Google Play Store app updated to version 3.7.15 [Download]


An update to the Google Play Store is currently rolling out to Android devices, bringing it to v3.7.15. Though it may always be exciting to see what the Search Giant has cooked up for us, this update is not as significant as the latest one (which added TV show purchases and magazine subscriptions). Instead, we are currently seeing an improvement in performance and bug fixes.

What improvements we might be receiving continues to be a mystery, though. It does seem like Sprint users are no longer getting errors while downloading apps using the 4G network. Aside from that, it would be anybody’s guess at this point.

Our friends from Android Police have managed to pull out the APK file for you to download and install. Simply allow app installations from “Unknown Sources” and side-load the app as usual. Many of you may already have it. But if you don’t, try it and let us know how it is treating you! Are you noticing any improvements?

Download: Mirror 1, Mirror 2, Mirror 3, Mirror 4

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  1. Thanks, installed and working fine :)

  2. How about a paid app category Google? Data back-up for apps in the cloud would be nice too.

    1. Data Backup to our Google Drive accounts would be awesome. And of course the Paid App Category is a must, never should have been removed.

      1. Exactly, I can’t think of any good reason to remove it unless they’re working on something major to integrate apps,books,movies, and music purchases. That’s a great idea to utilize Drive for app data, you should work for Google!

      2. there’s an api for the drive data backup.

  3. Wow, mine was already updated.

  4. Mirrors not working

  5. Just installed the OTA of JB on my Xoom and this new version of Google Play must be part of it because that’s what I have now. I didn’t do any downloads otherwise.

  6. ive had the updated version for 2 weeks now….late report??? i think a nice update would be selectable batch installs/uninstalls/updates. some apps that get updated only end up being fudged up as opposed to being stable prior to the update, so i think selectable batch ops would be awesome.

    1. It would be great to be able to block certain apps from updating in the Play Store too…

  7. got mine 2 days ago and still haven’t noticed any differences

  8. Updated earlier this week. 4g updates working now…. On sprint

  9. got it on my nexus was waiting for TV shows :D

  10. not sure how long I have been running this…….but I have noticed nothing new!

  11. nothing new on my galaxy nexus. maybe the TV shows are just for you US customers.

  12. I noticed something pretty quickly. Nothing will update or download on my Captivate anymore. Error 927 every time. Looks like I’ll be re-installing all apps from Amazon when possible now unless they fix it. Or unless this is a ploy to make me buy a new phone.

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