designed for humans… will be a disappointment for me… but i might still end up with one.

        1. I don’t dig the look either, but I’ll just have to bite the bullet and paperbag it. Lol

          1. paperbagging the phone will make it awfully hard to use….

          2. actually… it might be a good idea… when pesky salesman calls… just crumple the bag and say there’s noise. call me back later… :D

  7. A phone without enough bezel will be annoying to use. your palm will touch the touchscreen as you hold it. You’ll need to master the four elements before being able to use that properly.

    1. I disagree. If you need a bigger bezel than 2.5-3 mm, you can add a case that will add a few mm. If I were designing hardware, I’d try for the thinnest possible horizontal bezels, 2.5 mm ideally and pretty thin vertical bezels too – perhaps 8-10 mm. Lately, I’m liking the very big form factors (I play with my Nexus 7 a lot these days), but I’d like it small enough to get in a pants pocket and walk around and sit down. A 5.95″ 16×10 screen with 2.5 mm size bezels and 8.5 mm vertical bezels comes in at 145 x 85 mm which is just about as large as I can carry in a pocket. It is super easy to hold, since heck, a Nexus 7 isn’t that hard to hold. Here’s to the bigger screens and smaller bezels coming soon I hope.

      1. I agree with you…people automatically assume minimal bezel means it will be impossible to hold without accidentally touching the screen. I don’t get that. How are they holding their phone?

  8. If this were the note 2 it would definitely be my next toy.

  9. it looks really good though

  10. What the hell… this was some user based concept image for the S3 that floated around several months ago. Does no one remember this?

  11. This picture was used before the release of the s3.

  12. I still wish I could get that clock widget from the thumbnail pic for this story.

  13. Edge to edge design wouldn’t be a good idea because when you hold the phone the palm of your hand would hit the touch

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