Aug 7th, 2012

The ever popular Nova Launcher from TeslaCoil Software has just entered public beta. Whereas current versions of Nova were based off a modified Ice Cream Sandwich launcher, the new beta marks the first time Nova will begin using the Jelly Bean launcher as a base. Here’s what users can look forward to from the new Nova Launcher Beta:

  • Merge jellybean launcher
  • * Automatic desktop rearrangement
  • * Automatic widget resize
  • * Fling to delete
  • * Smoother
  • * More
  • Import settings from other launchers (Stock, Samsung, HTC, Moto, Trebuchet, Apex)
  • Custom Drawer grid size
  • Add Info/Uninstall to quick menu, better centering and scrolling
  • Update JB Icon Theme for Moto ICS
  • Fix FCs

Users can gain access to the public beta by jumping into their already installed Nova Launcher’s settings, scrolling to the bottom and clicking “Nova Launcher 1.2.2 (Check for updates), then clicking the 3 dots menu next to Changelog, and selecting Beta, then Update. Easy peasy. Don’t forget that this is a beta release, and you’ll be sacrificing stability for staying up to date on bleeding edge tech.

[Play Store Link]